Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Saturday I was cleaning out my closet and when Jack came into the bedroom I was sitting on the bed laughing my head off..What was so funny? Well, I was having a conversation of sorts with a 14yr.old...I had found this:
Did you have one when you were 14? It's my diary that I had put in a drawer and forgotten about. Many times I was tempted to throw it out. But inside is my 14yr.old self. Also my 15, 16, and 17yr old self. All silly, dorky, embarrassing, awkward self. I was laughing at the boy stories...he likes me..I don't like him...I like/love him..he doesn't know I'm alive...fights with girlfriends...making up with said friends..the excitement of turning (drum roll here) 15!!..seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders in concert for the 3rd time! Ok, so my taste in music was questionable. But also in there was how I was feeling when Robert Kennedy was shot..when my brothers went off to Vietnam and thankfully when they returned. When my nephew was born while his Dad (my oldest brother)was off fighting. When the little boy that lived behind us was killed and how it was the first child funeral I ever attended. So I'm glad I kept that diary. My first attempts at blogging! I have my blogs put in book form and I'm pretty sure I won't be here 43yrs from now to have a conversation with a 57yr old silly, dorky, embarrassing, awkward self, but maybe someone will be sitting on a bed cleaning out a closet and have an old diary, and many blog books and will know who I was and how I tried to live and love and get through this life not being perfect, just trying hard to enjoy it...and hopefully they will have a good laugh too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

These shoes were made for walking/standing

A few years ago when I just started my blogging career...well, I started posting junk anyway..I blogged about my new pink, swirly, think creamsavers from lifesavers candy shoes. I have no life OK, so shoes get a front and center in blog land. Anyway, they were getting worn on the inside and slippery on the bottom. Falling in the operating room is not pretty people, trust me I've done it. Another story for another time...so when the dansko shoe hard sell people came today I caved and bought this spify pair. Many of my coworkers have them and swear they are the best thing going. So I gave into peer pressure and spent more than I ever have on shoes. But I stand an average of 7hrs at work and my feet and back need something good. That's the speech I gave myself. Besides, I like the look of them! Well, they are comfy so far and hopefully will continue to be so.
Look at the workmanship of that hand tooled leather...yummo! I thought they were sort of "cowgirl" like...some people think they are more "biker chick". I'm hope they mean big wheel type bike cause that's about my speed!
Look how pathetic my old shoe looks next to my shiny new ones..Good bye swirly, pink, and now very worn old buddies..We've seen alot of blood and guts together but it's time for a change.
Man, did I laugh when I saw this pic...come on, I don't have one big foot and one small foot. Look how petite my new shoes make my feet look. Atleast one thing on my bod has shrunk! Looks like I went from a 5,000sq.ft home to a tiny condo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexy at 60!

I wanted to celebrate Donna Starkey's birthday in a special way since it was her big 60. Hard to believe because she sure looks good! That's why I had a theme of sexy at 60 for her birthday carry-in at work. Everyone brought food and really out did themselves. We had a ton of yummies and fun. Donna and I are related thru our hubbies...Jack and Larry are cousins once removed, or something on their family tree, but it brought Donna and I together as we both worked in surgery and found out we had tons of other things in common...like preemie babies, parents that lived only 10min. from each other in Chicago, and we really are more like sisters. She's a talented artist and jewelry maker too. I made this funny card with candy bars. We've made a bunch of these together in the past, but I don't think she's ever had one done for her. They are fun to make and everyone loves the candy part! She has a blog too: it's on my side bar if you want to see more pics of today. Hope you had a great day Donna!>
Everyone that brought food named it something "sexy"...All the names were hilarious. This actually is the name of this cake. I've made it before. Now, whether it's better than sex, well, you might have to try it out for yourself. No comment from the peanut gallery.
I really did have to laugh when I read this one...especially since it was a broccoli salad and that might not make a romantic evening after chowing that down!
Donna really wants to hug me, but hey...she's sterile here and I'm not!
When I looked at this photo it reminded me of the million times we have taken a pic together with our surgery garb on. Donna has one on her locker when we were both preggo with our last kid! We have some standing in front of new surgery equipment. Goofy ones with Docs that were leaving for greener pastures or with our coworkers on any given day. Time is a gift and so are good friends and our families. Even our work families can bring happiness and joy into our lives if we let them. Thanks for being such a good friend to me Donna, and Happy Birthday one more time!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

40yrs and counting

Today we attended a 40th wedding anniversary of some good friends of ours. Their kids put it all together and did a great job. They decorated the room up and put a ton of family pics up for everyone to enjoy, laugh at the hairdos, the clothes, the cool cars and see how much time has changed everyone. The tapestry of their lives certainly has been woven with the good and the not so good, but to make a marriage survive in this world for 40yrs deserves to be celebrated. Congrats Lloyd and Joanne and I hope you have 100 more! (I think Lloyd just fainted!!)

The happy couple had their own chairs of honor. All the decorations were cute and very festive. The colors and music made it feel tropical and fun!
Jack headed over to the food table to check out the grub...he wasn't disappointed!
The Groom...nice hat Lloyd!
Happy Bride!
Yes, I'm taking a pic of my food again...it was very yummy!
Well, we can't head to the Islands, but the Pines has air-conditioning so lets head out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thunder, Lightning..and Baseball!

When you've had a nice weekend, Monday mornings can be rough. Personally, I don't mind them but yesterday when I headed out the thunder and lightning and torrential rains did too! The hospital employee lot is 1/4 mile from the hospital. We're not allowed to park on campus or even on the public street. That's OK..I like a brisk walk in the morning. But heading over with my personal lightning rod (aka:umbrella) in my hand gives me cause to pause! This is a pic taken out the window of my car. Where I was safe..dry..not fried to a crisp. But I decided maybe if I got shocked it would give me super powers. I'd be able to resist chocolate, run marathons, hike mountains without oxygen..I jumped out of the car, put up the umbrella and sloshed into work. No super powers were aquired...only wet sneakers and lunch tote. Oh well, there's always tomorrow...we're having a very wet Summer!
Speaking of Summer, my Grandkiddo Summer had a softball tournament game that evening.I'm glad I got to see her play for the first time this season. Her games don't always coordinate with my schedule. But after the rain yesterday I wasn't sure Summer would get to play. But the sky cleared up and the field was good so she headed out for the team's first tournament game.She's such a cutiepie.. #12..same as her age..don't think that was planned.
Look at that perfect batter stance...She got a hit every time at bat. Not bad for a first time player. You go girl!
In the end, Summer's team creamed the other team 19-6...but what really matters is letting your little brother sit on your lap while waiting your turn on the field. What a good big Sis you are Summer! (you can hardly see Cameron, but he's on her lap)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Widow Week Over

Yesterday Jack and Troop 555 returned home after what had to be one of the hottest and humid week of Boy Scout Summer camp ever. Then to add insult to injury it rained on Friday night so they had to pack up wet gear to take home. Jack hates heat and sun so he proves that mind of matter will help you get through anything. Today is rest day and he will! Glad to have him back with all the camp stories, humor, craziness and burly beard. I laughed when I saw he only took 5 pics...I went down last year and there are 43 pics that were taken! He said it was just to stinkin' hot to shoot pics. Can you tell who's the family blogger? So here are his few memories on film.

Here's our scouters looking fresh and ready for the week. After the week of hot and humid and rain they didn't look quite as fresh when they come back!
I was trying to figure out why Jack took this pic. It's the new camp office. Nice building. And then it hit me...it's the only place that's airconditioned...I hope he didn't cry when he passed it on the way to the camp site.
The little green trailer is our troop's and the big red one belongs to some show off! Hmmm..maybe Jack was having trailer envy.
There were about 12 tents set up on the site they use each year. I don't think I've ever seen it that crowded. They are having a very good year at the Scout reservation. It's a good way for young men to spend a week of their summer vacation and advance in the Scouting program.
Jack's good buddy and fellow Scout Master Tom bids a sleepy goodnight...See 'ya next year I'm sure!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Musings

Yes, it's that time of year again. When the tent goes up, it's Scout Camp time coming...
I saw this on Jack's tent and smiled...I said "Awww Babe, don't worry I won't be in that tent" He looked at me funny so I had to explain: "You know..'cause I'm soooooo HOT!" Silence...Crickets..No smile...

July 4th afternoon brought kids and grandkiddos to the Pines for food, swimming, lounging and talking!
Anthony swam almost the whole time and it was fun to watch! He was good with keeping tabs on Lex too.
Alexis stayed close to the ladder...I think she wanted someone to go with her..I didn't want to scar her for life seeing me in a bathing suit!

These two cousins love each other...they go to the same babysitter and enjoy being together. It's crazy to realize that Cameron will be 3 in one month and Addy won't even be 2 until October. She's going to be tall!
Addy can to from this silliness:
To this:What a monkey girl! She was faking sleeping for the shot! Well that sums up our 4th of July for this year. We set off a few fireworks, ate grilled things, made homemade icecream and collapsed at 10:30..Jack headed off to Boy Scout camp this morning and I'm working on a few projects. I like to call this Scout Camp Widow Week! Well, sort of...Jordan is here with Eddy..now that's protection!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lots of Hot Air

Every year on the 4th of July weekend Ashland has the Balloon fest...it's balloon races and balloon glows at night with tons of other festivities going on. Ice cream socials, parades, the usual. I didn't do a lot on Saturday but I decided I would head over to Freer Field early Sunday morning to catch the last race. I got the scoop on where they were going to land and had to laugh because it was right near my house! I could have saved the ride into town, but then I really wouldn't have known where to go next. So up early, off to town, back to car, out to field, and I'm glad I could watch...it's so peaceful to see the beautiful balloons floating above you and for some reason it's just fun to watch!
Each balloon has it's own design and that's the fun part..seeing the creative and the funny...This is an expensive hobby and hopefully people will still be able to afford to race and I'm grateful that we get to enjoy them without having to go up in one!
The balloons lifted off 2 miles from Freer Field and did a fly over to start the competition.
Waved a hearty "good morning" as the balloons flew over us on the way to their stopping point. Which, by the way, was only a few miles from my house!I hopped in my car and took off to the community soccer field.
Getting closer...
The balloons were heading over the trees from the soccer field and I jumped in the car and met them in the field on the other side.
Touch Down!
Look at the People by the balloon basket and you can get a good idea of how big these suckers are! But so pretty on a beautiful early morning July 4th...Hope everyone has a great weekend!