Friday, October 31, 2008

Ok, this is my last, I promise, Halloween blog for this year...Driana, her friend Danielle, and I went to the Fireman's haunted woods tonite...Too fun for words,so we just screamed our way through! I wanted to get more pics but it was too dark. These were the only ones I got and I think they tell it all...It was held at the fireman's cabin...Craig, you know the place where the boyscouts always have their Feb. camp in. It was done up great and the proceeds will go to our hospital's relay for life team. Afterwards we headed back to the Pines for some hotdogs over an open campfire, some star gazing because the sky was crystal clear, some scary moments looking at the creepy woods thinking this clown was on his way down to get us! So now it's time to watch Ghost Hunter's Live Halloween show until 2am...then on to bed because tomorrow is the Kiwanis pancake breakfast! Great way to start November...Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Ok, I couldn't stand leaving any witch out! Here's the one that sits so nicely on the kitchen fireplace mantel...a great lead into Ashland's trick or treat nite. Don't ask me why, but it's never held on Halloween, it's always the Thursday here's a little sneak peak into the fun. First we went to Jack and Steph's in good 'ol Polk....everyone gets into the act! But first Steph put out a Halloween feast that was very yummy! Thanks Steph!
I had to include my favorite "witches fingers" of course...Took alot of witches to get that many fingers I'll tell 'ya.

Then I had to throw in my awesomely good bat icecream sandwiches...easy to make and fun to eat!

Then it was off to get some candy, candy, candy. Anthony was all ready with his fireman's outfit and a bag for the loot.

Summer and some of her friends were decked out in some pretty (not sure what she was) costumes and they had a riot running around Polk gathering the goodies.

Hmmm, this guy looks like he had one too many...yucky!!

I decided to follow along with the kids to capture some really scary people. Here's the first one I came upon...oops, sorry Jack! He was the official candy hander-outer..

Now this guy was a scary fellow! He had a partner in crime with him. They gathered quite the crowd but he did make a few kiddos step back and refuse his candy...good idea

Here's his buddy...what a scream.

Unfortunately, Cameron wasn't very impressed with all the nights activities, but he did like the cheetoos the fire department handed out! We walked up and down his road then headed for the warmth of his house. It was a bit chilly out! But the night was clear and everyone had fun. The kids came back with bags full of candy and fun tales of another Halloween! Boooooo!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Which witch is whitch?

Here are a few of my fav things I love about Halloween ..All my witches! Some are small like the little tea pot witch brewing up some spell I'm sure.
These little gals (and the little bat boy) are from the Lori Mitchell collection that I think are just stinkin' cute!
I like her because her nose is so weird...I know, I have weird taste!

This witch is a bit unbalanced, she sits carefully or else her head tips her over.
I've had this beauty about 20 yrs. She used to sit outside, but I was afraid the elements would ruin her in her advanced stage of life!
Here's a few of my smaller ones. Very cute don't you think?
I found this one this year on a clearance table...all alone and with a slight infirmity...I won't go into it, but she needed a home....very sad tale
Now here's a perky gal...sitting so nicely on the mantle.
This one is probably my scariest one..When she worked she would cackle and her eyes would lite up... She's broken...probably needs a witch doctor!!!
I've had this one also for many years. So cute, I just want to pinch her!
Ok, I know these guys aren't witches, they're nutcrackers and sort of rare. I found them many years ago at a specialty decorating wholesale place that's no longer in business. Man, I miss that joint! Well, thanks for visiting some of my ladies. I actually have another one I missed and dearly love too, just have to wait until next year I guess! Have a happy Halloween and maybe take a witch to lunch or invite one over for dinner this week! (I'm available anytime!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today we went to Summer's school for a Grandparent's lunch and special program about, you guessed it...Pirates! It was very cute. Summer clued us in about the menu (old folk food, creamed turkey glop on bisquits, jello..the stuff you get in nursing homes) so we stopped at Dairy Queen for some real food..cheeseburgers, fries, you know, the stuff of heart attacks. Summer gave it 2 thumbs up. We have her program 2 thumbs up too! She's behind the pirate with the yellow beard, but the pirate with the blue beard really cracked us up. He was very pumped about his part. It was a fun way to spend lunch...Thanks Summie Days!!!

Whew!!! Glad that's over!! Sunday I took another little hike, this time in my own creepy woods to search out the little "hut" that Jono and Jordan made the first year we lived here. It still stands Midge! Thought you'd like to see it. Jordan had already been up there and was a little creeped out because of the layer of fresh bark laid on the bottom of the hut. He was worried that maybe some "hobos" were camping there. However, no signs of homesteaders could be seen. It will remain a mystery. It is, after all, the Creepy Woods!!!

It was nice to walk the paths up there without being eaten alive by skeeters..we were practically bug free all summer and then October came and we were swamped with the little buggers! Even after 2 hard frosts they remained...until this weekend. Ah, to roam the creepy woods unbitten!

Sunday the kids were over and Cameron took time out of his new walking skills to eat some icecream and say hi to our little ghost friends in the foyer


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweetest Day

As you can see, I received an awesomely beautiful bouquet of flowers for sweetest day...Thanks Jack! Then we (really me) decided it would be wonderful to go to Mohican State Park and hike back to Lyon Falls to see if we could find where Jordan, Jono, Amy and Billy had carved their names some 12 or more years ago. So we hit the trail on this most beautiful fall afternoon.
Yes, here is Jack hitting the old trail now!
Of course we had to traverse the covered bridge and stop for a kodak moment...Actually, we could have skipped me on the bridge.
After making it to the falls we found a Billy and an Amy carved in stone, but no Jordan or Jono. The stone is sandstone, very soft and I'm not really sure these were carved by our Amy and Billy, but it did bring back neat memories of that day long ago when I was younger and so were they!

Lyon falls is really pretty and the rocks are big...can you see Jack down there? That gives a pretty good idea of the size of this place.
Here, if you look close, you can see a dribble of the falls. Sort of lame for an actual "waterfall", but still very pretty.

The river looked so nice with all the leaves changing and the air was crisp and the sky blue, so truly it was a sweet day!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall football fun!

Last night was Driana's last night for cheering for Mapleton Middle School football. We hadn't made any of the other games so I was glad we were able to go and see her cheer. She's really growing up! Unfortunately, poor Mapleton lost 57-0, but hey, it was fun to see her! She's a winner always in our family....
She did get a bit embarrassed because YaYa was clicking the camera away and Driana's a bit shy...but here's a dance routine anyway! Rah Rah Rah!

Because one video isn't enough... I can't even tell you where Driana is in this number, Oh well, I'm a loser YaYa!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Amish traffic jam. Parking isn't just crowed, it's a bit...well how should I say this? Messy? Have you ever thought about how much fertilizer is distributed when you have a kazillion horses tied to a post? If you live in civilization, probably not. However, here in Amish country you learn where you should or should not park. Unless you have Trigger as your main mode of transportation, then just join in the fun. But then we spotted these cute little Amish yard apes having fun in the playground area and I had to shoot a pic. They don't allow pics of themselves so I had to sneek one...Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Then I put the camera away and forgot to take any more shots of anything. Like family for instance, or the beautiful fall foliage...Well, I will take some nice leaf shots this week as the weather is sooooo nice and I know it can't last forever.
Aren't they just so cute in those pretty dresses? It was Amish days in Charm, Ohio and they were having auctions, and sales and tons of fun. They probably didn't care for all the "English" tourists (ie:us) horning in, but we enjoyed it anyway. Although traffic and parking really were a mess, we walked around a bit in the shops, then headed for home because we were tired of fighting crowds. I can do that in Chicago anytime I visit home, I really don't like to do that here! We headed for Grandpa's Cheesebarn, then the Parsely Pot and then back for a nap. Oh, we also had lunch in a cute place in Loundonville, but the waitress wasn't the most friendly person. But the food was good and it was a good way to top off the day.. I was sad when everyone,(Mom, Midge, Greg, Deidra, Amy and Eric) left this morning for home. It was a good weekend.

Baby pics of weekend

Mom made a visit and was able to hold Great-grandchild# 17..little Addy (12 days old)
What fun! She's growing by leaps and bounds! Addy, not Great YaYa

Even cousin Amy likes her! Sorry I missed your face in the shot Amy...oops

Yes, I do believe she has brown eyes and she looks like her Mom on the bottom half of her face and Dad on the top half!

Now here's a mug only a mother could love...and a pic of a dog...Just kidding Jord! That's his dog he just got over the weekend. Meet Eddy the Boxer. Yes, Yes, I know what you're saying: "Hey Mommo, I thought you hated dogs!" Well, I don't hate dogs, I just don't like them in the house. But I caved and let Jordan get this one. Eddy's been good so far. Wait until he eats a table or couch or something, then I'll really scream. I'm banking on Jord moving out in the spring. Of course look what's happening to banks these days. Plus I have rotten luck, so we'll see...In the mean time he's being trained to not enter the livingroom (ala Ferris the wonder dog), do his "duty" far only a few mishaps...and Jordan is being trained in scooper pooper far only a few mishaps. Everyone that was here this weekend fell in love with Eddy, but no one begged to take him home...hmmmm....I'm such a sucker.

He really looks much bigger in this shot than in real life. I guess the camera really does add 10#!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Addison Rae Starkey

Hey there Addie, welcome to this crazy world...our family is a bit crazy too!
Somebody turn off the lights please, you're blinding me!

Awww, proud PawPaw...snifle,snifle..

YaYa and #8 grandchild!

Oops, same pic as above, sorry! But hey, sheh's still cute!

Here's the happy family with our newest additioin, Addison Rae, weighing in at 8#9oz. born at 1121am (I might be off on the time by a few minutes!) 20 in. long...funny, cute, fuzzy (ie:almost curly)black hair! I see alot of her older sister Alexis in her but she has Phil's hair so far! Her poor little face is very bruised from a quick delivery. But she's adorable and I think we'll keep her! Congrats Amanda and Phil and Alexis.