Friday, March 30, 2018

Getting Ready

Easter is this weekend and we're getting ready for the kids and grandkiddos to come over.   This year we're starting earlier than usual because some of the family have to go to other relatives during the day.  So we decided on a brunch instead of a later lunch.  Anyway, every year I always make a cake that's shaped like a lamb.  It's something my Mom did every Easter.   She has a cast iron cake mold from the 40's that she got when she got married.  My sister and I always joked with her that we each wanted that lamb mold after she died.  Then we decided we would have to split it and get together every year to make cakes.  Well, my brother Phil broke that debate by giving me an antique cast iron mold just like Mom's that he found at a flea market.   So I carry on the tradition in my family.  Tonight my son Phil and his girls came for dinner and then the kids and I made a cake for them to take home.
I had it baked for them to decorate.
Addy was more interested in t he stuffed bunny I found in the closet!
They were very proud of the finished product.  After the lamb was done we decorated cupcakes too.
There was a lot of sugar going around!  We made a lovely, fun mess and everyone had fun doing it.  Plus they are big enough now to help with cleanup so it was easy peasy!  I love these girls!  When Jack saw I was blogging tonight he asked if it was all about him...of course I said it was!
This was him over the weekend doing some tree cutting and outside cleanup. We worked out there for about 4 hours.  We have lots of burning to do but it will have to wait until things dry up a bit.  Up in the woods I snapped a pic of the creek.
That snow is melted now but we're expecting a chilly Easter Sunday.   The girls were telling me about their new dresses and sandals they will be wearing.  I told them to prepare for a cold day for Easter egg hunting at the Pines and bring along some boots!  Hope your Easter is fabulous wherever you live.  If you're having warm and sunny please send it up to me!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Here in Florida the high temperature tomorrow is expected to reach 80 degrees. However there is a bitter cold snap coming on Sunday that will send the mercury plummeting to 79. :) We also have a 90% chance of rain each day, so I can't send you much "sunny" I'm afraid.

It was a pleasure to see your grandkiddos having fun at the Pines again. I remember you baking a lamb cake other years. It is wonderful that you are able to continue what has become a family tradition.

I wonder if Jack ran into you-know-who out there in the Creepy Woods. :) It won't be long now before spring gets a foothold and The Pines comes alive with warm weather activities.

I wish you and your wonderful family a happy and blessed Easter, dear friend YaYa!

joeh said...

Nice cake, love those holiday traditions.

Julia said...

Lucky you for having your very own antique lamb mold to carry on the tradition. The girls did a fantastic job on that lamb, even the pretty bow around the neck adds a special touch. I think they will be good cooks just like you. I wonder what happened to my mother in law's lamb mold. She had one just like that ages ago. She passed away 28 years ago.

It's beginning to look like spring and the snow is going down but it's cool and windy this morning. The Easter bunny better have his winter coat on.
Happy Easter and have fun with the egg hunt.
Hugs, Julia

Kay G. said...

I truly love that Lamb cake that you make! And I love that your brother found the mold for you just like your mother's! (Was it your brother? Gee, my mind is a sieve, can't remember what you wrote! HA!)
Happy Easter!

gin said...

Such a sweet brother you have to be on the lookout for another lamb mold. The girls are beautiful. I know you love having them over. Hope your snow melts away for good so you can have springtime!!!!