Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aren't babies cute?

Ok, my life is soooo boring I'm taking pics of veggies and flowers. But, hey my baby veggies are so cute! Now if they grow up big and strong they will be so yum! Except for the pumpkin babies, they will be so cute as jack-o-lanterns! Now here is my bi-polar hydrangea. The front of the bush produces beautiful pink and the back, lovely blue. No medication needed here! See what weird ph soil can do for you? Yesterday we had a bunch of baby turkeys in the yard. No, not grandkids, real turkeys! I'm not too good at sneaking up to them for pics, just take my word for it. They were cute too!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ahhh, now this is summer fun!

Donna and Larry invited us for a lazy afternoon cruise on Mifflin lake. Thanks guys, the day was lovely and Jack even fished just a bit. The area is very nice and I wouldn't mind going down and hiking in the wooded areas sometime. It's only about 10 min. from Ashland. Easy, low gas using trip!

Almost a teenager

So what do you do when you're about to turn 13?? Have a Party of course!....dye your hair (on the ends) pink...smear yourself and friends with shaving cream hidden in balloons....blow out candles on a pretty cake. I can't believe our little Driana will turn 13 next week. She wanted to celebrate at the Pines with a few friends a week early, so I said "OK! Hope it doesn't rain, my track record isn't so good." Well, it didn't rain. A bit hot and muggy, but no rain. Or bugs! It was a fun night and I'm glad we could be there too. Happy almost Birthday Driana!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Damsel in distess?

Form your own opinion, but I think Jack is adorable!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer scenes at the Pines

Sure sign summer is really here are the blooming flowers at the Pines. Of course I was glad we finally got the pool up and running. It's not quite level but we were in a hurry to get it going. The water was finally delivered. Because we've been having a cool summer so far, the water is a bit chilly. But hey, that's never stopped us before! The kids christened it today but my camera was at boy scout camp with Jack. My new camera is getting fixed at a resort for cameras in Texas. I think the ghosts did it in on the ghost hunt in June! I just love my lilys, unfortunately they don't bloom all summer so I have to enjoy them while I can. The hydrangea decided to get hyper and bloom like crazy this year. Last year I got only one lonely bloom, so I'm really happy with it this year. Just a note of intrest: Our little Cameron (Jack and Steph's) had to make a trip to the ER this morning after having a seizure induced from a high fever. He stopped breathing and it was really scary for a bit. But he's home and doing fine. Get well CamMan!

A Boyscout is:

A Boyscout is very tired after a week at camp and Jack is no excemption. Here are a few pics of his adventure this, his 18th year. Brother Hatch from the Young Men's General Presidency came from Salt Lake to spend a few days with the campers and I understand he was awesome. This year they really incorporated the Duty to God in the camp. A good spirit prevailed! The tent pic is Jack's home away from home. The weather was cool and a bit rainy but they had fun anyway.