Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Update...

This weekend was a bit of a blur for me.  I'm usually snapping pics like crazy and, frankly, I barely picked the camera up. I never took any photos of my sweet niece Amy and her fun hubby Eric. I did grab a few clicks of the kiddos. I think my head was on my back! It didn't fair too well.  It's embarrassing when another Chiropractor (a good buddy of ours) sees me in Wal-Mart and wonders when my hubby is going to fix my hip. He was walking behind me and noticed my limp and tilt I guess. I had to correct him and say it wasn't my's my knee and my back! It's a bit better today.  Work doesn't help it much. Today I wore a lead apron all day! (protects from x-rays...kills your back) 2 other co-workers were complaining about the same thing..back pain! I love back pain in others..just not me! Well, enough whining! Here are a few shots that did make it!
My son Jackie holding Ella and trying to give her the beater from this concoction!
Amy put it together for Sunday's cookout. Pretty and tastey!  Fruit pizza!
Parker isn't too sure about having a bath in the sink! I have a nice deep, big sink in the kitchen and Amy's back was hurting too so it was easier than the tub.
Ella wanted to try it out.
I don't think she's too sure about the whole thing! That's it...pretty bad. The shots I should have taken were Amy, Eric and I all getting Jack to work on us at the office on Saturday, a trip to the Parsley Pot for Amy and I and a trip to Grandpa's Cheesebarn for Amy and Eric...then Jack and Eric headed out to the "Fin, Feather, and Fur Outfitters"....everyone had a good time and I enjoyed having family here. They're coming back in October with my sister and Mom.  I have a few things planned...just hope the back is better by then!
The one other thing I did accomplish was a special "candy bar card"  a co-worker asked me to make for her 80 yr. old Aunt.  Have you ever made one? They are pretty fun to do but I enjoy making them more when I actually know the person!
You need candy bars, foam board or poster board, double stick tape, good handwriting or (like me) a computer to print out the words.
In the end you have a funny card with candy used instead of the words.  Once I get the candy sorted, the words just seem to flow for card. I hope her Aunt enjoys it!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! I hurt when you hurt, dear friend. I hope you're only one more adjustment away from complete relief and wellness.

That fruit pizza is suitable for framing! Eddy might turn up his snout but I'd love to taste it. Please ship a dozen of them to me pronto. I'll pay for express shipping! :)

It just so happens that my niece has a baby named Parker around that same age, and Ella was the name of my favorite neighbor lady when I was a boy.

I never heard of a candy bar card before but what fun it is! It would be perfect if the recipient, your friend's 80 year old aunt, happens to be a jolly rancher. :) I imagine it's also the perfect gift for somebody named "Clark" to give to a loved one. :) I hope you don't have any difficulty getting it past Homeland Security! (LOL)

I hope you feel better very soon, Kathleen, and I hope your mother is at least 99.9% back to normal, too. I know what chronic pain is like. It's no picnic and picnics are all that you and she should have on your minds these days. Take care, dear friend!

PoetessWug said...

Babies in the sink....LOVE!! :-) Sorry you're still having limping issues though. I hope it gets better soon. Maybe sharing the load of that leaded apron might help!! ^_^ ... By the way, I also LOVE the candy bar poster. What a great idea! :-] ... Have a good day, Yaya.Take it slow and limpy!

Kim said...

I've never seen those candy bar cards but they look so fun. Don't worry about not taking too many pics. The ones you did take are adorable. Its hard to have a house full of company and a bad back. Hope Jack can get you moving right again soon.

Julia said...

I love coming here on your blog because there's never a dull moment and your upbeat attitude.

Sorry about your back still not being up tp par. I hope that your resident chiropractor can work his magic on you and make it all better soon.

I love the candy bar card. I had never heard of it before. A great and creative idea. Thanks for sharing.

I use the kitchen sink to bath the little kids too. So much easier on the back.


rosaria williams said...

Take care of that back. Too bad even a candy bar card can't ease that pain fast enough. But what a great idea!

selvageedge said...

I haven't done a candy bar card in years. Those are fun AND yummy. :) So sorry that your back is still sore. Guess you better send Jack on all of the errand runs so you don't ruin his reputation. :)

Sweet Tea said...

I was hoping to read that your back was "all better" - sorry that isn't the case. I'd love to see a post about your "Candy Card". More info please - I love that idea!!

Donna said...

Looks like you have been a busy girl!! Love the bath idea...shades of my past...and pictures! I know D will be thrilled w the candybar poster. You are a clever master at them. (ahem, -me too!)
C U tomorrow.

Scriptor Senex said...

Kathy, what's this with Amy having back pain as well? Is hubby on strike or just trying to ruin his reputation amongst us bloggers? Seriosuly, I hope it eases soon, it's not funny when you have to put up with it.

Sue said...

Yikes. Lugging around a lead apron would be heavy!!


Deborah Annette Shaw said...

Hi, Kathy! Enjoyed reading your blog as always! Good thing you have Jack to help you with your back--you're in good hands! I love John Denver too--Country Roads plus! And the Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones. It's amazing what you learn from your friends on a blog! Plus your pics of some of the delectable things you prepare makes me hungry. You are one fantastic cook--very talented! This is my first comment ever on someone else's blog--getting there slowly! Debi