Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's Summer..The Kiddo, Not The Season!

As May starts to wind down so do all our May birthdays.  The beginning of the month has Lex, then Phil, then Katie, (throw in Mother's Day), then Mom's, and last but certainly not least we have Summer's!  Whew...that's a lot of cake for one month!   Summer and her boyfriend Brett bought a house and she hosted a combo house warming and bday celebration.   Brett just graduated from Ashland University and has a job just a few minutes from this new home.  Summer is starting her senior year at the same University and also has a full-time job just 5 minutes from the new digs.  It's a tiny, cute first "starter" home.
She welcomed us in with  her usual happy, smiley face!  She's had that same sunny outlook on life since the day she was born!  I should know because I was there to see her only a few minutes after delivery.  It was nice she was born in the hospital where I work! 
The back yard is up against a nice green space with no buildings behind them so it's pretty quite and pretty to look at.
Plenty of room to gather on the deck for a cookout.
Her little rescue, Happy, seems very happy with his new place.  As long as Summer is there Happy is happy!
While everyone was gathered eating,  Cameron asked if he could give us the speech he had to do for school the next day.   So we listened to his speech he had prepared.   He had to be a famous person and talk about that person's life.  He did a great job but I really had to hold my laughter when he said he was Louis Armstrong!   No type casting here!  At the end he let out a big "OH YEAH....."  Just like Louis!  So darn cute! 
The sweet sisters!   It was great to see Driana.   She's busy with working full-time and going to LPN nursing school.   She'll graduate in July and then start the RN program in January.  You go girl! She'll make an amazing nurse!  So proud of both these girls.  Hard workers, A students, and cute as can be.
Summer and Brett...the host and hostess.   They've dated since high school and we just love Brett...he's a great guy!
This is Dri's boyfriend Ryan.   Another keeper!  He and Driana are very cute together.  He also works in a hospital in the x-ray department.  Lots of medical folks in our family!  It was a lovely evening and we made it home before the storms hit.  We've had plenty of rain this month but it can't dampen our celebrations.  Looking forward to a long weekend and plenty of outdoor work getting the gardens and house ready for Summer...the season not the kiddo!   

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Going To The Ballet

This weekend was a flurry of activity that found us getting some culture..not the yogurt kind... the ballet kind.   We also attended a wedding...no not that wedding...a more simple affair than the royal one.   Throw in a car issue that involved getting a new tire and that was the weekend in a nutshell.  Of  course I always have to snap a few photos so here goes:
The ballet was put on by the Ashland Regional Ballet and that would not be Jack's first choice on how to spend a Friday night but when it involves your Granddaughter than it's a go!
This was our Addy's first ballet recital and her part involved being a sea creature.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Seeing all the little ones as well as the more experienced dancers was more fun that we had thought it would be.  Addy just got interested in dance so at 9 she's a little later than some.  She really was excited and afterward she was beaming!  We'll see if she sticks with this but that's how you find out what you like in life and your talents.  Bravo little sea creature!
So proud of her!
Her sister, Lexi, was cheering her on.  Lex does gymnastics so it was her turn to be a spectator.  Saturday rolled around and of course we all know there was a special wedding being broadcast.   I watched part of it and it sure seemed to be a fabulous affair.  Even the weather cooperated with sun and very blue skies.  We had a wedding to attend also.  It was out in the country about an hour from home.  However, the weather was iffy.   Sun, rain, sun, rain...it wasn't quite the elaborate pomp and ceremony of the royal couple but it was enjoyed all the same.  We did get rained on but the reception was inside so that worked out OK.
Small and simple was how the couple wanted it and they seemed very happy. 
Hey, I thought Jack looked dapper enough for even a royal wedding!  Well, back to work in the AM and more fun ahead and more blog moments.  This month is flying by!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

I was trying to think of a catchy title but that was the best I could do tonight.  It was great to go and visit Mom this past weekend.   I was excited to get away for a few days and we had a nice trip even with some rainy weather.   We usually go out and visit Mom in May because her birthday is on the 17th.   Originally we planned for this coming weekend but other plans made it necessary to go for Mother's Day weekend.  And I'm glad we did!  I haven't spent that special day with Mom in a long time.  My sister and I also had a fun time.   Jack is such a good sport to put up with our craziness!   The weather was very cool and wet but that didn't dampen our spirits.  Mother's day turned out to be nice with the sun coming out and letting us enjoy some outdoor time.  My sister's kids and grandkiddos all stopped over and we had a really nice visit.  Here are some photos of the day:
We arrived Friday afternoon and had a nice time catching up with Mom.  Doesn't she look fabulous for almost (on Thursday) 92 years young?
Their church gives out roses to the women on Mother's Day and my sister was in charge of all that.   We went over to the Church on Saturday to get all the flowers ready.  Mom always does whatever she can to help.
Sunday found us color coordinated!
My sister and her kids..Amy, Bill, and Katie.   Katie had to work but took a few moments to stop by while on duty.  She's in full uniform with her bulletproof vest and all!  As usual the time flew by and we had to head out this morning.  It's so nice to go but also nice to be home again.  I'm far behind in my blog visits so I'll try and do that this week.   Jack and I worked outside as quick as we could tonight since rain is predicted for the rest of the week and the grass was in need of cutting and trimming.   I took a quick shot of some of our Dogwood trees.  They finally have bloomed and look so pretty!
Have a good week and Happy Mother's Day to all! 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Water, Water, But Not A Drop To Drink

It was one of those "interesting" weekends.  Actually the interesting part started on Thursday.   I noticed a weird smell coming from our basement.  It's a finished basement...very big and carpeted.  I went down and checked out the bathroom down there to see if that's where it was coming from.  A little later I went back down and when I entered the family room I was sloshing in water...the whole place was saturated!  I called Jack down and we couldn't believe how wet it was and of course were perplexed as to the source of the flooding.   It took Jack about a nanosecond to figure it out.  The pipe from the well that enters the house had sprung a leak.  It was leaking right above the shutoff valve so that was another problem!  So he called a plumber, turned off the power to the well pump and the next morning I called the insurance company to get a referral for someone to clean up the mess.  Goodbye carpet, hello big fans to dry out the cement floor.  Hello higher insurance rates I'm sure!  Anyway, that will be an ongoing saga so I was happy to turn our attention to family coming over on Sunday for lunch.  Jack and Evelyn and the kiddos...along with our Granddog Kip...came for a little cookout.   We're going to be at Mom's next weekend for Mother's Day so they brought me some Mother's Day gifts...beautiful flowers, a fabulous picture frame with new photos that the kids put together and a really nice surprise.  My son Jack likes wood working and he made me a lovely bench for outside.
It's so cool!  I'll find a really special place for it...come on over and sit a spell!   We had such a pretty day and the kids played outdoors with the dog.
Blossoms and super green grass!
Kip was worn out chasing the soccer ball.
He's so adorable...but he's ginormous too!  (I have to keep an eye on the food since he's as tall as the kitchen island!)
Yep, I'm sure they all slept good last night.   Later we  had a little lesson on fire building.  If you read my post on burning brush you might think I'm not too good a teacher on how to build a fire.  But I told Cameron I would show him how to start a fire with a potato chip.  He didn't believe me but after putting a match to the chip and throwing it on the pile of wood in the fire pit he was a believer.  Yep, all the grease in chips really make good fire starters!
That little chip started this pile burning and even when rain came in it kept on burning all evening!  I should have used potato chips instead of 5 gallons of gasoline a few weeks ago!  So even with the soggy mess of the basement, it was a nice weekend. 
The sky looks like it's on fire but I assure you I didn't start it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hello May....And Hello Spring..Finally!

Many folks are wandering around Ashland saying:  "Wow, I can't believe it's May already."  Of course we can't believe it's May, it's felt like January since January!    But the warm air found us and today it was 83!  Now I would like a few days of just regular Spring temps but this warm air will bring out the leaves and blossoms.
As  you can see the trees are still bare!  But hope springs eternal as some things are blooming:
Hello Magnolia!
Howdy lilac...it's about a month behind but I'll look forward to their lovely smell and pretty flowers.
I mowed for the first time this Monday.   The smell of fresh mowed grass was heavy in the air tonight as many of the neighbors were out mowing.   Very green!  Very lovely!   As I was wandering the Pines I could hear the kiddos next door laughing and having fun with their Dad.  I went to the fence to see if I could catch them and find out their new horse's name.  But all I found was their very curious Alpaca! 
He came out of the barn to see what I was up too!  He kept going back inside and then would come back out to see if I was still there.  They really are funny creatures!   The night was creeping in and as I was heading inside I saw this cool leaf on the ground.
I thought it was pretty interesting...doesn't take much to thrill me does it. 
As the daylight was ending, I took this last shot.  Not a vibrant sunset pic..just the night sky softly glowing.  I also want to take this last minute to give a final farewell to a good Doctor that I also consider a friend.  I blogged about Dr. Shikary in January of 2017 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.   He did really well and even wanted to come back to work last summer but the hospital wouldn't let him.   I saw him a few times around town and not long ago I was standing at the crosswalk by the hospital when he spotted me and stopped in the middle of the intersection waving and smiling and just wanting to say hi.  I didn't care if we held up traffic, it was just so nice to see him looking good and enjoying life.  Unfortunately this last month his health deteriorated and he passed away last night.  He will be missed by many who had the privilege of working with him over the years as well as being one of his patients who benefited from his good care.  I'm one of those people.   He was a good guy and a wonderful doctor.  I wish everyone could have known him like the staff at Samaritan did. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Don't Waste The Day

A few years ago we had a friend who passed away much too soon.  He was married to one of my friends that I grew up with and have stayed in contact with all these years.  One of his sayings was: "Don't waste the day".   I think of that often when I get a day like today.   I was offered the day off since we weren't too busy.   The last few weeks have been very  hectic at work and I was glad to have this time off.   I always feel like I should jam pack the day with tons of things so I don't feel like I wasted it away.   So I hit the ground running...after sleeping in a bit of course...and cleaned bathrooms, washed floors, laundered sheets,  cleaned up in general and then I headed for the outdoors.   It was a lovely day.  60de.,  and sunny.   But we are about a month behind this year as far as the Spring season goes.
As you can see from this shot, none of the trees are sporting leaves... not even buds!  Weird!  But there are a few signs that we may get some color soon.
The magnolia tree has buds and soon will be a delight in  pink,
My Granddaughters were over last week and picked some daffodils that didn't seem to mind the cold and off and on snow.
They found some puzzles I had picked up for them and had fun putting those together.  I gave them the flowers to take home and bring some Spring in the house!   Meanwhile, back to my non wasted day...
This pile of mulch was waiting to be spread and I spent the rest of the morning working on that little project.  After a yummy Chinese lunch with Jack, (thanks Babe!)  he went back to the office and I went back out and completed the front planting areas.   What next?  I grabbed my new bow and arrows and took off for the archery range where I played for a bit until I had to head home and make some dinner.   Whew...the day was starting to catch up with me and after dinner I took a quick little nap and then went outside and helped Jack get the mower finished.   I had picked up a part he'd been waiting for and now I'll be able to mow this weekend.   I did take a few minutes to snap a pic of our new neighbor...
Don't know much about this sweetie but he joins the Alpaca next door.  I'll have to get the scoop next time I see his owners.  So that's been my day off and now it's time to head for bed.  5:20am comes super quick and I'm on call this weekend so I'm prepared in my head to work. 
So don't waste the day...work is good but so is taking time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise or a pretty bouquet of flowers.   Hope your week ends on a good note..night all!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Last Time

For some reason this Spring has everyone really on the edge of crazy town.  Could it be the snow that fell this morning?
Here's the pic from the hospital window.  I walked in at 6:20am with the ice pelting on my face and the snow flying.   Looking back at previous years on my blog I noticed we have had snow many times in April.  However, by April 19th warm weather is usually fairly consistent.  We've had a few warm days this Spring..not many.. but a few.  But then they are chased by weeks of cold.  No flowering trees that are usually out and about by this time.  No tulips.  Daffodils that are smaller than usual.  Maybe what' really bugging folks is by this afternoon the sun was shining and my car thermometer said 48de...a heat wave!   The grass was green again and I spotted dandelions.   I will need to mow this weekend if this keeps up.   Whiplash at it's best.  Well, we're tough even though we may whine about the weather....constantly.  I'm going to say that we can  handle it one last time....as long as today is that last time...DID YOU HEAR THAT MOTHER NATURE!!!????  Not that I'm upset or anything.