Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hello Ashland

When I'm on call it's one of the few times I'm happy to say bye-bye to the weekend.  Not really wanting to alert the gods of call, I will say it hasn't been super bad.  I'm hoping to get through the night and start a new week.  It's Ashland County Fair week.  That always calls the end to summer and ushers in Fall...and I'm ready for that change.  I'm not sure if we'll go to the fair since I didn't put any photos in this year.  Maybe next year if I feel I have any winners!  I think I'm going to post a few pics I took the other day while walking Arnie at Brookside park.   We're lucky to have some really nice parks here and they are very well maintained and I have lots of good memories of spending time with my boys here.   Arnie and I took off at a part of the park I hadn't been too in a while.
This side is near the city golf course and the town creek winds through it under cute little bridges.
Of course Arnie can't resist a quick swim!
The shuffle board courts were empty.  Not sure how busy they get but I don't think they would keep them if they weren't used.
This little red barn building was a favorite spot to visit.  You can get a really delish icecream cone here and when the boys were little they could get penny candy here too.   A quarter got you a nice bag full!  Since I haven't been here in a bit, not sure if that's still the case.  Guess I need to visit it before the end of the month when it closes.
This interested me.  I wasn't sure what it was at first.  Upon closer inspection I was pleased with what I found.
Free books!  Take one and return one.  Great for kiddos!  I noticed today that the park closer to us had one too.  I think this must be something new.   Great idea to encourage reading.  I know I've posted about our town on many occasions.  It's getting a revival in many ways.  The downtown is trying to draw in new business and has many activities to bring folks out to enjoy what's here.  Car shows, farm to table meals on main street, movie nights and more.  I found this video that was made for the Chamber of Commerce about Ashland and liked it.  I don't post videos since I make my blog into a book at the end of the year, but I'm going to give this a try.  If it works I hope any who sees it enjoys what makes Ashland "Someplace Special". 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Do You Remember What You Were Doing?

For some reason I felt I should write something about 9/11.  I ask the question "Do you remember what you were doing on that day?"  I'm sure many of us do remember.   Those times in life when tragedy strikes leaves impressions and feelings that just become part of  our forever memories.  We had just moved into this house on September 8th.  I was working 4 10hr shifts and had Tuesdays off.  It was the most beautiful day.  The sky was so brilliantly blue and the air was cool after a super hot weekend of moving. I was sitting in the kitchen with a friend from church when my daughter-in-law called and told me to turn on the TV because something was happening in New York City.   My friend, Gayle, and I had to go to our family room in the basement because it was the only TV we had hooked to cable.  We sat in total shock and watched what was happening, not really understanding how it could be happening.  Then the second plane hit and we knew our country was being attacked.  We knelt and prayed at the very moment.   My first thought was one of horror and I realized all the first responders will be running into those buildings.  I work in that atmosphere of feeling the need to do whatever you can to save somebody.   Yep, I will never forget the images of that day, how I felt, how the day looked and how I also felt for many months afterwards.   Today I again watched on TV the images and sounds of that day.  We now have faces and names attached to victims and also know the how and the why of the events.   It's been 17 years.   For the families who lost loved ones, it probably feels like it could have been today.  They will never forget.  We must not forget either.  That's all I wanted to say today.   Let's not forget.  God bless America.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Do We Need An Ark?

I'm not one who hates the rain.  I welcome it's refreshing coolness after last weeks blistering hot and humid days.  However, it's been raining pretty much straight for the past few days thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Gordon.  The temps were only in the 60's today...ahhh, love it.   I think the end is near and it came down gently and not torrential downpours.  So our grass is super green and growing as I type this! My tomato plants are nearing their end but the peppers seem to be growing forever...and that's OK.  We've been working on our projects and I blogged about the outbuilding progress.  We went from this:
To this:
To this:
Here's the inside version:
Hello space! Hello space for more junk!  Not really.  I joked that we had to get an outbuilding so we could downsize!  The gator, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and all other odds and ends will get out of the garage along with some other real "junk" that will make room for Jack's car.   Look out trash people...we're downsizing!   So what else has been going on?  Well, our apple tree was ready to be picked so I combined our apples with the orchard's and made some applesauce.  I bought an electric canner and I love it!
It doesn't do a ton of jars at a time but we're not canning for an army.  Last week I had Tuesday off.  It was super hot and humid so Arnie and I took our walk early.  We went to the park and it was deserted! With school back in all the kiddos were gone...just peace and quiet!

The pool was empty.  The grounds keepers were taking down the diving boards and getting it all buttoned up for Winter.
Playground empty.
The bandshell waiting for next years' free concerts on those Summer Thursday and Sunday nights.
Sorry music today!
Proof that Fall is only a few weeks away.  The picnic tables are just collecting falling leaves.  Have a good week.
 Night all.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

Today Jack and I celebrate 44 years of marriage.  Whew, that flew by!   I put in for a vacation day today many months ago and I'm really glad I did.  We had good friends invite us to their daughter's wedding at the Columbus Temple this morning.  It was a beautiful day and we connected with some friends we hadn't seen in a while.  The young bride is a someone I've known since the instant she was born.  In fact, I joked that I got to see her before her parents since I was the scrub nurse on her c-section!   We are very happy to share our anniversary with Elyse and Adam.
Best of luck to you both! 
Happy Anniversary Jack! Love you!
The roses are beautiful too! Although life isn't always a bed of roses, it's an adventure to embrace...
We didn't have a clue what adventures were ahead when we waved goodbye in this photo...and we still don't have a clue!  Happy Anniversary to us!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Birthday And Dog Day

Yesterday was Jack's big we're the same age! He thinks that's why I feel the need to post on Facebook and the blog about his birthday.  Not true! OK, maybe a bit true but everyone should celebrate their birthday.   If nothing else it's a great excuse to eat cake!  And we did!  The kids came over yesterday and we had a little pizza birthday party with Texas sheet cake and icecream to follow.  So where are the pics?  Yep, I totally forgot to take any.  I'm slipping a bit in my photo responsibilities.   I made Jack's favorite meal today and he made sure I took a shot of that:
Some shrimp creole anyone?  It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself.
Blueberry pie from Jack's blueberries bushes.  He says they're my bushes too but he's the one who takes care of them and has nursed them along these past years.  They are finally bearing fruit...enough for some pies anyway!  (Oops...the edges are a bit dark but it tasted good anyway!)   It's always fun to have the guys here and listen to their funny stories and just sit around enjoying the time.  We wish Craig could be here too but we'll be seeing him and his family in October.   So a big Happy Birthday Jack!  Welcome to Medicare!   Now on to the "Dog Day" part.   It's National Dog Day today so I found some photos of our pups over the years. 
Ferris the wonder dog....Jordan and I picked him out at the pound.   Jordan was 3yrs old and Ferris was 3 months old.  Jordan named him and that sweet guy lived with us for 15 years.  He passed away in 2002 after we moved to the Pines.   Lots of good memories of him. 
I found this pic of my Mom and Ferris.  She was here for Christmas in 1988..30 yrs ago.  She was 62..time has flown by.
Jordan's dog, Eddy, who passed away 2 years ago will always have a special part of our heart.  He lived here with Jord for 5 years.  We hadn't had a dog in a while and he was a fun guy to get us back into the dog mode.  We miss you Eddy!
My favorite pic of Chubbs...the kindest dog ever.  I still miss him so much.  He was a senior rescue and I'm so glad we took the chance on him.  He didn't live here long but he'll never be forgotten.  Love you Chubbie!
Now we have Arnie...another rescue, only a bit younger than our Chubbs was.  So we hope he's here for a long time.  He's a character with his own mind about life.   We're still getting to know his quirks and find fun things almost every day about him.  He and I walk daily in the parks or the cemetery.  He loves car rides and french fries!  Oh, and sleeping...he's a great sleeper! 
Granddog Kip is a frequent visitor.  He's so sweet and a big stuffed toy!  He would so much love it if Arnie would just give him a chance to be friends....but Arnie doesn't care for big dogs.   Kip tries to be nice but Arnie just growls at him if he gets too close.  Hopefully over  time Arnie will get better with him.
Happy is Summer's dog and also a rescue from a puppy mill. He and Arnie get along fine but Happy doesn't like to be too far from Summer.  So those are the pups in our life..past and present.  I know many of my blog buddies have dogs so I wish them all Happy Dog Day! 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

One Project At A Time

Do you ever have moments when you wonder if you're losing it?   I saw this saying on Facebook: "I'd be a Genius if it wasn't for all the stupid sh## I do. "   I was visiting my blog buddies today and while sitting here looking at pretty photos posted,  I really admired this particular one...only to realize I was looking at my own header for my blog....yep, a freaking genius...Anyway, I'll blame it on this week at work.   Sometimes it's just so nutty.  However, we manage to get our work done and done well.  That's when I really believe in a higher power.  Speaking of power.   We're slogging through projects here at the Pines.  One biggie is getting a new out building.   We picked out the one we want and the Amish gentleman that's building it has it all finished.  But where it's going to sit has to be prepared.  That means this:
Jack had to go and get a skid loader from the rental place.  The guy asked if he knew how to operate it.   Jack said a big "NO" but qualified it by saying he has someone who does know how that's coming to run it.  I'm sure the sales dude sighed a big one of relief.  Heck, we don't even own the big red truck to pull it!  (Thanks Derrick for loaning it to us!  You're lucky we returned it! It's pretty awesome) 
This is the spot where our little pool sat and now it's going to be the spot for our building.
Bye Bye pool site...hello big dirt site.   Soon I'll post pics of the new building once all is done.  (God willing and the creek don't rise)
Arnie was very interested in the whole thing.  Speaking of Arnie...
He got a new hair cut.  After his first groom job it looked like he was sporting a doggy mullet.  So now all his hair is short and I'm liking it so much better...he looks much younger.  I may go to his groomer.
I've been using my cucumbers for pickles this year.  I made a batch earlier and just tried them and I have to say they are pretty good for a beginner.   To end my post I'm going to post some work photos I took last week.  I've started to get a batch of new pics done so I can put together another work video to show before I retire.  Not leaving for another year...maybe is unpredictable!
So much stuff in the room, but the OR tables give us the most headaches.  They are all heavy to move, have to be taken apart for different surgeries and patients always complain how narrow they are.  Well, let's face it...the tables have to be narrow so we can reach across them while working but also patients have been getting wider over  the years.  We have weight limits too.  A few weeks ago we had to cancel a case because our table only could hold up to 500lbs.   We did find one later that went up to 1000lbs so he was done at another time. 
My "mayo stand", there's no mayonnaise served here!  Just all my instruments needed for a hernia operation.
My "back table".  It holds all the other things that I might need.  There's way more instruments in a set than we'd ever really use...but you never is unpredictable..Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

On The Road Again

We hit the highway for a trip to visit Mom and Midge this past weekend.  Arnold made his first car trip with us and did great. He loves to ride anywhere in a car.  The only thing that had him bummed was having to sit in the back instead of riding shotgun...but he got over it!   We usually make a trip to visit in August but typically it's at the end of the month. With Mom having some health issues this summer I decided I needed to go and see her. 
She's doing good and enjoys sitting on her pretty deck.
We sat outside for breakfast on Saturday.  It was hot this weekend but there was always a nice breeze in this "windy city".   I noticed that many new families are moving into the neighborhood. My Mom's lived here for over 60 years.  I believe she's one of the oldest living residents and one of the originals to this suburb.  I'm happy to see that young families with kids have bought the cute cape cod homes that dot the streets.  Some have enlarged them but some have stayed the same.  Not everyone wants or needs some of the huge homes that are built today.  How did we ever survive without media rooms, walk-in closets, workout areas and kitchens big enough to roller skate in?  It was fun seeing family and hanging out with my nieces, nephew, and all their kiddos.
Here's a few of the hooligans that greeted me! Parker, Conner, and Ella (bean).   On a previous visit we found a really cool resale shop and just had to make a quick visit this time.  Never know when a bargain will grab you!
Walking in the door Midge spotted this beauty.  Both of us had a fun ride around the old neighborhood.  Boy, did that bring back memories of my childhood.  I spent tons of time circling the block in the old days.  However, I usually had my brother's leftover bikes to ride, not anything this cute! I was surprised happy to see I could still make it up the hill and around the block and live to tell the tale!
I knew Jack needed these letters for his home office space we're making downstairs.  These were the only letters left on the wall so I knew it was meant to be.
I thought these would be perfect in our upstairs bathroom and our masterbath.  Both baths are getting a makeover so I think towels will look good hanging on these "can't live without" finds. 
Happy Halloween anyone?  Jack brought my attention to this number.  I found out today it also lights up!  Now my life is complete...Not to be out done, Jack spotted another great find that is now hanging in the kitchen.
Yep, everyone needs a clock that looks like a piece of toast!  Oh well, one man's junk is another man's treasure.  Last but not least is an item that will make everyone happy they don't live with me!
Hey, just talk to the hand....another Halloween gem that will show up in a few months on a blog post about my decorations for this holiday.  Go ahead, I know you want to say it...Yes, I'm weird.  So I'll move on to the final part of  the weekend.  Yesterday my Grandson Cameron turned 11 years old....whew, time has flown!  He wanted a fish fry for his dinner so we met out at his Mom's place for a celebration.
He grabbed Arnie for a ride with his sister, Summer, and his cousins who came up from Columbus to visit.
Opening gifts in a silly hat!
Blowing out the candles on his cake choice..cheesecake!   Happy Birthday Cam-Man! It was a nice way to end a long weekend.  Back to reality today with work and getting caught up on what's happening at home.  Summer is flying by.  I'm over the heat and humidity we've had this year and will welcome some cooler weather.  It will be here before we know it so I'd better just quit complaining and enjoy the days we have now.   Have a good week everyone!