Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final summer poolout!

Well, school starts Wed. for these punks so a final before school swim was in order. Even tho the water was a bit "chilly", they seemed to enjoy it. Even Cam-man took time to lay back and relax with the floatie. Just chillin' dude! He and Anthony got the back to school buzz. Nice guys!

I had to ask what they wanted to be when they grew up. Driana is sticking with the lawyer route that she's talked about for the last few years. Summer wants to be a teacher. She's a natural with her love of kiddos. Actually she said she liked the idea of summers and holidays off and she thought that the retirement was good. She could retire, go back and get rehired and then have her pension and her job money too. Smart girl! Anthony said he wanted to be a "lazy boy". Not work, just play video games all day. He's well on his way to achieving his goals. I think I have him convinced to just invent a game, sell it for a million or two and then be "lazy boy". Have a good school year guys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Saturday my Aunt Gwen passed away. I couldn't let this time pass without saying a few words about this lady. My childhood memories are intertwined with her and my Uncle Dave. They lived across the street from us. Last year Aunt Gwen had to move to a nursing home and her home was sold after over 50yrs of living there. Although I was sad at her passing, I know she is at peace and with my Uncle. I used to spend time at their home, sitting on the front porch with her eating apples or watermelon that she loved to add salt too. Never could acquire that habit! She always seemed interested in what I had to chatter about and I know that she loved me. She loved poetry, music and literature. She had deep respect for the nursing profession. She was health concious and always was in good shape. She loved gardening and had beautiful flowers and veggie gardens. I will always picture her mowing her lawn with shorts and flipflops on! She and my Uncle traveled the country with us when I was young and after my Uncle passed away she traveled the world with my Mom. Mom always says she was the best traveling companion. One thing that I will always remember is how, when Iwould be rushing home from her house, she would admonish me to "always look both ways before crossing the street!" To this day I can't cross a street without hearing her words. I'm sure as she passed through the veil from this life to the next she stopped and looked both ways. Seeing us here and those waiting on the other side. Till we see each other again, I love you Aunt Gwen and will keep you in my memories forever.

Family home evening at the Pines

For a fun family home evening we decided to smash the old pinata! Everyone had fun, no one was injured,execpt for the pinata of course. Candy was had by all. Even little Cameron had some!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cousin visits and birthdays!

Cameron celebrated his first birthday on Wed. Aug 6th, but we celebrated on Sunday with all the guys and families. Craig and Amy and Katie and Taylor were here for a long weekend and we had a really fun time. It was nice to get all four boys together for a pic! Cameron enjoyed his first birthday cake .I think the picture with Jack and Cameron is great...hmmm....twinners! The weather has been awesome, very cool and almost like fall. A fire with tons of s'mores was just the ticket to end the day. We'll sure miss Craig and Ames and kiddos when they leave tomorrow. (sob, sob!)