Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Jordan's company (CSI) has a slow pitch team this year. Jord stopped at the office to show us his shirt....Now, I can't remember why his nick name is DASH...perhaps Jor-dash??? Anyway, after Jack and I were done at the office (hence the pic of Jack at the office) we went out to the ball park and watched them play...It was fun (and funny) they all play just for the fun of it...another way of saying they lost, but hey Jord looked good with his little shorts and knee socks! He is really a good athlete. He could have played any sport in high school he wanted if he wanted. Huh? Well, anyway it was nice to see him having a good time getting some good exercise that I'm sure will leave him good and sore! I think they will get better as they all play together this summer. They do have some good players. Jordan has a really good arm on him! Good luck Jord and CSI...Now, where can a girl get some peanuts and Cracker Jack??


Donna said...

Yep, he looks good in his uniform!!! So tall and athletic! -like his dad...Jack is lookin' good too! Who's the lady coming out of the right side of the pics????

Amy and Craig said...

craig's playing too. Some of their games don't start until 9:30pm!! The kids and I cheered him on his first game because it was at6:30, but we stayed home the second because it was late and they're on Tues night. I'll try to get a pic! He's on a purple GE team.

Midge said...

My little he has grown...looks like fun..