Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ending Season Color

The summer is close to being officially over. Just a few weeks will usher in fall. I can see the changes coming already. We're surrounded by pine trees that never change color, except when old man winter frosts them. But we have plenty of foliage that does share a final goodbye with us. The colors seem to burst out in a last ditch effort to please. Even with the hot and dry summer, we still have a crayon box full of delight. Grab a seat in the red chairs surrounded by falling leaves and let's see what we find.
The dogwood trees are turning from green leaf to a yellowie red. I don't think you'll find that color name in any crayon box!
From the back deck I spied the slowly turning yellow leaves of the trees up on the hill.
You might spy some of these hanging berry looking weeds. I'm not sure of the name but the deep navy color is interesting.
A wise observer would notice this tree with the lovely leaves turning a bright red...but's poison ivy!
Soft lavender on sedum.
Periwinkle blue anyone?
Deep oranges and white mums.
The yellows...even weeds have their beauty in the fall.
Up near the "Creepy Woods" is this little crabapple tree. I've never seen it this loaded down with fruit. Pretty, almost red fruit. The deer should love it..and hopefully quit snacking on my blueberry bushes!
Fried green tomatoes anyone? A frequent request around here!
These fall raspberries are our yellow ones. I know they look more pink, but they are a delicate, not as sweet as red raspberries, delight.
We planted late this summer. The pretty green peppers are still coming along.
One of the benefits of planting late is still having these show up on my back deck rail...juicy red tomatoes! They didn't just "show up"..Jack actually picked them. Thanks Hon!
This is a very Ohio tree. It's a Buckeye tree. I think the nickname "buckeye" has to do with Ohio State football or something. What do I know, I'm from Chicago. OK, so I've lived here long enough that I should know but, honestly, I don't really care. It's a pretty tree and it's one of the first to have it's leaves turn color in the fall. And it has these weird pods hanging all over it and then they fall and land in the yard for me to mow over!
Inside these alien looking pods are these: Buckeye nuts! A beautiful brown and tan. I make a candy at Christmas time called "Buckeyes"...they are made of chocolate and a peanut butter mixture, not from these nuts! They look just like them though and I bet they taste a million times better. In fact, I dont' think you can eat real buckeyes. Atleast I'm not going to find out! But I will celebrate the end of this season by appreciating all the color it's leaving us in the many fruits, veggies and foliage spread out like a banquet at harvest time.


acorn hollow said...

Great color in your yard starting with your chairs.

Christina said...

How beautiful, Kathy! I love all the colors. You guys have such nice veggies from your garden! Our's definitely didn't turn out that well. It's not yet starting to be fall around here. I love me some fall!

Julia said...

Thanks for the invitation to sit in your beautiful chairs for a scenic tour of your fall colors in your yard. It's pretty amazing the beauty that one can find.

Your peppers did so well, mine only produced a couple and are just having some buds showing now. They were bought plants and I'm not impressed as I usually grow them from seeds and usually have about tons of them.
I had to buy some to freeze this year.

I never saw a Buckeye tree before now.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, JB

Nonnie said...

All of this is in your yard? How I envy you Northerners in the changing of the seasons. Raspberries,tomatoes and peppers in September? That is amazing to me. Thanks for letting me sit a while and look around at all this. (ummm, buckeye candy.)

PoetessWug said...

And I thought the chairs were gonna be the real color in your yard! ^_^

karen said...

I saw my first buckeye the year one of our sons graduated from Ohio State. You are correct - the candy is delicious and I believe the real nuts are inedible. I know I always say this, but your yard has such beautiful colors in it! Just lovely.

Donna said...

Your yard is still producing...LOVE the periwinkle hydrangeas...mine are a dying brown green. Which is what the rest of my yard looks like...weed brown. You have a green thumb Yaya!

Donna said...

PS. Holy made me laugh with your comment to Judi's blog!!!!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!!!

Stacy Crawford said...

The Buckeye is the Ohio Tree. Ohio State mascot is named after the tree. You can't eat. So you will often hear people making cracks about being named after a worthless nut. There is your mini Ohio History lesson. :)

I love the pic how fun! Thanks for working so hard with scouts I was glad you came to the committee Wednesday.


Enjoyed the view from your lens. Beautiful sights. Love the tomatoes and peppers. We are blessed to live here in Ohio, drought and all!
Thanks for sharing.
BTW, Buckeye are the best. Had some recently made by a friend. Yum. Best peanut butter chocolate candy around.

Kay G. said...

Fried green tomatoes.
Buckeyes (the candy).
You are talking my language!
(And my brother-in-law is from Chicago and I try to talk like him when I say "We're On A Mission From God"...I hope you like the Blues Brothers!)

Munir said...

I love the Periwinkle blue.
All of the pics are very nice. It seemsm like I have slept for ever, I mean I have been away from blogger world for so long. Glad I had a chance to look and read some today.Have a goot weekend.

Sue said...

It all look so inviting. Wish I could step into those photos and visit you!


Wander to the Wayside said...

I've never been so excited to have Fall arrive as I am this year after the horrible heat and drought of this summer! I'm jealous of your blue hydrangeas, what a lovely color. I think the plant with the hanging berries is a polk weed - the birds love the berries, but I believe the roots are poisonous and the leaves also but less so, and are used in polk salad and many herbal remedies. Seeing your chairs reminds me that I swore I was going to paint ours this summer, so I better get busy!

Bonnie said...

You are still enjoying some gorgeous color! We have a little bit left here. The storm on Friday knocked some more out. Sad face.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88