Sunday, July 31, 2011

Church Social

Saturday the woman's organization of our Church (Relief Society) was in charge of our summer social. That would be Stacy (Crawford family blog), me and Ginger the other counselor. Ginger did 99% of the work and it turned out to be very fun. We had a nice pavilion, games, tons of food, and good fellowship. The weather cooperated too. It was warm but not humid and a nice breeze kept it very comfy in the shade.
The Church provided the hot dogs and hamburgers and everyone else brought food to share. There was a nice variety, no one left hungry!
This pond was located right next to our pavilion and anyone could go fishing or just sit in the shade and watch all the out for geese poop anyway!
There was a lovely pool for us to enjoy and even at a cut rate.
Even with all the activities planned and those available at the park, it doesn't take kiddos long to find the simplest things to have jumping on giant bubble wrap? Whatever keeps them amused!
We had a nickle scramble in the sawdust for the little kiddos. There was also hidden treats like candy, jewelry and plastic bugs! They all seemed to enjoy the hunt!
Ahhhh, the loot that was plucked out of the sawdust!
The last game we played was, not sitting on was a musical chair game to see who could win cakes baked by our YSA (young, single adults). It was a fight to the finish! But everyone enjoyed themselves and no one was hurt...well, almost no one.
We headed out after the festivities and drove back through "Mohican Country". We passed lush farmers fields and rolling hills.
Past homes built in the hillside
But nothing beats the long and winding road that leads to home.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jam and Bean

My raspberries are about done producing. This is the first year we've gotten a crop and I had enough to do 2 batches of's pretty yummy if I do say so myself..and I do! Now the green beans are coming on...I have a ton more on the bushes and tomorrow I'll be picking and probably freezing them. I haven't canned beans in years, but maybe I'll get brave and try that this many projects, so little time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Get Together...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Our kids from Michigan called and said they were going to stop on their way home from Cincinnati to visit with us this weekend. I took Friday off so I could shop and be ready when they came. I needed to launder some big comforters I had and that would require a trip to the laundromat since they wouldn't fit in my washer. We had to go a few weeks ago when our power was out. It had been a long time since I've used one but they haven't changed since I was little. The machine prices have however! It takes many, many quarters to do a load. I was excited to have Craig and Amy and kiddos come since we hadn't seen them since May. I was hesitant to have a family get together since the last 2 times we did we had electric and then AC problems. I joked that I shouldn't even mention them coming..all of Ashland could lose electric!
I put the comforters in the big machines and headed off to do some errands. When I came back to put them in the dryer the attendant was walking around on his cell. He stopped when he saw me and said he had some bad news...oh no, now what. You will not believe this. He tells me that the laundromat is out of fact the whole city of Ashland is out of power. Yep, I said those famous words.."Are you kidding me?" He wasn't. In fact Mansfield and Ashland and about 4 other little towns were out. I guess a transformer blew due to overuse of AC. The funny thing was our house was fine. I gave a big thank you to God for that blessing! I took my stuff and ran for home and they dried nicely out in the crazy heat. I promise not to have any get togethers for a while until my power outage curse is over..I didn't realize I was so powerful!
Now here's a face we don't see enough of. Little Sophie is a crack up! She's got those big blue eyes and curly hair and the funniest little looks and actions. It was great to have them here.
Katie had a big smile for the camera even though she was not feeling 100%. She had a sore throat and later that night was running a fever. They've done a ton of traveling this summer and I think she picked up a virus somewhere along the way. But she's a trooper and we never heard a complaint out of her.
One of Craig and our son Jack's good friends from high school recently moved back to this area with her husband and 5 kids. They all got together at our house after spending some time with the kids at the Kroc center water park. We ate lunch and sat around talking about escapades from their school days. We laughed and I marveled at what great people they've turned out to be. It's hard to believe those days have come and gone so fast.
All the kids enjoyed watching a movie and getting to know one another. It was so hot out and they had already spent the day at the water park and were ready for some quiet time. Even though we had 12 kids there, they were so good you never would have noticed!
Homemade chocolate icecream was a hit. Sophie's shirt took the bigger hit though.
Cameron kept asking to make brownies, so he and Sophie and I whipped up a batch. We served them with homemade icecream..good choice Cameron! He and Sophie enjoyed helping but I think they liked the spoon licking more!
Amy and I put together shish kabobs..they were delish! Craig did the grilling and they came out perfect. I should have taken a pic of them all skewered up..they were so pretty! The yummy fresh tomatoes and sourdough Italian herb bread we picked up at the farmer's market in the morning. Mmmmmm.
One last big smile from Taylor...he loves angry birds!
I had to head off to church and the kids had to head back to Michigan. Poor Katie was feeling pretty low..sick and a bit feverish. I talked to the kids this evening after they got home and she was feeling better. Hope so..I feel awful for sick kiddos when they have to travel. But we enjoyed seeing everyone and I'm glad they were able to make it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Favorite Saying

The previous post gave a good idea of how our Saturday started. How it ended brought me back to my favorite saying: "Are you kidding me?"...We finished running errands, and then went up and cleaned our Church...everyone takes turns doing this. We came home all hot and sweaty. Entering the house I noticed it didn't seem very cool. Jack then realized the heat pump wasn't working..."Are you kidding me?"...So after all the problems with our electric and getting that back in order, now during the hottest spell we've had in a long time..(last summer was not as hot), we lose the AC? Just shoot me. We call the repair people and of course it's the weekend and no response. So we're stuck with a not so cool home. I had already invited the kids to come over Sunday afternoon for a cook out since I had to cancel the July 4th one due to lack of electric..Well, I wasn't going to cancel on this. We went ahead with our plans and everyone came over in the late afternoon and the house really wasn't too uncomfortable and the air outside had cooled down a bit. So we ate, talked, and enjoyed watching the kids play. They had fun and didn't seem to mind the heat. Having a few water games did help! The repair guy came this morning and it seems to be working fine now. Thank goodness for little pleasures. And to top it off, we finally had some rain. It didn't make it any nicer temp wise, but our gardens are smiling! The only snag in the day was little Addy getting stung by a wasp. There was a nest under one of our plastic outdoor chairs. "Are you kidding me?" She was a real trooper and went on and had a good time. I caught a few pics of Anthony and Cameron having a water gun fight. It turned out to be a nice evening.

And the race is on!
Why can't I have just a smidge of their energy?
Ahhhhhhh! The laughing and screams can be heard all the way to the Creepy Woods! Get a close up of Cameron's face. It says it all.
Gotcha! Big brother captures little brother!
After the water gun chase Cameron give the "thumbs up" sign not realizing his brother is behind him squirting water on his head. Boys...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's Go To Market

This morning Jack and I headed over to the farmer's market. It's a hub bub of activity. You see your friends, neighbors, or in Jack's case, patients, all looking for fresh, locally grown produce and maybe a bargain in jewelry or honey or candles, or even egg rolls! We grabbed some of those and they were good!
How about some fresh garlic or green beans? I found some yummy tomatoes too.
There's more than just fresh veggies...the smell of oriental and mexican cooking lures you over and of course the Amish are selling everything from baskets to these pretty rugs.
Jack and I headed to his office after the farmer's market. He had a patient to see and I decided to take a walk up Historic Center Street. It's a very pretty tree lined road with huge old Victorian homes. Many are for sale. The prices are pretty good and they have been well maintained. So if you've always wanted an older home, Ashland has what you need... I'll give you a little tour right now!
This place is a monster size! I toured it once along time ago. Since then it has new owners who take good care of it. I always thought it would be a great place to have weddings and receptions...I see a Bride on that top balcony ready to toss her bouquet!
Don't you just love a big old fashioned wrap around front porch? Great place to hang those Boston ferns and sit outside with a cold glass of lemonade.
This is the "Miller Home" owned by the hospital and has Doc offices in it. I think it's really pretty and sort of "California" looking. It once housed a school of nursing...and I heard it's haunted!
This home was scheduled to be demolished at one time. It certainly didn't look as beautiful as it does now. It wasn't even in this location. It was farther up Center Street. The owners got it for free..they just had to pay to have it moved. There was a lot at the other end of Center so they moved it there and for years have been re-doing it. They're done and I'm sure they will never sell because they could never get out of it what they paid into it. But it's a beauty.
My Hubby used to live here. This is where his parents lived when we started dating and we were engaged on New Years Eve, 1973 in this very home..I do love this place and it's for sale...but I think not...well, maybe...Nah...
Even the nursing home on Center was once a's very lovely inside.
End of the walk brings me back to where I Hubby's office..yep, he's in an old Victorian too. It's also for sale..not his practice, just his building. We don't want the upkeep these take so if you want a great bargain come on in. You might even get a great Chiro adjustment to go with it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's A Hole In The Sidewalk Dear Yaya...A Hole

The electric issue is coming to a close. If you come to visit watch out for this hole! Hopefully after tonight and all the inspections, and the electric company gets here to make the final hookup, I can replant with all the plants I had to dig out of here. I just hope they are still alive enough to make it. Wish me luck!
We had a big storm yesterday. It rained buckets full. We needed it, but geez couldn't it come in a gentle manner? It cleared up enough in the evening that I decided to mow. Mowing around the pine trees is tricky enough. When they are wet it's like getting slapped in the face with soggy towels. I know I shouldn't mow after a rain, and believe me if I had known I would have the time to do it today I would have waited. I ended up soaked and covered in wet grass...and even cold! It does look alright today though.
I made this little play area for the Grandkiddos. The storm blew it all to smithereens. I did manage get it back in half way decent shape. The girls were here when I came home and they love the little chairs.
Here's where the alligator ended up...creeping slowly to the Creepy Woods. It gave me a laugh when I came home from work and saw it..I must be desperate for something funny.

Friday, July 8, 2011

China Here I Come

Here's a few pics of the trench that will hold the new electric lines to our house. The side yard to the driveway to the flower bed to the house....and I'm sure it's atleast as deep as a hole to China should be. And full of weird and curious rocks..and one styrofoam cup. It's had to have been there for atleast 30yrs. So don't throw them away in a landfill because obviously the "green" people are right about them. They never dissolve away.
This part of the trench will go through my flower bed and under the patio between the house and garage. A little jack hammering is going to happen tomorrow. I had to dig up all the flowers I just planted and I'll lose my huge mum plant that's been there for about 10yrs. It blooms a very pretty red..or atleast it used to...That's the electrician Matt. When I told him I was taking pics for my blog he asked if I was going to title it: "Man makes huge mess in yard"...
This is a view of the whole thing...going around the cement pad was the only option..I wasn't about to have that all torn up too!
This is what I have for a power line temporarily..coming off the pole, over the garage and to our meter box...
This is how the temp line looks dangling near the house. I don't care what it looks like for now...just as long as I have power..and I needed it to turn on the oven tonight to make some food for work tomorrow.

Now For Something Completely Different:
We're having a "carry in" at work tomorrow to thank the computer people who have been here helping us be tortured for the last 2wks...sort of like thanking your Dentist for giving you a root canal..painful, but necessary. I had equal requests for a Texas sheet cake and my Greek chicken. Being the goof ball I am, I made both. I think this cake is yummy because I double the frosting weighs a ton! Usually Jack is here to drive to the hospital with the food and wait outside until I get across the parking lot, clock in, and then come and haul it all up to Surgery. Tomorrow I'm on my own..but I do have a's always good to have a back-up for times like these!
I'll be getting up an hour earlier to get these babies in the oven, transfer them to a crock pot to keep warm at work...and hopefully they will taste as good as they normally do!