Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bracing Ourselves For "The Big One"

Last Saturday we had what the weather folks were calling "The biggest snowfall of the season"!  Well, duh!  Since we hadn't had any snow to amount to anything it was an easy win.  Well, just to be a showoff Mother Nature is sending "The Big One" on this Saturday.   I believe ithis storm actually has a name but I don't remember what it is.  Anyway, we're ready for it.  The only kicker is I'm taking call from 7am-7pm on Saturday for a co-worker.  Figures.  Can this old lady make the trek into the hospital if called with 10-15 inches of snow predicted and 35 mile an hour winds?  Oh, and that same old dolly is also driving a mini-van.  Hmmm.  We went to the grocery store tonight since Saturday is our usual day to shop and I'm not taking any chances of not being able to get that done.   So we're set with food,  gassed up the car, plenty of wood for the wood burner when the temps drop to the bitter cold point, and a bag of peanut M&M's for survival.  Bring it on. Tonight we had snow that made it tricky.  Just take a look at how I entered the garage:
Slippery sucker!  Around 9 o'clock we heard some commotion outside.  It was a friend plowing our nice!  Jack thought he was sent by my boss to make sure I got there in the morning! Ha! (I wouldn't put it passed her!)
Arnie doesn't mind the snow.  He dives right in and makes dog snow angels!
He really did roll around in the snow and made talented!  Well, we will see if this "Big One" really happens.  I hope it's a good weekend where ever you are!  (And if you're on a beach getting a tan somewhere I really don't want to hear about it...not that I'm jealous or anything!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Grab That Snow Shovel

 I now can say our weather matches my header photo.  It's been a lovely stretch of nice weather for about a week.  It's been warm for us...50's and 60's.  No snow. I"m sure the ski resorts were unhappy. Today they got their wish.  The snow came down pretty hard this afternoon, looking blizzard like at times. But really it's only a few inches.
You'll have to click on this pic to get the full affect of the snow shower.
Here's the front of the house from my dining room window.  Hello winter, I was wondering when you'd get here. No worries....tomorrow could be 60 again! That's how we roll here in Ohio.
I can't blame this blurry shot on my camera. I was in a hurry to catch the snow accumulation on Arnie's back before he got his snack for going pee. He's not one to linger with a treat.  I guess I should be wondering why he gets a reward for doing his business outside since he does know that's where to go.  Oh well, life's short and that's especially true for dogs so go ahead Arnie and enjoy!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Year Nothingness

Contrary to what my header pic shows, we've had no snow to brag about yet.  In fact, today and yesterday were so beautiful. Sunny and 50 degrees of loveliness! Arnie and I had some nice walks, or I should say, strolls.  He's made for comfort, not speed in the dog world! But it sure was nice to get all the outside decorations down without freezing to death. Our inside decorations are down too, except for the tree. That will happen tomorrow.  Then, as my Granddaughter Lexi says, "Everything seems so empty when the Christmas decorations are gone."  I like to think of it as a blank slate...time to clean and get on with the new year.  Speaking of a clean slate...Ashland has been working on revitalizing our downtown area. Sometimes that calls for taking down old, run down buildings that are too hazardous to repair. After removing one of those buildings, some old advertising signs were found on the brick wall of the adjoining building.
Anyone remember 5 and 10 cent stores?  The real interest was the SELZ Royal Blue Shoes...I guess Queen Elizabeth bought shoes from them.  Heck, at $3.20 , so would I!  I think someone should write her and ask to send the pair back for the Historical Society museum. Just a suggestion.  On another note,  totally not relevant to anything, how are gas prices in your town?
I took this shot a few days before it actually went down to $1.78 in some places. Of course that only happens when I have a full tank of gas.  Still, it was kind of exciting anyway.  So I'll end this little post with a few shots of the day:
The creepy woods looks like a wasteland.  It was nice to take a walk up there but I didn't really find anything too interesting.
Can you see my neighbor's barn in this shot?
How about this lonely dude with his stalker wife and her camera heading back to the homestead? That's the most interesting thing today! Like the title says: New Year Nothingness! Have a good week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

I wanted to continue my tradition of a post on the first day of the new year.  I usually post on the last day of the old year but I guess it's too late now!  Anyway, I don't even have pics to post.  We did have Phil and his girls, and Jordan over for a late lunch today.  I somehow got roped into taking call  for this holiday and of course worked this morning,  so we moved lunch to 3 o'clock.  Our tradition is to have pork and sauerkraut, and black eyed peas.  So we grilled ribs and I also made sure there were other dishes to choose from since the peas aren't a huge love for all of us!  I usually bake Greek New Year's bread that contains a coin inside. Whoever finds the coin will have good luck for the year. (As long as they don't accidentally eat it! Ha!)  Well, I found a recipe for Greek New Year's cake that is baked with a coin inside. Same concept but much quicker to make!  Since I worked yesterday too it was the perfect way to continue this tradition.  Guess who won this year...again...ME!  Phil called "foul play" since I was the baker but I swear I have no idea where the coin will end up!  So I'm hoping it comes true for good luck all year.  I promise I will spread it to one and all!   I do hope it's a good year for our country and for us.  I hope good health finds everyone and the adventures that will follow in the next months will be fun and interesting.  This is a year of decision and changes for Jack and I.  Will I retire at the end of 2019?  It's been a plan but I'm a bit nervous about it.  I've worked my whole life and I've been in the operating room since I was 18 with only a few years of absence for having a kiddo. 48yrs sure flew by fast.  Jack will probably continue to work but that's his decision. I'll support whatever he wants to do.  Do we stay at the Pines?  6 acres is a lot to take care of.  Do we need such a big house for just us..and Arnie?  Can we give up the peace and quiet out here?  Well, it will be a journey for sure and in the past I've picked a phrase or a word to follow in the new year. One year I had chosen: "Just because you think it, doesn't mean you have to say it"...that didn't work too well!  This year I've chosen the word "Free".  Free from burdens, free from trying to change things I have no control over, free from being at a corporations beck and call, free to choose how to spend my day.  We'll see how this one works out!  No resolutions, just some goals that we started on last year and will try super hard to complete this year.  Looking forward to challenges that keep us active and moving forward....Happy New Year everyone! Oh wait! I found a photo moment I forgot about:
Now it's a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Spirit

All the family is home tonight after spending Christmas day with us.  It's quiet now at the Pines. I'll get ready soon for bed, not a "long winter's nap" but enough to give me energy to face work tomorrow. We  had a wonderful day with the kids and Grandkiddos.  We opened presents with gusto and laughter and many thanks to everyone.  I only have to return one gift.  Whew!  So as this Christmas day has turned to night I'm thankful for my family and the love we share.  I miss our son Craig and his family out west but talked and laughed with him and watched a video of their day.  I hope everyone had a lovely always I'll share some pics.  I'm going to share a couple of old photos from the Spirit of Christmas past anyway!
One of my favorite photos of my sister and I in matching jammies!  I remember the day it was taken and I remember that Mom made these for us.  I'm the one on the right, Midge on the between us!
I don't remember this photo being taken. I found it recently and what was surprising to me was the fact I hadn't noticed my brother Greg on the floor by the couch.  A photo bomb in it's day?! Ha!  Now for the Spirit of Christmas present:
A quiet Christmas Eve dinner for Jack and I. Our tradition is to have a breakfast for dinner meal. Last night it was french toast.  Yum!
This morning the gifts were piled high, ready for family.
The ham today was the main dish.  Thanks Jordan! (He always gets a Honey Baked Ham for the dinner...great gift!)
Phil and Rae and Lexi...such a sweet little family! The girls and I took a nice after dinner walk.  They are growing up so fast! I'm glad they still like to spend time with us!
We played a game after dinner.  The big plastic wrapped ball is full of silly and fun things but you have to throw dice, get a double, then put on oven mitts and try and unroll the plastic wrap. Everyone loved it and we had a lot of laughs and a promise to do it again next year.
Here's a couple of wild and crazy guys..Phil and Jordan...and big candy bars.
Arnie was not forgotten...Santa left a small gift.
A gift he promptly ripped up to get those squeaky things out! Along with the stuffing...but he had fun!
Merry Christmas 2018...the Spirit of Christmas yet to come hopefully will find us all together again, older, wiser, happy and healthy...Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's Back!

What's back? My camera! It's back from the camera hospital in New Jersey and working like new.  I feel like I got an old friend back again.  So here's some quick pics before retiring to bed.  I don't know about you but tomorrow is Christmas Eve and hopefully you're all ready for the big day.  I have to work tomorrow so I've been busy getting it all done...whew! I still took a minute to capture a few moments in time:
A light coating of snow on a festive barn.
My neighbors have the "real" barn I secretly...well, maybe not so secret now...covet.
Our Grandson Anthony is playing JV ball. We went to the game and was happy to cheer them on to victory!
A little action shot!
Go get 'em AJ!  Now for a final note... some Christmas cheer on the Pines:
Don't stand still around here or you'll get decorated
Have a seat by the driveway...I doubt any buses will be passing by though!
This old trailer could use a wreath...hmmmm
This sign says it all...hope he finds everyone this season...Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2018


It seems like I've been AWOL from blogging.  Like everyone, we're busy getting ready to celebrate Christmas. One of our traditions is going to Chicago and gather with family. All my siblings made it this year traveling from places near and as far away as Panama. We'll head back home tomorrow with wonderful memories and hope in our hearts to all come back next year.  As always I take pictures. My camera is still in the hospital so my phone filled in nicely.
Thankfully no illness kept anyone away...Mom looking lovely!

My neice Katie had her dining room ready. We had almost 50 attend!
Food galore 
Sweets too!
Nothing sweeter than twins!
Serious discussion?
Brother Jim hanging out with Jack
Brother Rick and my lovely sister in-law Jan.
I was there too! We'll, blogging from my phone isn't easy so I'll finish this tomorrow. I'll end with my buddy Arnie.
Happy Holidays!