Saturday, March 3, 2018


We all know there is opposition in all things....good, bad, light, dark, hot, cold, etc.  This past week was an example of that opposition.   We were very saddened by the loss of our pet but the kind words and thoughts from our friends brought comfort.   I wasn't too thrilled about my birthday this week but again the kindness of family and friends with cards, wishes, surprises and a cake at work brought a smile and a grateful heart.   Mother Nature has been giving opposition too.  We had warmth and sun and then by Friday we had rain that turned to snow and mess.  Out East it's been a nightmare and I hope all my blog buddies in the path of that Winter storm are OK.   But Spring is around the corner and I know there will be the good seasonal stuff soon.   Today my yard is a total Ying and Yang...
Pulling in the driveway will show this green side.
Look to the right and this part of the yard is totally covered in heavy wet snow.
This look from the top of the hill gives a better view. 
The beautiful blue sky and sun we had today has just about melted most of the snow but I had to click this pic of the fluffy white against that crystal blue.  If you use your imagination it could look like blossoms...or not.   Oh well, soon it will be the real thing...Ying/Yang.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I am very happy to know that you got through a stressful, emotional week made even more so by fickle weather, and that you did it with a little help from your friends and family. Those are amazing pictures showing the snowy areas that remain in the shade most of the day and the exposed portions of your property where the sun did its job and melted the snow. It won't be long now before winter loses it grip entirely. Down here we have already conceded that winter has retreated for the year. We had a nice cooler day yesterday and it was refreshing, but we are low on moisture and could use some rain.

Thank you for the update as you look back on your challenging week, dear friend YaYa. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Kay G. said...

Light and darkness, makes such a difference! We should apply this to our lives also!
So glad that your family and friends have helped you through a tough time. God bless you! xx

acorn hollow said...

I think that is why I will never live in a warm climate. I complain about the long winter but feel amazing when spring finally comes I appreciate it more I believe.

Z said...

I'm just a few months behind you, I'll be 65 in September. So sorry about your lovely dog, Yaya. We've had more snow this past week than for the last seven or eight years, local schools closed for four days and even main roads were blocked. But it's warmed up and now it's raining, so spring will be here any day.

Julia said...

As long as you feel young, 65 isn't bad at all.
I love that Ying Yang picture of your yard. You still have much less snow than we have here in New Brunswick. The snow banks are still high in some places.
Hugs, Julia

selvageedge said...

I love the contrast photo showing half of your yard in winter and half in spring. Both are beautiful seasons in their own way. I have had such fun this winter playing in the snow with my kiddos, but the warm days are lovely too. Of course it seems that we are getting lots of true spring weather--rain, rain, rain!

gin said...

Yes life goes on after a saddened loss of our fur-family and we are thankful fir the start another year of life after a birthday. And you are an example of both to us. The green grass and snow picture fits right in with your creepy woods. It is kinda creepy looking. But, the snow piled tree against the blue sky is rather nice looking, not creepy at all. I did first see it as spring blossoms on the tree as you said. Daylight savings time changes next week, so we all should be well on our to spring.