Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just A Tiny Bit Of A Horror Story

Usually I'll end a post with a sunset pic, but this morning I'm going to start with one and pretend it's a sunrise!
Good morning! I haven't been posting much lately...not sure why exactly. It's not that I haven't had "blog worthy" moments.  I'm behind in visiting too so I'm going to post quickly and resume visiting later today. Yesterday was a rainy, cold October day. Sounds like the beginning of a horror story doesn't it?  Well, I got a call in the morning asking if I would be able to come into work and help with a surgery. That's sort of a horror beginning to a day off! Ha! But being the sucker nice person I am, I agreed.  The case went well, but I've been fighting a back issue, had Halloween party food to finish,  and the usual catch-up chores and errands.  I made a quick, but very helpful and healing moment in Hubby's office...thank the Lord for a good Chiropractor when it's needed..not to mention a wonderful husband who took great care of me! It was Sweetest Day and I also got a cute Mum plant in a cute planter that I'll reuse every Fall. You know I'm a sucker for cute!
Thanks Babe!  I got home from work much later than anticipated with only a short time to finish the food I had planned for the party.
Bloody bones? (BBQ chicken thighs)
Bloodshot eyeballs? (Deviled eggs anyone?)
A cake made to look like a treat bag...thankfully I had that one done by Friday night...right before the old back went into spasm! I thought it was sort of cute! The party had it's fair share of food, games, and of course costumes.
Mrs. Potato Head...(Vicky)
Witches and pirates...just a sampling. I took a few more pics but I don't like to post without permission so I'm ending this here.  Today looks sunny so far and I'm hoping to be able to enjoy a few more days of leaf peeping.
The trees seemed to be slow this season, but finally we have our color and it's not due to the sun hitting at the perfect time! Happy Sunday!


gin said...

I love parties. Looks like you do, too, with that great party food.


What a day you had. You are a good person to go in when called. I'm sure the person having surgery was happy you were there. Perhaps unspoken but appreciative! I admire nurses such as yourself and we've had our share of nurses caring for my husband over the years. Over twenty surgeries behind him. Whew.
Thanks for sharing your day. I too have been behind in visiting posts and writing my own. Not enough hrs in my day. I'm behind on my writing and everything else.
WE have five grandchildren with bds in Oct. so I've been busy buying gifts, sending money, sending cards. ETC.
Missing our trip to Boston this year to be with the triplets on their 12th bd. and their little brother on his 8th. Kiddies are growing so fast. Enjoy your day Yaya and know you have lifted my spirits with your post. Hugs, b

Julia said...

I was holding my breath in anticipation of reading about something very horrendous that happened but I should have known better. Sorry about your poor back giving you some pain at the worst time.

You are awesome to go into so much trouble for a party. It looks like it was lots of fun and the food looks bloody appetizing.

I hope that your back is feeling stronger today.

PS. I hope that you will receive that scarf soon. I should have paid the extra to make sure I could trace it and that you would get it.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! I'm sorry about that nagging back of yours but thankful you have your Jack (O'Lantern) to light your way to wellness.

Mrs. Shady's been slammed at the hospital and on call almost every day and two nights a week 7p-7a. Our phone rings all night long like Grand Central Station. I take my hat off to you, to Mrs. S and to all of the dedicated healthcare professionals out there!

It's positively creepy, dear friend. Those deviled eggs of yours follow me around the room wherever I go! (LOL) I've never seen such a creative cake before. What a great idea for a Halloween party! OOPS! - it got knocked on the floor! Paging Eddy for a cleanup in aisle three! :)

I hope you're feeling AOK today, dear friend YaYa, and I'm happy to know that your spooky party was a success. Have an excellent week ahead!

Nonnie said...

My goodness! You are a person with a big heart! And manage to accomplish all that in spite of your back problems! Hope it improves soon. Very nice that your husband takes such good care of you.
My DH would love to tackle a tray of those eyeballs.
I like Mrs. Potato Head. Cute.

Kim said...

Yum, yum, yum! You make the best looking party food. Best tasting too, I presume :).
Sorry your back is still acting up but luckily you have access to a cute Chiro Guy

Kay G. said...

Goodness me, that food looks good and so perfect for a Hallowen party.
I have back issues since I hurt my back picking something up when I was pregnant. And I guess you know that was a long time ago! LOL!
Your Autumn colors look wonderful. Take care, my dear. xx

Willow said...

YaYA what a good nurse you are , you have such a great attitude .
Back pain is ... well is such a big ole pain , glad you got some relief .
That sure looks like fun and yummy party food ~ I would be stuffing my face with those eyeballs ( really I love deviled eggs).

Barbara F. said...

Love your delicious looking Halloween goodies, YaYa! I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. xo

joanne said...

your party looks like fun! Love the purse cake, I'm a sucker for cake. Looks like fall is finally showing it's colours there, it's been slow here too but sooo beautiful it's worth the wait.

Sue said...

This looks like such fun, Kathy!

You are so fortunate being married to a chiropractor, especially with the job you have!


PS. Mom loved your jam! You are so darling to her.

Hena Tayeb said...

ah mrs. potato head! love it!

Stacy Crawford said...

I love your Halloween creativity. :)

karen said...

I hope your back is feeling better? You're a good person to go in to work on your day off, but when there's a need... I love all of the color in your woods - beautiful. And your food is making me very hungry right now...


THANKS YaYa for loving my novel Sweet Baby James.
I'm having more fun with this novel that usual. It's got a lot of twists and turns and has some new unique characters that are getting my attention. Don't know where some of these people come from but they're taking me for a ride. There will be more. Hugs for reading.

selvageedge said...

Such cute treats! So sorry about your back problems, but looking at my picture shows me the horror story!

Becky Jerdee said...

A chiropractor husband is truly a boon!

Rick Watson said...

We used to have those kinds of parties when I worked. That, I miss.

Munir said...

I love that goodie bag cake.

Why am I surprised that you said yes to helping out at the surgery.

I hope that your back is ok and please take care of yourself.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
I came by last night to tell you that you had won my candy giveaway but don't know why I did not finish my comment.
Anyway I so excited that you won. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to love making it for you.
I may already have your address but just in case shoot me a email to
Loved reading about your day. As always I love my visits with you.
Thanks for being my friend