Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Grand Finale

October is quickly coming to a close and it's been a month that has just flown by.  I find myself saying that about every month this year!  The leaves have been slow to change and this past week was probably the big finale for them.   It was also our family gathering for Halloween that started on Thursday with trick or treat in Ashland.  The city always has it the Thursday before Halloween.  I really don't know why but it was at least nice weather for the kiddlets.
Addy and Lex (in a monkey suit) were dressed and ready for the big hour...the city allows only 1 hour but that's really plenty of time to gather treats.
Here's the real monkey inside the monkey! Nice costume Lexi Lou!
Off they went down the leaf lined sidewalks....a fun time for everyone.  On Saturday all the kids and parents came for a small party with big eats!
The menu had everything from skeleton legs to witch's toes!  Yum!
Careful what you might just be "blood" filled!
Witch hats were provided for the's our little witch Addy with PawPaw.
I spooked up our basement family room with some surprises that went bump in the night!
A cousin moment...I still can't get over how tall our Anthony has gotten...whew!
A favorite of mine to make...bat ice "scream" sandwiches were a hit.
It was time to head for home but Lex had already collapsed with her boots on!  It was a very cool...I might even say the word "cold" day.  We had snow in the morning! Yes, I wrote the "S" word!  Big fat flakes that did not stick to the ground but I think it could be considered the first snow this season.  All my flowers were frost bit except these that I cut on Thursday:
The last long till Summer!  So long's was a grand finale this weekend and today I stayed inside, read a book and had some hot cocoa....perfect ending to a fun weekend!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Home Again

We left Friday morning for a quick trip to Chicago to see Mom and Midge.  The weather was really nice until Sunday when the rains came, but we still managed to have a good time!  Midge has been trying to sell her home since July.  No nibbles or anything and frankly she has been pretty confused as to why it wasn't selling since many homes priced higher and not done as nicely as hers have sold quicker.  Anyway, I assured her we would get it sold this weekend.
So Midge, Mom and I put on our witches thinking caps and came up with a plan.  It involved some staging,  cookie making, and just plain old magic.  Open house on Sunday went well and as of this morning her house was sold...yep, never underestimate the power of a pointy hat!
Saturday all of us went to the cute little town of Geneva, Illinois to enjoy the beautiful day and really nice shops.   However, the first place we stopped at was a resale shop in an old church.  We all found some goodies we couldn't pass up but my real find was a crock pot just like the one I got when Jack and I were married 43 years ago!  Exactly the same!
I used my crock pot for all those years and even did a blog post about it when it finally died because I was so sad.  Then I spotted this and couldn't believe my luck! New crock pots heat way too high but this one always cooked perfectly and tomorrow I'll be trying it out.  It even had the cookbook with it!  Doesn't take much to make me happy!   We enjoyed the day and had a lovely lunch at a place called "The Seven Dwarfs".   Not sure why it had that name but the service was great, the food was really good...homemade soup to die for...and good prices.  Not a dwarf or Snow White in sight but I think we'll go back there again.  Basically we were just going to visit my Mom and Jack always brings some of his therapy equipment and gives her some good Chiropractic treatment. 
I think for 91 years young she looks great but she was saying that it's hard not to be able to do what she did years ago.  She said "I'm just not the same person I once was"   Boy do I get that.  Aging isn't for the weak and it's frustrating to not be able to hear so great, or walk too fast, or  having to use a walker if you're going to be out for a longer stroll, or remember everything.  I felt bad that there was really nothing to do to help all that but hopefully we'll have her with us for many more years and they will be years she'll also enjoy, not just endure.  There was a time when Mom, Midge and I would stay up all hours talking and laughing.  Now we're lucky to hit 10 pm but we still managed to laugh a lot and reminisce about our childhood and our family times.  It was a good visit and today we headed out in the rainy morning and had the rain follow us all the way home.  It's good to be home again but it's hard to say goodbye.  Take care Mommo, we love you!  See you soon!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Slogging Through Blogging

My blogging has been a bit slow these days.  It's not that I'm not busy doing "things", but I'm not doing anything that's much worth blogging about.  Since I'm trying to use this as a journal of sorts I feel the need to check in every now and then.  So here I am, checking in as I'm getting ready to check out...of Ashland I mean!  We're heading to Chicago tomorrow to see my Momma and Sis and enjoy this lovely Fall weather we've been having. 
This may say the witch is in but I'm truly almost out!
Chubbs is duded up ready to go too.  Ok, I apologized for the ridiculous  tie getup on Saturday when he came out of the groomers with this around his neck.  Just check out his expression!  Sorry Chubbs, but you do smell lovely...Booberry was the fragrance of the week!
Made some monster munch to take along....gotta have the right car snacks..
See ya later with, hopefully, some better blog news and pics!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's That Time Of Year!

Ralph and I would like to welcome you to Whispering Pines at Halloween time! Beware, you never know what you may find....
Tucked in the kitchen fireplace are some friends who don't need a fire to light up their life!
Careful in the dining room...she's just waiting to cast a spell on you!
Yumm...a snack anyone?
The book shelves are filled with the latest novels..and some "witchy" tales!
Careful where you park, you don't want to be "Toad"...
Stop and pay your respects at the Lost Souls Cemetery...not hard to find, it's "DEAD" ahead...hehehe...
Sometimes a spell can backfire..ooopsss
Yep, it's that time of year! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

9 Is Fine!

Today was our Granddaughter Addy's birthday...a big 9 years old!  A party was planned and everything went according to that plan...lots of food, games, friends, and a very happy birthday girl! Happy birthday Rae Rae ( Everyone calls her that)!  Welcome to the carnival of fun:
You need a ring master to get everyone ready for the festivities.
A giant tiger to jump in will keep the kiddos busy and tired.
The guest of honor! Addy Rae!
Some friends to help celebrate.
Presents to open!
Throw in some cotton candy and it's a party! Poor Phil was covered in spun sugar...he's already too sweet!
Blow out the candles and eat some yummy cake.
My Daughter-in-law, Evelyn helped Jack with the popcorn.
View from top of the hill.  There was tons of food...corn dogs, walking tacos, hot dogs, cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese,  just to name a few of the treats.  Fun was had by all and the birthday girl declared it the best party ever!  I kept thinking..."What ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey and some plain old cake and ice cream?"   Oh well, the weather was perfect and everyone had fun so I guess you can call this "Mission completed!"  Happy Birthday Addy girl! We love you!