Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday we had Stake Conference broadcast from Salt Lake, which ment we could stay in Ashland to view it instead of our usual hour drive to Tallamadge Stake Center....So we had a fun breakfast with Steph, Driana, Kansas (Driana's friend from Tallmadge ward,)and a non member girlfriend whose name I just can't remember! The rest of the Jack/Steph fam were home where Jackie was taking care of a very sick Anthony. Cameron is very allergic to Eddy, so he stayed home for the breakfast too. Of course, no one really wanted old YaYa to take a picture of them, but it would have been a much nicer pic if they had just stood still like Kansas did! Well, nice on the run pic of Driana anyway! (my revenge) Now, for the Eddy/Squeak fued that's been on running since Eddy joined the family. He will sit and sometimes sleep in squeak's much too little bed for him, I swear, just to agrevate the cat....But today Squeak just ate her breakfast and quietly crept to the back door, waiting patiently until I let her out...then she could sit and glote because she got to go out, and Eddy had to sit inside and watch her! He loves the outdoors....so she got her revenge! MEOW!


Phil and Amanda said...

Driana is so beautiful!! Hope Anthony is feeling better...poor thing. :-(

Donna said...

I thik that bed is WAY too small for Eddy! I'm going to look for one for him next time I go to Odd Lots!! haha!

Amy and Craig said...

fun pix of the kiddos and the pets. I love the feud between squeak and eddy.