Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Addison Rae Starkey

Hey there Addie, welcome to this crazy world...our family is a bit crazy too!
Somebody turn off the lights please, you're blinding me!

Awww, proud PawPaw...snifle,snifle..

YaYa and #8 grandchild!

Oops, same pic as above, sorry! But hey, sheh's still cute!

Here's the happy family with our newest additioin, Addison Rae, weighing in at 8#9oz. born at 1121am (I might be off on the time by a few minutes!) 20 in. long...funny, cute, fuzzy (ie:almost curly)black hair! I see alot of her older sister Alexis in her but she has Phil's hair so far! Her poor little face is very bruised from a quick delivery. But she's adorable and I think we'll keep her! Congrats Amanda and Phil and Alexis.


Donna Starkey said...

How cute!! She looks like mom right now,...but they change from day to day. Mom and Dad look great too!!! Amanda hardly looks like she just gave birth! Grandma and Grandpa look pretty cute too....Congrats!!!!

Amy and Craig said...

keep the pix coming! I can't wait to see her as she loses that wrinkly brand new baby look and we can really see her coming out! She's going to have the COOLEST hair! Maybe our little girl will too!!!Congrats Phil and Amanda!