Friday, March 30, 2018

Getting Ready

Easter is this weekend and we're getting ready for the kids and grandkiddos to come over.   This year we're starting earlier than usual because some of the family have to go to other relatives during the day.  So we decided on a brunch instead of a later lunch.  Anyway, every year I always make a cake that's shaped like a lamb.  It's something my Mom did every Easter.   She has a cast iron cake mold from the 40's that she got when she got married.  My sister and I always joked with her that we each wanted that lamb mold after she died.  Then we decided we would have to split it and get together every year to make cakes.  Well, my brother Phil broke that debate by giving me an antique cast iron mold just like Mom's that he found at a flea market.   So I carry on the tradition in my family.  Tonight my son Phil and his girls came for dinner and then the kids and I made a cake for them to take home.
I had it baked for them to decorate.
Addy was more interested in t he stuffed bunny I found in the closet!
They were very proud of the finished product.  After the lamb was done we decorated cupcakes too.
There was a lot of sugar going around!  We made a lovely, fun mess and everyone had fun doing it.  Plus they are big enough now to help with cleanup so it was easy peasy!  I love these girls!  When Jack saw I was blogging tonight he asked if it was all about him...of course I said it was!
This was him over the weekend doing some tree cutting and outside cleanup. We worked out there for about 4 hours.  We have lots of burning to do but it will have to wait until things dry up a bit.  Up in the woods I snapped a pic of the creek.
That snow is melted now but we're expecting a chilly Easter Sunday.   The girls were telling me about their new dresses and sandals they will be wearing.  I told them to prepare for a cold day for Easter egg hunting at the Pines and bring along some boots!  Hope your Easter is fabulous wherever you live.  If you're having warm and sunny please send it up to me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Saturday Jack couldn't resist the urge to buy a new snow shovel.  They were on sale for $4.50!  Who could pass that up?  Good thing too since it's was the first full day of Spring today and we get hit with a weather advisory...snow.   Schools closed today and driving was a pain.  It took one of our Docs 2 hours to get to the hospital this morning which delayed our start time.  I'm sure there will many accident reports in the newspaper tomorrow.   Here at the Pines...
Cold, wet, but beautifully white.
Frosting on the trees
This bird was perched on the tip top of a pine tree.  What was he looking for?
His nest perhaps?  Looks like he needs that snow shovel! 
Spring has sprung in good 'ol  Ohio...come on down the drive, we'll keep the lights on for you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Springing Forward With A Road Trip

On Friday of last week,  Jack and I took off for Chicago to visit my Mom and sister.  I just felt like I needed to go and I'm always thankful Jack is willing be go with me.  It's a long and boring ride.  I started out driving but when we stopped for a bathroom break Jack took over.  He said I was a better passenger and he was a better driver.  Wait a minute....that didn't sound right.  Anyway I think he meant that I was "chatty" and could keep him awake! (That's how I'm taking it!)  It's really only 5-1/2  hours but there's not much interesting to look at in Indiana!  We started out with snow here but Midge assured me that their weather was going to be good and she didn't lie.  We had sunshine and although it was chilly, I'll take a blue sky anytime! 
Mom was doing great, looking lovely as always. I think for 91 she looks marvelous!  When we visited in December everyone was sick and we cut our visit short.  So this was kind of a "redemption" visit I guess.   Mom,  my sis and I went early Saturday morning to a nearby mall and got some walking exercise in when all the stores were closed.  Mom did really good and I was so happy to see her enjoying the time.   Then we hit the Dunkin Donut place afterwards...oops, I guess that took away all the walking benefit! Ha!  Our next adventure had all four of us hitting a nearby resale shop.   It was so fun!  We found a few treasures.  Here's some of my sister's haul.
A cute bistro set, Easter bunnies, and the one thing she really loves are those pencils! They are super cool and she loves colored pencils.  She has a bit of artist in her!  I scored a cute bunny too and a vintage tablecloth along with a really sweet cart that I can put flowers in.  I'll blog about that one after I do some work on it.  Along with seeing Mom and Midge, Jack always pays special attention to my sister's dog, Sophie.
He takes her on walks and spends time with her and she loves him!  She wasn't feeling too great and we were a bit worried but I guess by Monday she perked up.  She was probably super tired from all the walking!  It was a nice visit and I'm so glad we went even though it was the time change weekend.  I don't mind this one as much as the Fall one. I like that it's lighter later but I can't really do much until the snow melts!  I went out this evening though and did some Robin stalking.
He found some green grass among the snow today.
Something yummy in there I'm sure!
Goodnight Mr. Robin...I do hope you are a sure sign that Spring is truly on it's way!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


This is an unusual post for pics.  That just fits the theme...not normal.  Maybe not really paranormal but this week at work has been very strange.   And it's only Wednesday!  Monday was a crazy,  wild, weird day.  That's not exactly how you want a surgical department to be.   Now, don't get me wrong, every one's surgery went fine and there are no bodies buried in the walls or anything.   But it started out with cases being canceled.  Sometimes that happens when patients get sick or their lab work is wonky.   But we had to cancel one poor guy because he was too large to fit our tables.  He wasn't too happy about that.   But the drama and confusion before hand had our heads spinning..not unlike the exorcist.  We had to close one of the OR's because the lights wouldn't work.  These are brand new, top of the line lights!  They are so bright they will burn out your retinas!  But for some reason they aren't working right.  In my room the clocks weren't working right, and when I gave a drill to the Doc during a wrist fracture it's battery was dead...after I had just checked it.  Every one who knows anything about ghosts knows they drain batteries.   Then one of the toilets in the nurses lounge over flowed...OK, that's not really paranormal but it is scary! (especially if you're in the other stall...just sayin)   Then there's the Doctors.  Holy cow, are they cranky.  We decided that they are either on a man period, or going through manapause....or if you want my opinion, they are possessed!   Then there's the missing medium size scrub pants.  Gone...almost every day! And we even installed locks on the cupboard to keep out the other departments that we thought were stealing our scrub clothes. (Of course why would a ghost need scrubs?)  Then there's the ice machine that keeps breaking.  The little lever that you push to get the ice to flow falls off.  It's been replaced, fixed, and rigged a thousand still breaks.  Speaking of breaking, on Monday when I went to the archery range my bow broke!   See what I mean... paranormal! Did I bring some bad mojo home with me?   Many hospitals will claim to be haunted. Let's face it, lots of living and dying goes on in them.  One of the buildings that our hospital owns and uses for office space has a rep for being haunted by the previous owner.  There are many weird stories from folks who have worked there.   Maybe it's just been one of those weeks where things go wrong and folks are not in good moods.  Who knows, but isn't it more fun to think it's supernatural and not because we're just off our game?  If Jack reads this I know he's shaking his head and saying what he always says when I think something is paranormal..."Yep, that would be my first guess"...Hope the rest of this week goes better and I hope where ever you are it's a very normal day!  Booooo......

Saturday, March 3, 2018


We all know there is opposition in all things....good, bad, light, dark, hot, cold, etc.  This past week was an example of that opposition.   We were very saddened by the loss of our pet but the kind words and thoughts from our friends brought comfort.   I wasn't too thrilled about my birthday this week but again the kindness of family and friends with cards, wishes, surprises and a cake at work brought a smile and a grateful heart.   Mother Nature has been giving opposition too.  We had warmth and sun and then by Friday we had rain that turned to snow and mess.  Out East it's been a nightmare and I hope all my blog buddies in the path of that Winter storm are OK.   But Spring is around the corner and I know there will be the good seasonal stuff soon.   Today my yard is a total Ying and Yang...
Pulling in the driveway will show this green side.
Look to the right and this part of the yard is totally covered in heavy wet snow.
This look from the top of the hill gives a better view. 
The beautiful blue sky and sun we had today has just about melted most of the snow but I had to click this pic of the fluffy white against that crystal blue.  If you use your imagination it could look like blossoms...or not.   Oh well, soon it will be the real thing...Ying/Yang.