Monday, September 24, 2012

Touching Base With Family

As I mentioned in the previous post, Jack and I  headed out on Friday afternoon to Chicago to visit family. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but we have to go through Indiana to get to Illinois..and it always has the worst weather. Usually rain, except when it's snowing. You can see from this pic, Friday was no exception.
When we were closer to our destination, the weather started to improve. The rest of the weekend was cold, but sunny and very nice.

I bet if you've been to Chicago  you did not get excited by going to a grocery store. Sorry,  I was excited by going to this grocery store. Why? Well,  you can't tell by this pic, but it was ginormous! If they didn't carry it, you don't need it. There were so many sections of this store it was mind boggling.  Organic, any ethnicity, any cheese, meat...well, here are a few pics to show you.  Jack like telling everyone I got kicked out of here. Not true! I was just asked told to not take any photos.  I wondered why..was the produce on the witness protection program? Did the meat counter have something to hide? Anyway, I had taken all the ones I wanted by then. (Imagine me with my tongue sticking out at the mean man!)

Even Mom gets excited by big grocery stores! The apple doesn't fall too far from this tree!
One last example of the fun things you could buy.  I took many more pics but now I feel guilty so I'll go on to other things we did.
The whole trip was really about seeing family. We went to my Nephew's daughter's 1st. birthday party.
We met up with my brother Greg and his wife Deidra, here with Mom.  My brother just had major bowel surgery 2 weeks ago and I wanted to check up on his recovery.  He's doing fabulous! Everything went great and it was wonderful to see him and spend time catching up.  Really, we just did alot of visiting with my nieces and nephew and their families and saw their new homes, shopped with Mom at my favorite shopping center. (Donna will know which one!)  I was trying to take some pics there but the other camera I had with me quit working.  Besides, I didn't want to get thrown out of any more stores...I mean, get asked not to take any more pictures.  One of the other reasons I wanted to go home to visit was to see my Sister.  She's been having some health issues and prayers will be needed for her.  We're not sure what exactly she'll be dealing with until after a biopsy of a lymph node.  I'm hoping it's nothing, but the tests results so far have been a little scary. I was glad we had time to talk and laugh and cry and just be together.
We were getting ready to leave this morning and my Sister's dog, Sophie was very sad to see Jack go. He always makes a fuss over her, takes her for extra walks and even get her special treats. I think she looks pathetic here...poor Sophie..he'll be back, I promise!

Since I started this post with a traffic pic, I'll end with one. We headed out early for home this morning.  The traffic going to Chicago was bumper to bumper, but as you can see the road to Indiana was empty.  That should tell you something about that state. Actually, most of Indiana is lovely and I don't want to offend any Hoosiers out there!  I just wish it wasn't between Ohio and my family...It would make these trips so much faster!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictureless Post

I'm soooo not in love with the new blogger setup. It's really a pain to try and post pics and text.  Wait!!!! I was trying to post a positive spin here today. Jack thought my last post was very sad, or mad, or just not me.  After reading comments I  felt I really had whined a bit too much. So Sorry!  We all have bad days but for some reason I kept hitting walls last week trying to get some things accomplished. But everything is good now!   I felt we needed a bit of a change of scenery.  Friday afternoon Jack and I headed out for Chicago to visit Mom and family.  It's been great to sit and visit and enjoy the company of fun people...sort of like "fun guys"!  We've laughed and shopped and ate yummy food.  I'll post some pics when I get home.  My blogger friend Darlene (Grandma Robbins Nest) was suppose to be visiting us this weekend but she and her hubby had to cut the trip short.   I was very sorry that they couldn't come and hope that one day they'll make it out here.  Since I had taken the time off this weekend anyway it made it easy to head out here for my family visit.  So I'm welcoming fall,  enjoying the fairly cool and crisp days here in Chitown.  Hope everyone's weekend is going good.  As my dear late Mother-in-law would always say:  "Happy Fall Y'all!"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

MishMash Week

 All week I felt like this cloud was hanging over my head. 
Then I saw this cloud and thought it looked just like a large intestine...except large intestines don't have any sun shining down on them.
 Then I met this guy and asked him for advice to get next week to go better. He said: "Do what I do..pray every day".  Then he just slowly walked away.

 I took Eddy to the park for a Church get together and all the kiddos just loved him. He's such a good dog. You can tell by the big smile on that hairy mug how much he loved it too! Then he rolled over for the "belly rub"...can you see where he had his tumor taken off this summer?
 Finally I decided that maybe I needed to hang around some fun guys to make my week happier. Just so you know that maybe you should be careful what you pray for....I got these "Fungis" instead......I just can't win this week.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Country Tradition

The county fair is this week. We usually head over atleast once to grab some fair food and see the exhibits and talk to old friends. That's also usually done on Friday of fair week. (Our big date night!) But we're going to Chicago this weekend and we'll be gone on Friday. So the weather looked like tonight would be the best night to go. It was pleasantly warm and breezy. Perfect fair weather!
We always run into many people we know..but guess who was the first one we saw? Yep, Donna herself trying to sneak on a child's ride...Hey, get a ticket!
Ok, she did have this little monster with her....I like your face painting Bryden!
For the first time ever...I've lived in Ashland for 35yrs...I entered something in the fair. Some photos. I was pleased to see I took 4th place in two categories. I wasn't expecting to win anything, but it was fun to enter and I love the little ribbons! I couldn't find one of my entries though. I did find one that sure looked like mine but it had someone Else's' name on it. Hmmmm....not sure but I'm going to check it out again. These were the two that won.

A good reason to go to the fair is for some really "bad for you" food. We sort of bombed out though this year. This sandwich wasn't very good...the onion rings weren't bad, but the strawberry shake was horrible and had to dumped...I should have stuck by my old reliables...greasy fries and apple dumplings. Thank goodness there's always next year!

We always have to stop at this building. It has the fruits, veggies and other farm this maple syrup section. It also has a few other oddities that always make me laugh.
That will make a ton of pie or one big momma jack-o-lantern!
When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin? When it's Nemo.
Please tell me this didn't grow in someones garden.
I get the judging of fruits, veggies, and other farm crops...But I didn't realize they had a category for dressed up cement geese. Only in rural America.
Darth Vader Goose? I love his light saber..or should I say bubble wand saber? Too funny!
I really did have to laugh at this....seriously, they won first place!
The rides looked very colorful at night.
I told Jack that if I went up on this ride I could get some cool pics. Once he quit laughing he said "OH YEAH! I can see you up there shaking like crazy trying to take a shot! Hahahaha! I hate it when he's right....I'm not fond of heights, spinning, leg dangling a million miles above the earth, and fair rides that are put together by God only knows who...I'll stick to ground shots.
A big wave goodbye from Gorilla girl! Hope you enjoyed our county fair!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trail Blazers and Red Roses

Last week flew by and as usual I was busy working, doing Church duties, and working around the house, inside and out. Life isn't always a bed of roses but when I came home from work breathing a big sigh of relief and saying TGIF....Jack had this lovely vase of roses waiting for me on the table. The sad thing was I was so involved in dumping my purse, lunch bag, grabbing the mail, that I didn't even notice them at first. I was flapping my jaws about one thing and another and Jack just stood there listening patiently. I finally noticed these beauties. Yep, it was a long week but I need to stop and smell the roses more often...or atleast notice when a wonderful husband takes the time to get me some! Thanks Babe!
Today Donna and I decided we would take a walk in this fairly new trail near Freer Field. It's where the balloon fest is held each year. I didn't know volunteers had made paths and cleared trees and brush and also built bridges over the creek that runs through the area for people to enjoy as a city park. Donna wasn't sure how she would feel taking a walk but she did great. We walked for over an hour and enjoyed this wooded area. I'm glad we gave it a go and learned a new spot to enjoy in our small town.
There were different paths we could take. I think all of them intersected eventually. Some spots were a bit confusing when the trail narrowed and big trees had fallen and blocked the way. We did have a couple of dead fall that we had to climb over. Pretty amusing...those were shots I should have taken! Donna grabbed a nice branch for a walking stick and we headed out.
The day was perfect for a walk in the woods. We've had nice cool and not humid days. In the shade of the trees and the pine needle covered walkways it was very quiet and relaxing. Well it was quiet if you ignore the fact that Donna and I talked non-stop. Are you surprised? If you are then you don't know us!
One of the first things we came across was this weird "Jabba The Hut" looking thing. Donna and I looked at it trying to figure out if it was a rock, dirt, an alien?
The mystery was explained when we walked around "Jabba" and realized it was the roots of a fallen tree...a huge fallen tree! I guess a job as an outdoor guide is not an option.
We crossed a couple of bridges. This one was really nicely made. I thought the area would make a great place for photo moments like high school senior pics or weddings.
This dry creek bed was very pretty with all the stones and fallen trees.
The issue we did have was toward the end when we got a little turned around. Some of the trails were not as kept up as this one. OK, I'll admit it...we got lost. But we hacked our way through the brush and made it to the field where our cars were parked. I think we need to go back but perhaps a few bread crumbs should be thrown in the path to find our way back. I'd hate for the police to have to come looking for a couple of old broads lost in the woods!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple Love

This weekend the weather was rainy and very cool. That's why the pie got made. I went to the apple orchard and grabbed some baking and eating apples. I was so excited to be there I forgot to take a picture of the orchard and barn where all the goodies lived. So the pie will have to be my testament to apple love! Then I started to put some fall color inside the house. After I was done I dug these out. OK, so maybe it's a bit early to be planning Halloween. But the time is now for some pumpkin love!
I made these many, many moons ago. Very long ago. So long ago I can't even remember when it was. But I have a soft spot for these little guys. I guess because I don't create many things and I have to not only get excited by what gets put together, I tend to keep it for eternity. My kids will have to dispose of them when I'm gone. Hopefully many, many moons from now.
Fall wreaths are showing up
I do love a pretty pumpkin!
I know it's a few weeks away yet, but go get ready and greet this Autumn season will 'ya!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ending Season Color

The summer is close to being officially over. Just a few weeks will usher in fall. I can see the changes coming already. We're surrounded by pine trees that never change color, except when old man winter frosts them. But we have plenty of foliage that does share a final goodbye with us. The colors seem to burst out in a last ditch effort to please. Even with the hot and dry summer, we still have a crayon box full of delight. Grab a seat in the red chairs surrounded by falling leaves and let's see what we find.
The dogwood trees are turning from green leaf to a yellowie red. I don't think you'll find that color name in any crayon box!
From the back deck I spied the slowly turning yellow leaves of the trees up on the hill.
You might spy some of these hanging berry looking weeds. I'm not sure of the name but the deep navy color is interesting.
A wise observer would notice this tree with the lovely leaves turning a bright red...but's poison ivy!
Soft lavender on sedum.
Periwinkle blue anyone?
Deep oranges and white mums.
The yellows...even weeds have their beauty in the fall.
Up near the "Creepy Woods" is this little crabapple tree. I've never seen it this loaded down with fruit. Pretty, almost red fruit. The deer should love it..and hopefully quit snacking on my blueberry bushes!
Fried green tomatoes anyone? A frequent request around here!
These fall raspberries are our yellow ones. I know they look more pink, but they are a delicate, not as sweet as red raspberries, delight.
We planted late this summer. The pretty green peppers are still coming along.
One of the benefits of planting late is still having these show up on my back deck rail...juicy red tomatoes! They didn't just "show up"..Jack actually picked them. Thanks Hon!
This is a very Ohio tree. It's a Buckeye tree. I think the nickname "buckeye" has to do with Ohio State football or something. What do I know, I'm from Chicago. OK, so I've lived here long enough that I should know but, honestly, I don't really care. It's a pretty tree and it's one of the first to have it's leaves turn color in the fall. And it has these weird pods hanging all over it and then they fall and land in the yard for me to mow over!
Inside these alien looking pods are these: Buckeye nuts! A beautiful brown and tan. I make a candy at Christmas time called "Buckeyes"...they are made of chocolate and a peanut butter mixture, not from these nuts! They look just like them though and I bet they taste a million times better. In fact, I dont' think you can eat real buckeyes. Atleast I'm not going to find out! But I will celebrate the end of this season by appreciating all the color it's leaving us in the many fruits, veggies and foliage spread out like a banquet at harvest time.