Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Springing Forward With A Road Trip

On Friday of last week,  Jack and I took off for Chicago to visit my Mom and sister.  I just felt like I needed to go and I'm always thankful Jack is willing be go with me.  It's a long and boring ride.  I started out driving but when we stopped for a bathroom break Jack took over.  He said I was a better passenger and he was a better driver.  Wait a minute....that didn't sound right.  Anyway I think he meant that I was "chatty" and could keep him awake! (That's how I'm taking it!)  It's really only 5-1/2  hours but there's not much interesting to look at in Indiana!  We started out with snow here but Midge assured me that their weather was going to be good and she didn't lie.  We had sunshine and although it was chilly, I'll take a blue sky anytime! 
Mom was doing great, looking lovely as always. I think for 91 she looks marvelous!  When we visited in December everyone was sick and we cut our visit short.  So this was kind of a "redemption" visit I guess.   Mom,  my sis and I went early Saturday morning to a nearby mall and got some walking exercise in when all the stores were closed.  Mom did really good and I was so happy to see her enjoying the time.   Then we hit the Dunkin Donut place afterwards...oops, I guess that took away all the walking benefit! Ha!  Our next adventure had all four of us hitting a nearby resale shop.   It was so fun!  We found a few treasures.  Here's some of my sister's haul.
A cute bistro set, Easter bunnies, and the one thing she really loves are those pencils! They are super cool and she loves colored pencils.  She has a bit of artist in her!  I scored a cute bunny too and a vintage tablecloth along with a really sweet cart that I can put flowers in.  I'll blog about that one after I do some work on it.  Along with seeing Mom and Midge, Jack always pays special attention to my sister's dog, Sophie.
He takes her on walks and spends time with her and she loves him!  She wasn't feeling too great and we were a bit worried but I guess by Monday she perked up.  She was probably super tired from all the walking!  It was a nice visit and I'm so glad we went even though it was the time change weekend.  I don't mind this one as much as the Fall one. I like that it's lighter later but I can't really do much until the snow melts!  I went out this evening though and did some Robin stalking.
He found some green grass among the snow today.
Something yummy in there I'm sure!
Goodnight Mr. Robin...I do hope you are a sure sign that Spring is truly on it's way!


joeh said...

THe robin is a good sign.

acorn hollow said...

So wonderful you got to see your mom. It sounds like a fun time.
Jack must be missing your dog.
I haven't seen a robin yet but I have seen more snow than I care to tell.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I am happy to know you made another successful wintertime trip to Chicago to see your mother and sister. You and Jack were lucky to have found a window of opportunity to go and fair weather for your journey over and back. You guys sound like me and Mrs. Shady. When I drive she complains that I drive too slowly and cautiously. When she drives it's always a "white knuckle flight" - a thrill ride with too many close calls. You're darn right. Your mother looks great for 91. I am very pleased to see a picture of her and to know that she bounced back from the illness that put a damper on your holiday visit.

Shopping at resale stores is fun, and you and your sister brought home some treasures. That's a mighty handsome bistro set and those bunnies remind us that Easter is fast approaching, and that's no April Fools' joke. Then of course, there's Mr. Robin to remind us that spring is also on the way. Get the pool ready!

If I had gone along with you to Chicago I'd have been outside with Jack enjoying the cold, crisp air and walking Sophie. I'll bet Jack gave Sophie extra attention because he misses Chubbs and Eddy.

Thank you for reporting on your latest trip to see your mother and sis, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Julia said...

Yaya, your mom looks fantastic and I'm so glad that you went to visit her. I'm sure your sister and your mom were very grateful for the visit. I love going to the second-hand stores. You never know what treasures you can find for very little money. Your sister did very well. I love the bistro set and the bunny.

I'm sure you both miss the dog. It's good that Jack could spend some time with Sophie.

I'm still waiting for my first robin to make my wish. It's been storming here last night and it's still snowing this morning. We had high winds but it a bit calmer now.
Take care sweet friend. I hope the hospital ghost have calmed down by now.
Hugs, Julia

gin said...

I love seeing your mom in pictures and updates on her. She looks wonderful! That treasure shopping is right up my ally. What cute things y'all got. Spring is almost here!!!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

How lovely to see a robin! Even if it is only in photos! I can't wait for them to show up here again, but that might be a while as we are under a lot of snow, and more is on the way!

Have a lovely weekend,