Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend "Cram"

I don't think we could have "crammed" more into this weekend if we tried! Jack got a father/son campout in on Fri. night (minus the son part) and Sat was spent shopping, cleaning and the usual get ready for Sunday things. Sunday afternoon we went to Alexis' birthday party where I forgot to bring my camera but the pics on Phil and Amanda's blog are so cute! We visited the cemetary and then on Monday morning we went to Ashland's parade to honor our heros from past and present wars. That includes my family where my Dad served in WWII and my Bros. Greg and Phil served in Vietnam...thanks for keeping our country free and safe! After the parade it was back home for outdoor work...deck painting, chair painting, lawn mowing, garden planting. We did however find time to cook some amazing ribs and make homemade icecream . Whew...I was happy to go to work today to rest up! Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

The fruit of my recycling old plastic chairs...repaint them!

This icecream was awesomely delish! Come to YaYa! (Or better yet, come to YaYa's hips!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today Donna Starkey (my BFF) and I went on the annual Bath Ohio home tour. Donna has been going every year for the last 21 yrs and I've been lucky enough to go with her on many thanks to her "birthday gift" tickets for me! Thanks Donna! It was a beautiful spring day...bright blue skies and 80 degrees. After a quick little breakfast we boarded the tour bus, or in this case a mini van and headed out to see the beautiful, jaw dropping, funny, eclectic, and always inspiring homes. This little screened in number sits in the back of the first home we visited and it is right by the river that flows behind the property. Very cute! We weren't allowed to take pics inside the homes so we had to settle for all outside shots. One of the pics below has Donna with a fountain/fire thingie going on. Many art works and sculptures were featured inside and out in this place. It was very modern, not my style, but I couldn't figure out what made this my least fav until I heard that no one actually lives here much...it's a second and very seldom used home. It felt that way..pretty but not homey. I liked most of the other ones because they had the feel of "real, lived in" but also pretty homes. Some place you could kick back and have fun! Well, today I did have a fun and girlie day. We had a lovely lunch included in the tour and I had to laugh because I usually get a pic of the food, but I forgot! I guess I was just too hungry. It was good though..Yum!

The last three pics are actually from the creepy woods...It's amazing how it is now so green and lush and just a few weeks ago, very barren...this white bush is one of my favs. I'm not sure the name of it, but it's so pretty. (So are you Eddy!) Although it doesn't rival the beautiful manicured lawn and gardens I visited today, it's still my fav place to be...HOME SWEET HOME!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend at YaYa's

This weekend Phil and Amanda were in a wedding...on Friday night I had both Alexis and Addy for a bit while they were at the rehearsal dinner...then Sat. I had Addy for the day and night too! She's just too sweet for words! We had to have the ever popular (atleast when Katie would visit when she was little) "sink bath"...After Phil dropped off Addy he took Alexis to spend the day with Amanda's Dad and her Sister. We had fun on Friday but I didn't get pics because I was too busy playing sidewalk chalk and outside walks with the girls! Thanks for visiting YaYa girls! Love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Dream Come True

We had a really nice Mother's Day lunch with all the boys and their families...(except Craig and Amy and their kiddos....we missed you guys!) The weather was perfect for eating outdoors and for playing a little baseball and ring toss competition! When our kids were little we just hoped they would grow up not only to have families of their own, but to be a 100 times better parent then we were....Well, I'm blessed to see that dream come true. All my boys are wonderful husbands and dads with the cutest and best kids ever! I know Jordan's not married and his only kid is Eddy, but he's a good dad to him! I was blessed with super daughter-in-laws that are the best Moms too! (Besides being incredibly beautiful) Thanks everyone for making this Mother so proud and happy! Happy Mother's day to everyone!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Phil!

Today is Phil's birthday...he was born May 9th, 1980...here are some pics from his childhood. He was a really cute baby and toddler, even did some modeling when he was 2, but his best trait is being able to argue his way out of anything! He really should be a lawyer...he was very funny (still is)....loves music and can play a really mean guitar. He can write his tunes too and played in a band in high school. He is a sweet guy and is a very good husband and daddy to his little girls, Addy and Alexis. He is and always was close to Jordan. We used to call them Wally and the Beaver when they were little. I'm glad that relationship has lasted all these years! Hope your day was great Phil! We love you! Just for clarification that's his cousin Katie in the last pic here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Jordan's company (CSI) has a slow pitch team this year. Jord stopped at the office to show us his shirt....Now, I can't remember why his nick name is DASH...perhaps Jor-dash??? Anyway, after Jack and I were done at the office (hence the pic of Jack at the office) we went out to the ball park and watched them play...It was fun (and funny) they all play just for the fun of it...another way of saying they lost, but hey Jord looked good with his little shorts and knee socks! He is really a good athlete. He could have played any sport in high school he wanted if he wanted. Huh? Well, anyway it was nice to see him having a good time getting some good exercise that I'm sure will leave him good and sore! I think they will get better as they all play together this summer. They do have some good players. Jordan has a really good arm on him! Good luck Jord and CSI...Now, where can a girl get some peanuts and Cracker Jack??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday we had Stake Conference broadcast from Salt Lake, which ment we could stay in Ashland to view it instead of our usual hour drive to Tallamadge Stake Center....So we had a fun breakfast with Steph, Driana, Kansas (Driana's friend from Tallmadge ward,)and a non member girlfriend whose name I just can't remember! The rest of the Jack/Steph fam were home where Jackie was taking care of a very sick Anthony. Cameron is very allergic to Eddy, so he stayed home for the breakfast too. Of course, no one really wanted old YaYa to take a picture of them, but it would have been a much nicer pic if they had just stood still like Kansas did! Well, nice on the run pic of Driana anyway! (my revenge) Now, for the Eddy/Squeak fued that's been on running since Eddy joined the family. He will sit and sometimes sleep in squeak's much too little bed for him, I swear, just to agrevate the cat....But today Squeak just ate her breakfast and quietly crept to the back door, waiting patiently until I let her out...then she could sit and glote because she got to go out, and Eddy had to sit inside and watch her! He loves the outdoors....so she got her revenge! MEOW!