Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scary Tales!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I can't believe October is over..almost.  I've lived in Ashland since 1977 and all that time I can't remember the city ever having Trick or Treat on October 31st.  They always do it the Thursday before Halloween...for some reason that I've never had anyone explain to me. Anyway, this year since Halloween fell on a Thursday they decided to have it tonight.  However, Mother Nature had other plans.  It's been raining all day and evening, along with gusty high winds.  So they moved Trick or Treat to Saturday.  Jack and I decided to go to Mansfield, about 20 miles from home, to shop at Sam's Club and then grab some dinner.  However,  Mother Nature had a "trick" for us!  As we were filling up the gas tank after shopping, the gusty wind grabbed the door of the Jeep and broke it! (Sounds like a great beginning for a horror story!) It was also raining!  Well, after many tries at getting the door to close we finally had to tie it shut.  Those crazy  Boy Scout knots really come in handy.  We nixed the dinner plans and headed for home.  Now we have to get the door repaired. Hopefully that won't take forever or cost us an arm and a this one I found next to my car in the Hospital Employee parking lot:
I came around the car to get in and almost had a heart attack! Then I couldn't stop laughing! Boo to me!  To keep in the spirit of the season one of the girls hung this guy up in the window of Operating Room 2:
We did a Laparoscopic Gall Bladder and when the lights went out he lit up! His mouth moved was very funny and fun.  We do know how to celebrate in our own crazy way and still take great care of our patients.  Oh....I should mention that our decorated pumpkin won 3rd place...we were happy although we think ours was "THE BEST"!  It was a day filled with junk food, laughter, contests and also work.  I thought Dr. M was so tired from all the fun he needed to sit down right on the floor...
His back was hurting...Hey, I know a really good Chiropractor...just sayin'!  When I got home I tried to get a pic of the nasty weather:
It looks like a bomb is's just my flash.  But you can see all the rain drops. Then I was trying to take a shot of my Japanese Maple tree and I caught something "paranormal":
Yes, an "orb".....every scary tale needs a ghost and here's mine.  Sort of lame...but it's the best I can do.  Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Repeat Sadness

In 2010 my brother lost his wife of 41yrs to complications from leukemia.  He remarried last year and at our family Christmas gathering his new wife (Candy) told me she had found a lump under her arm and they were going to get it checked out after the holiday.  It was cancer and very advanced.  She responded well to treatment at first,  but after a long battle all year, she passed away this afternoon.  I didn't know her as well as I knew Bonnie, his first wife, but Candy was very pleasant, hard working and fit in well with my boisterous family.  She made my Brother Phil happy and they had many plans for the future.  You never know what life will hand you or why the trials keep coming.  I know Phil was devastated to go through this again and loose a wonderful partner in life.  He's a good man, a strong man, and someone that I think God knew would see Candy through this disease.  He hoped for a miracle and so did she and was left wondering about the answer to prayer and the fairness of life. I think he was her miracle.  I wonder who would have been there for her if he wasn't.  The miracle may be her release from this life of stress and pain into peace and comfort.  I know his kids weren't thrilled when he seemed too soon to them.  But life is short, happiness fleeting.  Never judge, never say never, and don't forget to forgive. Grab that brass ring when possible and when it's time to let go, do it with grace and hope.  Here is a photo I took of them last Christmas.
Our hearts and hugs go out to you Phil.  Rest in peace Candy.

Friday, October 25, 2013

No Such Thing

There is "No Such Thing" as too much Halloween! Yes, I do enjoy this time of year. I know it's not everyone's cup 'o tea, but I'm a fan and my family has learned to just let me do my "thang".  I also work with some crazy folks who also like to have a bit of fun and have learned to let me do my thing!  Every year the hospital has some crazy events they do the week of Halloween.  There's a basket raffle that raises money for equipment and also to help employees who need extra financial assistance.  There's a costume judging and a non-carving pumpkin contest.  Usually a few of our group does the costume contest. I don't get involved in that.  I feel like a wear a costume every day as it is!  But for some reason a few of us jumped on the pumpkin  bandwagon.  I wanted a pic of the undecorated pumpkin and this was the only one I had:
The pumpkin is the round orange thing...the crazy person with the green light handles is Stephanie.  See what I have to put up with day in and day out?  Here is our finished product:
If you look closely you can see it's many surgical hands that can complete a million's eyes that see everything at all's crazy hair after you take a surgical cap off...and a knife ready to hand to a surgeon..yes folks, it's our version of a Halloween Surgical Nurse.  I'm hoping we'll win this one...wish us luck! P.S..I just noticed the "RIP" headstone. It's not the usual outcome of our surgery department. Just thought I'd mention that!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just A Tiny Bit Of A Horror Story

Usually I'll end a post with a sunset pic, but this morning I'm going to start with one and pretend it's a sunrise!
Good morning! I haven't been posting much lately...not sure why exactly. It's not that I haven't had "blog worthy" moments.  I'm behind in visiting too so I'm going to post quickly and resume visiting later today. Yesterday was a rainy, cold October day. Sounds like the beginning of a horror story doesn't it?  Well, I got a call in the morning asking if I would be able to come into work and help with a surgery. That's sort of a horror beginning to a day off! Ha! But being the sucker nice person I am, I agreed.  The case went well, but I've been fighting a back issue, had Halloween party food to finish,  and the usual catch-up chores and errands.  I made a quick, but very helpful and healing moment in Hubby's office...thank the Lord for a good Chiropractor when it's needed..not to mention a wonderful husband who took great care of me! It was Sweetest Day and I also got a cute Mum plant in a cute planter that I'll reuse every Fall. You know I'm a sucker for cute!
Thanks Babe!  I got home from work much later than anticipated with only a short time to finish the food I had planned for the party.
Bloody bones? (BBQ chicken thighs)
Bloodshot eyeballs? (Deviled eggs anyone?)
A cake made to look like a treat bag...thankfully I had that one done by Friday night...right before the old back went into spasm! I thought it was sort of cute! The party had it's fair share of food, games, and of course costumes.
Mrs. Potato Head...(Vicky)
Witches and pirates...just a sampling. I took a few more pics but I don't like to post without permission so I'm ending this here.  Today looks sunny so far and I'm hoping to be able to enjoy a few more days of leaf peeping.
The trees seemed to be slow this season, but finally we have our color and it's not due to the sun hitting at the perfect time! Happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Art In The Park And Other Things

Saturday Jack had a Boy Scout clinic in Canton and I was on call so I stayed put here in Ashland.  However, I knew there was the annual "Art In The Park" event  at Brookside West and I've never been to off I went!  I checked out the parking situation in case I had to leave in a hurry for an emergency.  That was no problem, so I trouped over to the many tents.
There were food vendors and all kinds of artisans.  I didn't take any pics of the booths. It seems to upset some who think you're trying to steal their ideas. So from afar this is how it looked!
Some of the items were pretty pricey but all were good quality. I found this item and thought it was different and I really liked it. Plus the price was very right...$5!
I could use it for different this:
I need something surrounding the candle, but haven't decided what. I asked Jack what he thought of it. He said it reminded him of something our kids would have made in grade aleck...then I remembered this little number that Jordan made in grade school:
Maybe he as a point. Well, the weekend moved by always.  I was excited however when I received a text message from my daughter-in-law's cousin..Leisy. She and her hubby and kiddos were going to be passing by on their way to see her twin sis in Buffalo and wanted to know if they could stop in.  Heck yes!  They have been living in Ohio while her husband was in Med school and now in his residency down in Dayton.  They've  joined us for Halloween parties, and a few Thanksgiving dinners in the past, but since moving to Dayton we haven't seen them. It was fun to catch up and see their youngest child that wasn't born yet last time we were together.
They're a cool family!  Kent is in the Air Force and will now have to serve 4yrs as a full fledged pediatrician come June.  They're hoping for an overseas experience. They are adventuresome! Thanks for stopping by guys!  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Favorite Time Of Year

So many of us love Fall.  Perhaps saying goodbye to Summer sun and fun is hard, but the gift of this time of year always makes me smile.  The air is crisp and cool right now.  We've had a bit of a warm start to October, but these past few days have been perfect. 
Cool mornings with the sun coming up over our trees.
I visited the cemetery today and I wish my photo truly captured the beauty of this tree
The Dogwood tree off our deck is in full bloom of red berries.
We joined these guys over the weekend to watch this guy play football:
Hey #70..(Anthony) congrats on winning your game 22-0!
Following an Amish buggy down my country road is an all year experience, but for some reason it's just more fun in the Fall! Yep, I do enjoy my favorite time of year!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wow, That Was Fast!

This weekend was one of those times that seemed to go in fast forward.  I had Friday off because my family was making the trek from Chicago, which is something of a tradition each October.  Due to health and some other issues, only my Sister and Mom were able to come this year.  The weather wasn't the greatest but we managed to have a good time with my kids and grandkiddos and going to our favorite places to shop.  The weird thing was the fact that I didn't take many pics.  Friday turned out to be a test to see how many things I could accomplish before they arrived.  I did these things all before 2:30 that day:
1. Put fresh linens on bed in guest room
2. Dr, appointment for me...just routine yearly checkup...all good.
3. Post office to mail my friend Cindy her giveaway prize.
4. Stop at hubby's office for an adjustment...didn't need any back issues this weekend!
5. Wal-Mart for supplies for the party we were having that night.
6. Funeral for a dear lady from church.
7. Haircut....My Granddaughter Driana is a hairdresser and she came to my house to
    cut my hair and my Sister and Mom arrived around the same time so she cut my
    Sister's hair too!  Whew! There were a few other "inbetweener"  items but you get
    the idea.  Here is what I did manage to capture:
Addy's birthday cake I made.  She turned 5 so we had a tiny celebration Friday night. She already had one party on her actual day, which was Tuesday, and another planned with her other Grandparents on Saturday! Nothing like have a birthday week!  She wanted a ghost cake since it's October.  We were planning on having an outdoor gathering but the rains came down and we were inside instead.
Anthony and Cameron came to help eat cake and icecream!
Blowing out candles with Great-Grandma supervising.
Yep, it's great to be 5!
My Mom and my oldest son Jack enjoying some special time together.  It  was great to see Mom and Midge and I wish we were living closer than 6hrs away...but each of us tries to make it out as much as we can to celebrate seasons, special events, and thankfully many happy times.  Mom's doing great and I'm so happy she's healthy and able to go for the long drive with my Sis.  I didn't mention that my Sister actually made a slipcover for my couch in 1-1/2 days! I'll get a pic of that as soon as I have it all arranged how I want it.  She's a wonderful seamstress and I'm really thankful for her talents.  I wasn't expecting her to do that, but she knew I had wanted something different for that couch.  Thanks Midge!  See you soon!