Sunday, July 3, 2011

We've Been Zapped!

What a crazy July 4th weekend. Our electric was partially out last week. We consulted with an electrian who said it was the power company, not us..Yeah!! Then the power went out again...Booo! And guess what? It's our problem, not the power company..Super Boooo!!! Now we have to have work done that requires, digging, new wiring from the pole on our lot to the house....blah, blah, blah..Of course it's a holiday weekend but we did find a nice electrician dude to help us. He
will try to install power by tomorrow. We have power to all the 110amps..whatever that means. It's the
220 that's causing trouble. So no stove, no AC, no water because we have a well that requires a pump, etc. But we do have TV and a fridge..and freezer. To top it off Jack leaves for Scout camp for the week...he feels bad about leaving me, but hey, there's nothing he can do anyway except listen to me moan and groan. But I decided not to get grateful for partial grateful for water storage that we had incase of emergency. And now I can only complain about the cost..and I'm hoping it's going to be covered by our insurance because we think it was caused by a lightening strike last week..send some prayers our way that will confirm that fact! So, no blogging until the computer is back..I'm blogging from Jack's office now...hang in there and don't do anything too blog worthy while I'm away! I took some really cool pics of a hot air balloon this morning that almost landed across the street...dango, now I'll have to wait to post them! Have a good and safe July 4th! P.S..Thanks to all who wanted to donate the use of a generator. Holy Cow, I have enough trouble restarting the clocks and my alarm..forget trying to make sure that is working!


Bonnie said...

Losing electricity is my worst nightmare. (Okay, one among many.) We had a horrible ice storm about 4 years ago and lost power in the middle of winter for, like, 5 days. It SUCKED. I remember wearing about 8 layers of clothing. I looked like that kid in "A Christmas Story" who couldn't put his arms down at his sides because his jacket was too puffy.
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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH No I hate to read this about you not having electricity. Something we all take for granted that is until we don't have it.
Glad you found a guy that could help you especially over a holiday weekend.
Take care honey and Yes things will be back to normal soon
Love ya

Sue said...

That's a major drag! We lost our electricity for a week once and it took a loooong time before I took it for granted again!

Hang in there.


Kim said...

That's terrible but I'm glad you at least have partial juice. On the bright side, it's not winter and you are not freezing. Looking forward to seeing those pics when you get fully juiced again :)

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm glad he can come tomorrow to get you hooked back up. I'll keep those prayers coming for you.

We once lost our furnace on Christmas Eve. They guy came and didn't charge us. Must have been the Christmas Spirit. Needless to say, I sent him home with a nice plate of Christmas cookies for his family. Total tithing blessing there!

Hope you stay cool.

rosaria said...

Oh no, what a pain! Hope you have a great one today.

karen said...

I hope you're back up and running again soon - I miss seeing all of your beautiful pictures! Oh, and of course, I want you to be comfortable too!

Amy and Craig said...

YOU SHOULDA COME UP HERE!!!! Sorry that you're power is out. That bites, especially about the ac. I guess since the stove is out you can have salads or BBQ! (or you'd have to eat out, hurray!).