Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wow, That Was Fast!

This weekend was one of those times that seemed to go in fast forward.  I had Friday off because my family was making the trek from Chicago, which is something of a tradition each October.  Due to health and some other issues, only my Sister and Mom were able to come this year.  The weather wasn't the greatest but we managed to have a good time with my kids and grandkiddos and going to our favorite places to shop.  The weird thing was the fact that I didn't take many pics.  Friday turned out to be a test to see how many things I could accomplish before they arrived.  I did these things all before 2:30 that day:
1. Put fresh linens on bed in guest room
2. Dr, appointment for me...just routine yearly checkup...all good.
3. Post office to mail my friend Cindy her giveaway prize.
4. Stop at hubby's office for an adjustment...didn't need any back issues this weekend!
5. Wal-Mart for supplies for the party we were having that night.
6. Funeral for a dear lady from church.
7. Haircut....My Granddaughter Driana is a hairdresser and she came to my house to
    cut my hair and my Sister and Mom arrived around the same time so she cut my
    Sister's hair too!  Whew! There were a few other "inbetweener"  items but you get
    the idea.  Here is what I did manage to capture:
Addy's birthday cake I made.  She turned 5 so we had a tiny celebration Friday night. She already had one party on her actual day, which was Tuesday, and another planned with her other Grandparents on Saturday! Nothing like have a birthday week!  She wanted a ghost cake since it's October.  We were planning on having an outdoor gathering but the rains came down and we were inside instead.
Anthony and Cameron came to help eat cake and icecream!
Blowing out candles with Great-Grandma supervising.
Yep, it's great to be 5!
My Mom and my oldest son Jack enjoying some special time together.  It  was great to see Mom and Midge and I wish we were living closer than 6hrs away...but each of us tries to make it out as much as we can to celebrate seasons, special events, and thankfully many happy times.  Mom's doing great and I'm so happy she's healthy and able to go for the long drive with my Sis.  I didn't mention that my Sister actually made a slipcover for my couch in 1-1/2 days! I'll get a pic of that as soon as I have it all arranged how I want it.  She's a wonderful seamstress and I'm really thankful for her talents.  I wasn't expecting her to do that, but she knew I had wanted something different for that couch.  Thanks Midge!  See you soon!



Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! That certainly was a freaky Friday. You got more accomplished by 5 am than the Marines did all day long! :)

I'm happy to learn that your annual checkup was AOK, dear friend.

I love that Casper cake you made. From the looks of it, Addy loved it, too. She was all smiles and such a little cutie. OOPS! - she dropped a big hunk on the floor next to Eddy! :) Happy birthday, Addy! I would love to be age 5 again. (It would match my MENTAL age.)

How wonderful to see your mother again. She's looking fit as a fiddle. I'm so happy people could come from far and near to have family fun and togetherness at Whispering Pines.

Have a super week ahead, dear YaYa!

Hilary said...

Wow.. busy, busy! You certainly have lovely family, YaYa.. through all generations. Happy Birthday to Miss Addy. What a cutie. :)

Deb Shucka said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about that day. But it sure sounds like you all had a wonderful time. It's lovely that you're not letting distance create distance in your lives. Love the ghost cake!

acorn hollow said...

have fun! your mom is in better shape than I am I just drove 5 hrs and I am beat!

Kerri said...

Glad you enjoyed your mom and sister's visit! Super cute, I mean scary cake you made for Addy!

Julia said...

Your Mom looks terrific and I'm so glad that she could come to visit you and celebrate.

There's never a shortage of birthday celebrations at your house and you are so lucky that you have all those talented family members to do things for you. I love the Ghost cake for Addy. Happy 5th Birthday Addy.

Have a wonderful week.

Stacy Crawford said...

fun to have family around. Our MN crew is coming in next weekend! I can't WAIT!!!!

Kim said...

You are always a busy bee. Glad your Mom and sister were able to join you for the weekend.

In My Wild Eden said...

What a sweet little five year old! Time with your mom and sister sounds wonderful. Family is so precious. This is such a warm and loving post.

Sue said...

You are one whirlwind of activity! And it all sounds great.

So happy your mom is doing well. Mine is, too.


selvageedge said...

The days that are the most fun always seem to go too fast. It's nice that your mom and sister got to visit again.

gin said...

You are always one busy lady. I know having your mom & sister come was extra special .

Donna said...

The fam looks great especially that cute Addie and your mom! Can't wait to see your sisters slip cover! You are one busy gal. You deserve a day off....even though you missed a heck of a Tues at work.

Willow said...

You always have lovely gatherings YaYa .
Happy belated B-Day to lovely Addy !
Cutest ,yummy ghost cake , any left , no well ~ NO?? Well how bout that cranberry bread did you at least save me a piece of that ?

Christina said...

How fun! I love your blog especially during fall. That ghost cake was awesome! I still can't get over how much Cameron looks like Anthony!

Rick Watson said...

A fun time was had by all. I bet that youngun' loved that cake.
I see you are a list person too :)

Becky Jerdee said...

Well, you really know how to pack it in, yaya!!!