Sunday, May 21, 2017

How It's Done Now

Family...the word means many things doesn't it?  Family in the old days meant Mom and Dad and kiddos...or maybe just a "you and me".   In the here and now the word "family" encompasses many aspects of living as a "unit".   Single parents, gay parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, adoptive parents, friends that gather for dinner on a regular basis....however you want to use the word family it's OK because in the end the real meaning is "LOVE".   Last week our Granddaughter, Summer, called and asked it she could celebrate her birthday at the Pines.  She said it would be her and her boyfriend, her Dad and Evelyn, her Mom and Brian, (her Mom's boyfriend), her other Grandparents, and her siblings.  Of course I said yes and we discussed the menu and who would bring what for the party.  Later she called and asked if it would be OK if her Great-Grandparents could come too.  You bet!  Unfortunately, they weren't able to make it. Shout outs went to the uncles also.   I always hoped my kids would not have to go through a divorce.  But life happens.  Change is part of that and today we all gathered to celebrate a birthday of  one of the sweetest young ladies around.  Summer has the perfect name because she's always happy, full of life, and brings sunshine every time she walks into a room.  It was a lovely afternoon full of all the good things about family life.  I can look back on my life and like most people know I've made mistakes along the way.  But looking at the happy faces of family gathered to celebrate together, it's proof that many good things happened along the way too.
She was crowned princess for the day with her constant companion "Happy"!
19yrs young!  Her other Grandma made the wonderful cake!
We hope all her wished come true.
All the chairs were filled with family and friends.
Summer, her sister, Driana, and her other Grandma, Kay.
All her sibs and Happy.
PawPaw and this pic!
Chubbs was there enjoying all the attention from Phil and Jack.
We love you sweetie!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Before this day is over I'd like to wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. Maybe your Momma isn't with you anymore.  I hope you have wonderful memories to think back on.  I would like to tell my Mom how much I love her and how thankful I am for her and all she's done for me in my life.  She's the best in the world!  I know you're thinking that your Mom is the best and you'd be right!  That's how I wish everyone could feel about their Mom today.  I also need to say how much I loved my Mother-in-law.  Jack's Mom and I were good buddies and partner's in crime...the lawful kind!  We shopped and gardened and laughed over many escapades in that Volkswagen Van! She was a Southern lady who like nothing better than to sit and "yak" with you about all kinds of subjects.  I miss her as I know Jack does, especially on this special day.   My day started out early with a call to do a c-section.  I wasn't thrilled to be there at 7am but after seeing the Mom, Dad and baby I thought that perhaps this was what Mother's Day is about and I remembered that I had a Mother's day kiddo too!  Our next patient was an elderly lady who fell while talking with her son on the phone and broke her hip.  I know she wasn't crazy about being in the hospital today either!  So I'm grateful I came home and had a beautiful weather day with Jack and 3 of my sons.  I just got done talking with my son who lives in Oregon and I sure do miss him!  Happy Mother's Day to my Daughters in-law, Amy and guys are awesome! Here are some of the Mom's I love:
Me and Mommo 43 years ago this year! She made my wedding dress..she's so talented! My Granddaughter Summer wants to wear it when she marries one day.  That would be so cool!
Mom today...Wednesday she'll be 91!
Jack's folks,..Mom loved her dogs!  We miss you.
My Daughter-in-law Amy!
My Daughter-in-law Evelyn (with her daughter Megan)  Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring? Fall?

The other day I was walking the yard trying to find something to photograph.  The sun was setting and I clicked this pic of the trees with the sun on them...they look so fallish!
It's Spring however and I'm not ready to think about pumpkins and leaves falling just yet. Even though the weather wants to mimic October. The other morning as I walked to the hospital the temps were in the 30's, frost on the ground, and the wind was blowing through the trees sounding just like a Fall day.  So I quickly snapped a bit of my blooming Azalea to remind me it's May.
I love the red and green against the white house.  This lovely blooming plant doesn't last very long so I guess that's why it gives it's all when it does bloom.  As I was walking up toward the Creepy Woods I felt like someone was watching me.  I looked between the pine trees and saw I was being spied upon by my new neighbors...
I haven't formally met them yet, but I think they are adorable! They can spy on me any time as long as I can spy back with my camera! Hi fellas!  To end this post I'll give 2 shout-outs.  The first to my wonderful son Phil who celebrated his birthday yesterday.  He asked if I would make some lasagna for his bday dinner.  Followed by chocolate cake and icecream it was a winner!
He had a little help blowing out all those candles. He can't believe he's 37.  How does he think I feel??!! I can't believe it either!  Happy birthday Pip!  My final shout-out goes to all the nurses I work with...Happy Nurses Week! You all are the best of the best! If you know a nurse, give her or him a big hug and a bigger thanks.  Also, Happy Hospital Week.  Feel free to hug a hospital if you want but be sure to stay out of one if you can!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homeward Bound

When we travel back to visit family in Chicago I always say "I'm going home".  Maybe because my dear Mom is still with us and perhaps because my sister, Midge, is still living in the area.   Or maybe it's because they live in the house we grew up in.  However, I've lived in Ohio for 40yrs and I was 23 when we left Illinois, so I've lived and grown older here more than "home".  My other siblings all live elsewhere....Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida...but I wonder if they say they are homeward bound when they come to visit?  I guess I'll just have to ask them! The saying goes,  home is where the heart is.  In that case it's anywhere family is gathered.   Jack and I "gathered" with family this weekend to visit Mom and see how she was doing after her hospital stay last week.  Thankfully, prayers were answered and she didn't have to have the pacemaker.  It's still a possibility, but for now it's a wait and see game and she did really well while we were there. She is very happy to be home!
Mom and Jack sitting and chilling out before we had to head out for a small family gathering for a special occasion for my Great-Nephew, Andrew.
Chubbs was with us and he makes himself home anywhere...especially if he can have a matching couch to sleep on!
Andrew, here with his Dad Bill, made his First Communion on Saturday.  It was a lovely ceremony and I'm glad we could be there to share the day with him.  We also went for another reason.  We bought a car/minivan from Bill.  Our Impala is 16yrs old and although it does get me from point A to point B (usually work and the grocery store!), it's not really reliable for long distances so when Bill decided to change up his vehicles, we bought his van.  It will be an adjustment going from a sedan to a van again, but we can now take Grandkiddos or load it up with "stuff" if  we   (I) want too.  Win win, right!?  We drove it home with me at the wheel since Jack still doesn't have vision good enough for that long haul.  It drove great and except for the lead foot take off that threw ol' Chubbs off his pillow,  I didn't get us killed or anything!  Whew!  So it was good to go home and see everyone and it's always sad to say that dang "goodbye".  But it's also good to be home here and get back to our routine.  The flowering treesat the Pines are still looking good.
Great year for Dogwoods!  So even though it's a bit chilly this week, I'm glad the sun is out today and everyone is good and I hope no matter where you call home, it's a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring Fever

Our Spring has been wonderful so far.  It's been warm and the trees and flowering bushes are beautiful.  No snow to kill off buds! (Whoa, it's still early so I hope Mother Nature didn't hear that!)
This flowering crab is really pretty.
These white flowering trees dot our them!
Of course it wouldn't be perfect Spring without my favorite lilacs and this year we weren't disappointed in the blooms.  Too bad we don't have "smell 'ol blog"!   Even though it's been a warmer than usual weather pattern I'm not going to plant any flowers or veggies just yet.  In fact I noticed this staple of Ohio still planted by the back door:
Yep, it's probably going to hang there for just a bit!
Jack snapped this pic a few days ago....I guess I'd call this "two peas in a pod"!  As this day comes to a close I'm asking for prayers for my Mom.  She's in the hospital with some heart issues again.  This time it's slow beats and a pacemaker is probably in the care plan.  She's going to be 91 in May and it's always scary when things start to go wrong but she's also tough and determined to get out of the hospital ASAP.   A trip to Chicago is probably in the works for us too depending on how things roll. She's in good hands with my sister who goes the extra mile to make sure Mom is well taken care of.  I'm so thankful for her as I'm 350 miles away.  Hang in there Mom! We love you!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I love Easter and yesterday was such a nice day to celebrate.  After Church we gathered with a few of the kids and only 2 Grands but it was still fun.  Jack and Evelyn got back from Alabama and Florida on Saturday so they were able to come over for food and fun but their kiddos had Easter with the other side of the family and couldn't make it. Phil and his girls were here and Jordan too, but I fell short of my picture taking so here are just a few pics of the day.  Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!
Lamb cake as always.  It's a tradition from childhood that I've carried on with my family.
Weather was lovely! It was warm and the predicted rain never happened. Thankfully!
Addy and Peter Rabbit!
Lex ready for the egg hunt.
Walking the rails for the goodies!
Eggs grow on trees? These eggs did!
Putting all your eggs in one basket...this time it's a good thing! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

And The Beat Goes On

As we start the move into the next weekend I feel like I've been on a treadmill going nowhere fast! Our trips to Cleveland are at a standstill for a few weeks.  Easter is fast approaching  and work is an up and down roller coaster.  Yesterday I had already logged 12,000 steps before I even hit the exit elevator! I was on call the weekend but thankfully it was quiet.  But here's how the past weekend started out:
Friday we had a dose of the white stuff.  In fact it was a level one snow alert.
The jeep was ready for takeoff as I've been driving Jack to work until he can do that himself. He's improving daily and for that we're very thankful. So Friday was a mess but then Saturday and Sunday were this:
Yep, snow all gone and temps in the 70's.  Besides the crazed weather the warm air brings about the frantic antics of wasps...they're everywhere outside looking for a place to built a home I guess. The bad part is they find their way into the house every now and then and the now was Saturday morning and the place was the bottom of my foot. YIKES! I said a few choice words as I hopped around in pain...not even realizing I could hop! It calmed down with some ice and I was able to resume my Saturday running and grocery shopping.  Sunday came and we took back a special chair Jack was using during his head down time.  As he got out of the car to help get it out of the back the wind caught the passenger door and broke it.  I was very ready for the weekend to be over.  Our go to mechanic is on vacation but he promised to look at the car door next week.  So as the beat goes on here at the Pines I do hope this weekend is less painful and not as windy! It's Easter after all and I love that special time.  Hope yours is great too! P. S.. .A big thanks to my sweet Mom and Sis for the package of Greek Easter bread and Greek cookies...a taste of my past was fun today!