Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall football fun!

Last night was Driana's last night for cheering for Mapleton Middle School football. We hadn't made any of the other games so I was glad we were able to go and see her cheer. She's really growing up! Unfortunately, poor Mapleton lost 57-0, but hey, it was fun to see her! She's a winner always in our family....
She did get a bit embarrassed because YaYa was clicking the camera away and Driana's a bit shy...but here's a dance routine anyway! Rah Rah Rah!

Because one video isn't enough... I can't even tell you where Driana is in this number, Oh well, I'm a loser YaYa!


Donna Starkey said...

Takes me back 100 years ago when I was a cheerleader, it's so much fun!....Drianna is beautiful! (I was never THAT cute!)

Amy and Craig said...

So cute! Sounds like Fall is everything it should be up in Ohio this year. Mohican, hiking, football games, etc etc. I missed the only craft fair I've heard of around here because I was sick last saturday. I'm disappointed. No nuts.