Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Ames

Here are some pix for Ames, although anyone is welcome to visit. I'm not sure anyone really does however, but atleast it is recorded for me! Gee, I've posted 3 times in such a short span, I may becoming addicted to my boring life. Anywho, Ames wanted to see how the powder room makeover ended and it's such a small space that taking a pic was hard. Looks like I enjoy taking shots of toilets or something. Anyway, we like the room...don't spend a ton of time it thankfully. The deck picture is a little leftover from the reception. The fountain. I always wanted one for the deck and I like this one very much. Sounds so pretty, even if poor Jack thought the toilet he just installed was leaking or running!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog worthy

I'm always looking for "blog worthy" stuff and today I think this is blog worthy. Donna Starkey makes the cutest, prettiest bracelets. She made this one for me and I love it. She has a talent for this and I think she should sell these to some speciality shops. Even her packaging is cute. She named her little bead business La'Domitiche Beads but she mostly makes them for friends and family. Branch out girl, you're good! Thanks so much!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a few more memories

The first picture is my Mom and Midge working magic. The second is the result. Pretty huh? Next we have all the food crammed in the dining room and the next are a few guests in the livingroom. Then Sunday Phil and Amanda came over and opened gifts. They received many wonderful things and all in all it was a good time! Now it's time for a rest...

Wedding reception washout

The arch greeted the guests....after the tornado, Jackie and Jerry Parsons sit and ponder the aftermath.

Ok, so I'm an optimist...I had a vision of a beautiful outdoor wedding reception in a luau theme for Phil and Amanda. I actually had a beautiful outdoor reception. All decorated, food all done to perfection, guests arriving on time at 5:00pm....Tornado siren goes off at 5:30. Wait! That was not part of the plan! Some people got to see all the weeks of hard work and planning until we threw them all inside and tied down all the deck tent coverings. We had food put on the tables inside, atleast 80 people throughout the house. Prayers were said, food was served, people chowed down, music played, laughter was heard, everyone pitched to help and I had many looks of pity, or maybe it was the look of "I'm so glad this is you and not me". Time to cut the cake. The cake had to be moved to another table...NO it didn't fall over. The table we wanted the cake on had a HUGE cooler of lemonade on it. Some sweet young men picked up the cooler to put it on the deck outside....Yes, it dropped to the floor and lemonade was everywhere. My only thought was,"I thought it couldn't get worse, but it actually did!" The poor kid was horrified. The poor lady standing next to it actually had the lemonade splash up under her dress! I wondered why everyone was calling her "sticky legs" all night. The floor was cleaned up and the cake was cut and it was delicious. We all had fun but I was glad when the last dish was washed and my house looked more normal. I couldn't have done this without my wonderful family. Thanks Mom, Midge, Greg, Deidra and a big thanks to Stephanie and Donna Starkey. You guys ROCK! I have a plaque that reads "Through the storms of life, you never walk alone" So true, so true.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dark shadows!

Just for a giggle, here is the only movie I took at the ghost hunt. Kind of dark but that's how it looked all night!

Friday the 13th...BOOOO!!

Yes, marriage is a life sentence..
Jack found a good place to sit and ponder the nights fun! Shocking!

Do you like ghost stories? Ones with thunder, lightning, rain, spooky castle looking haunted buildings? Well, so do I. I dragged poor Jack with me for a ghost hunt at the historical old Mansfield Reformatory. It's an amazing building that has been used for movies, the most famous being the Shawshank Redemption and also Airforce One. It was very interesting, very dirty, very spooky in some areas and very warm! (poor Jack, you all know how he loves hot weather). Mix in moldy, humid, damp, lots of peeling paint...well you get the picture. I actually did get some pics that I'll share. We went with a group of equally funny and weird people I work with and it was fun. We started at 8pm and left around midnight. It actually goes until 6am but I have too much to do on Saturday to be up all night and sleepless in Ashland! Some strange things that happened were the batteries (new ones) in my camera died. The camera started acting up as I was taking outside pics and then completely died near a prison cell that suppose to have alot of paranormal activity. The lights are all turned off and you need a flashlight for the hunting part. Of course those brand new batteries also failed! Thankfully my friend had an extra flashlight so I wasn't completely in the dark. (although many people would argue that point!) This is meant for Chris Howell. NO Quegie(sp?) boards, seances, (or sex) was aloud in the building. So don't worry, we didn't invite any weird spirits or anything! Except for the batteries nothing unusual happened. ..Unless you count our car making strange noises in the parking lot. We investigated and found out we had a huge screw lodged in the front tire (a brand new one of course) and we had a slow leak that was hissing. Hmmmm....paranormal???? No, just my bad luck! Ghost hunting is on my list of 1000 things to do before I die so I can cross that one off! Although after I die I might just come back and haunt something. I'll pick someplace cleaner, cooler and not so many stairs to climb! Gift shop included! Boooooo!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lake Lure was beautiful and we had a nice tour. You can't hear the tour guide so it's sort of like a silent movie! Sorry! Oh, and after watching Katie jump in the pool, it looked like she was drowning, but really she was swimming fine!
Katie is such a little swimmer! I had fun watching her jump in and swim around all evening! As hot as it gets in South Carolina in summer, she will use the pool alot!

Nice visit with Craig and Amy

We had a great few days with Craig, Amy, Katie and Taylor. Greenville is beautiful and the day at Lake Lure was awesome. We had a nice boat tour of the lake, then went and played a bit in the river in town. We had delicious BBQ at Bucky's. Hmmm...Amy your sweet potato crunch is missing?