Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How I Did 65

This week started out so bad with losing our furbaby, Chubbs, but everyone's thoughts and kind words have helped.   Today I turned 65.  I wasn't looking forward to this bday but I sure had tons of reminders for the past year that it was happening.  I'm sure there were more than a few forests that were cleared of trees to make paper for AARP , Social Security, and Medicare flyers, reminders, sign ups and other forms of old folk mail.  I'm still trying to figure out how it happened.  I know how it happened of course...I was born...duh.  But the time flew so fast and many days my body reminds me that although my brain thinks it's only 30, my body will scream "OLD!"  Or maybe that's "STOP!"  Whatever.  Anyway it's here and I'm still here so that's a blessing.  As Jack always says, "Growing old beats the alternative."   And when anyone says it's good to see you Jack also says: "It's better to be seen than viewed."  That's true too.   So I'll "suck it up buttercup" and be glad for my wonderful family and great friends.  I took the day off work since it's also Jack's day off and we drove to Columbus and spent the morning at the Temple.  Ahh...peace, quiet, time to think, pray and realize that I have a good life and not to waste what the Lord gave me.   We then went out for a quick lunch at Sonic where I had a delish bacon burger and a chocolate shake since there are no calories on your birthday.  When we got home Jack told me to change into something comfy and we were going on an adventure.  He took me to a place I didn't even know Ashland indoor archery range.  I broke my bow about 5 years ago and hadn't had it fixed.  I always loved archery.  So he surprised me by getting my bow repaired, new arrows, and range time to use whenever I want.  Love it!  I took the time to test it all out and see if I could still hit the target!
Take aim!
Bam! Bulls eye!  Now that's how you do 65!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sad Day

I'm finding it hard to write this today.  Our dear little Chubbs passed away this morning.  He got ill yesterday afternoon.   I thought a trip to the Vet this morning would be the ticket but he got really bad through the night and passed around 7am.   He was such a sweet, gentle old soul.  We rescued him from a shelter in November of 2015, right before Thanksgiving.  He had been a stray and they didn't know his name, age, or health history.  But I saw his sweet face and knew he was for us.  I was glad he was older because most folks won't adopt an old dog.  Even though we only had a short time with him we tried to make it the best times ever.  He traveled with us and enjoyed all the family gatherings.  I will truly miss his howl in the morning when I would come downstairs and hearing his snoring at night.  I will miss how happy he always was when we walked in the door and our special walks around town and especially the cemetery where he could just go and explore.  He didn't ask for much except love and we gave him tons of that.   RIP dear Chubbie....we'll never forget you.  Say hi to your old buddy Eddy for us.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A New Day

I found this sign today in the hospital gift shop.  I thought it was a good one for the computer room.  It's here I write my little ditties for the blog.  Now I realize that the meaning of this sign is more about having a fresh start in life each day,  but I'm taking it more literally and gearing it to blogging.  As February comes to a close in a few days I looked back at my first attempts at blogging.  It was a leap year in 2008 and that was my first post.   I didn't have followers.  I didn't even know anything about "followers".  I was writing for my family and it seemed like a good way to keep a bit of a journal.  Back then many of my family members were bloggers also and it was a good way to share stories and photos.  Now most have gone to just Facebook or other social media.   I've kept it up for these past 10 years and my family asked me to continue.   It comes in handy when we want to know who was at what function or how something was celebrated or how the weather was during that year.   I like to look back at my old posts to see if the weather patterns were similar.   Pretty much the same!  It's the wet season now with our yard soggy as heck and the temps that rise and fall like a bouncing ball.  It was 71 on Tuesday but by Thursday it was cold and icy and even snow in some areas.  Today was 60! Hard to keep up and know what to wear.  Pretty close to what it was 10 years ago.   Sometimes I'm asked about blogging and most folks say they couldn't do it because they would have nothing to write about.  Facebook is easier because it's just a quick note and photo.  But I tell them that everyone has a story.   I remember a lesson I had on keeping a journal many years ago.  There was a journal that only had 10 entries in it.  But even those few entries gave you an insight into the person that wrote it .  What a shame that it stopped there.  I have letters written by my Dad to my Mom that cover most of WWII.   They give me a look at a young man and woman, not married yet, but so in love who weathered the worst of times.  My Dad was a good writer and I sure wish he had kept a journal.   He died before any of my kids had the chance to know him.  They would have loved him.  His birthday is in February...the 18th...he would have been 98 this year.  I think of him every day.   So I'll continue to write my little stories down even though they seem a bit redundant over the years. It's good to have some things stay the same.  But seeing  how the kids have changed, grown and what new paths they are on does change quickly.  So I'll give tribute to family that has passed and celebrate with those still here and share it through blogging.   Thanks for taking the time to read it!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Being Social

Jack and I are pretty quiet folks.  Well, he's quiet anyway, but we don't have a big posse we hang with every week.  He doesn't have a man cave where his buddies come to watch sports and whatever else goes on in a man cave.  I don't have a she shed.  Wait, I do have the spot where the lawn tractor is stored but it's not too cute for any girl bonding.   However,  we're not hermits either and during the year we have Church socials we attend.  In February it's usually the "Cheap Good Night Out and Chili Cook-Off" social.   It's gone from being a big get-together with chili contests and skits to a more quiet affair.   Yesterday we went and it wasn't as well attended as usual.  I think the younger crowd has better things to do than eat chili!  The food that was there was really good and the chili contest was fun.  But what was better was catching up with a couple that used to live in Ashland but moved to Utah many years ago.   Back here visiting,  they took the time to attend last night and we had a nice time reminiscing about the good old days when we were all young and our kiddos were little.  They had 9 girls! They did finally get a boy after they moved.  (Their son tragically passed away at age 18).  We found out they have 45 Grandkids....yep, they win that contest!  We may not have a packed social schedule but there are people who will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories.  Larry and Sally are one of those couples.   Hopefully they will pass this way again and we can sit and share a meal and some laughs.
Oh the stories we could tell!  Take care you two!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day...Yesterday

I'm a blogging slacker these days.  Just not much happening at the old Pines.  Even Valentine's Day didn't have a whole lot of blog worthiness.  So, did you do a big Valentine dinner?  Flowers? Candy?  Jack got me a lovely gift card to one of my favorite little shops  and I got him some of his favorite snacks.  We then had a romantic run to Home Depot to check on a water softener.  I hope I'm not making anyone jealous here, but it was fun.  Maybe it's the smell of fresh lumber or the orange aprons everyone is wearing..I just like the place.  Afterwards we had to  make a big decision about dinner.  When Jack came home from work on  Tuesday he asked what we were having for dinner.  I said I grilled steaks.  His reply was: "Weren't the steaks for Valentine's Day?"   Every Saturday we make out a menu for the following week and then do the grocery shopping.   It works out great and I usually never have to go to the store during the week and I always know what's for dinner.  My reply:  "Nope, it's on the menu for tonight. "  He was good with that and we did enjoy a tastey dinner on Tuesday.  So Valentine's day ended up being a burger from Burger King!  Fine by me.  I'm a burger kind of gal!  I looked back at my post from last year and guess what we had for a Valentine's day dinner in 2017?   Burgers! Ha! I'm thinking a tradition has been born!   But for today I decided I really needed to do a blog post and I would just go into my camera and put any pics up I had on the memory card.   Here goes:
Chubbs and I were taking a little walk in the Creepy Woods the other day and this deer gave us the stare down.  It started to move toward me and I decided to move out!  Made the Creepy Woods live up to it's name!
This cutie was hanging around the bird feeder.   Do you know what it is?  I don't , so let me know.   My final pics were of some selfies.   I was thinking of changing my profile pic.
All I could think of when this popped up was....this chickie needs some chap stick!  Hope your Valentine's day was full of love and maybe some burgers!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hello February

I have a rule of thumb that goes like this:  "Shortest line, longest wait".  I'm sure you've experienced it.  You're in a hurry and  so happy to see a line with just one person in it.   You rush up, put your one item on the counter and.....wait, wait, wait.  Yep, they're the one with the "problem".  Coupons that have expired, no price on the item, credit/debit card won't work, gift card is empty, etc.  Well, that's how I feel about February.  Shortest month, longest wait, worst weather, etc, etc, etc.  It's snowing outside as I type this up.  I was surprised to see it coming down so fast and heavy as I let the Chubbs out for his final run.   When you look at the weather reports they tell you zip.  They have no idea what's going to happen.  Since the groundhog/rodent saw his shadow I guess we're gong to have to wait until March for that never happened before.  Besides, I know in Pennsylvania it was sunny for old Phil, here in Ohio it was cloudy.  So, I'm ready for this short month. Which brings me to  my next topic about being prepared.   My sister and I were talking about the Zombie Apocalypse.  (No, I don't believe we're going to have one.  Geeze!) Anyway, we were talking about being prepared.   I was excited to send her a pic of some of our food storage:
As long as I have chocolate pudding I'm good.   Then I mentioned I have a coat that Mom gave me when I was pregnant with my last kiddo...33 years ago!  Yes, I kept it because I have fond memories of my Mom wearing that fur coat and snuggling up against it in the car on cold days.  It's super warm and also super heavy.  My sister said I should wear it during these cold months.  My response was: "Are you kidding?  People around here believe in Bigfoot and if I were to wear the coat I could be shot!"  When Mom found out that I still had it she said:  "Why do you still have that thing?"  "Because Mom, you gave it to me!"  MOM:  "Well, I don't want it back! Get rid of it.  Give it to a tall person."   ME:  " What? Why a tall person?"   Anyway, after having a good laugh over the whole Zombie thing and old coat thing I had Jack snap a pic to send to them.   I put on Jack's hat just to complete the look.  So hand over the chocolate pudding and the fur coat...I'm ready for any apocalypse!
Yep, I kind of get why I need to give this to a tall person...thanks Mom.