Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Dream Come True

We had a really nice Mother's Day lunch with all the boys and their families...(except Craig and Amy and their kiddos....we missed you guys!) The weather was perfect for eating outdoors and for playing a little baseball and ring toss competition! When our kids were little we just hoped they would grow up not only to have families of their own, but to be a 100 times better parent then we were....Well, I'm blessed to see that dream come true. All my boys are wonderful husbands and dads with the cutest and best kids ever! I know Jordan's not married and his only kid is Eddy, but he's a good dad to him! I was blessed with super daughter-in-laws that are the best Moms too! (Besides being incredibly beautiful) Thanks everyone for making this Mother so proud and happy! Happy Mother's day to everyone!


Amy and Craig said...

sorry we missed the fete, you really are the best Mother in-law ever. It's too bad you can't see my face when I say that because you could then tell that it's so true. I don't really hide my feelings that well! :>

Donna said...

What a sweet day! You ARE the best mom and you know I model myself after you, Kate!
Loved the pic of Phil and family, so cute! Anthony looks like he feels better. Recognise that blanket around Addy...haha.
Now, looking forward to our Spring day out!

Phil and Amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thank you for MAKING lunch...on Mother's day! :-) IT WAS DELICIOUS!

yaya said...

Awww, thanks guys!

Christina said...

How sweet! I think that would be such an awesome feeling to see the beautiful results of all of your hard work throughout the years.

By the way, we were at Stake Conference today and heard about Craig's new calling! Wow! He must have awesome parents that raised him right! hehe :)