Sunday, October 1, 2017

9 Is Fine!

Today was our Granddaughter Addy's birthday...a big 9 years old!  A party was planned and everything went according to that plan...lots of food, games, friends, and a very happy birthday girl! Happy birthday Rae Rae ( Everyone calls her that)!  Welcome to the carnival of fun:
You need a ring master to get everyone ready for the festivities.
A giant tiger to jump in will keep the kiddos busy and tired.
The guest of honor! Addy Rae!
Some friends to help celebrate.
Presents to open!
Throw in some cotton candy and it's a party! Poor Phil was covered in spun sugar...he's already too sweet!
Blow out the candles and eat some yummy cake.
My Daughter-in-law, Evelyn helped Jack with the popcorn.
View from top of the hill.  There was tons of food...corn dogs, walking tacos, hot dogs, cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese,  just to name a few of the treats.  Fun was had by all and the birthday girl declared it the best party ever!  I kept thinking..."What ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey and some plain old cake and ice cream?"   Oh well, the weather was perfect and everyone had fun so I guess you can call this "Mission completed!"  Happy Birthday Addy girl! We love you!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

First of all I admire the colorful fall leaves on display in your header.

Secondly happy happy happy birthday to grandkiddo Addy aka Rae Rae! I think she was only five years old when I started following Whispering Pines. It has been a joy to watch her grow and change over the years. I'm happy to learn that Addy considers this party the best ever. In years past, my good buddy Eddy would have spent the day working the crowd looking for food droppings. I hope Chubbsie was on hand to keep that tradition alive. If not, I hope the Yeti stepped up to the plate. It is also nice to see Evelyn again. It has been awhile.

Once again happy birthday to Addy and may this year be her best one yet. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

happy birthday! oh how they grow so fast.
looks like it was lots of bouncy fun

betty said...

Happy birthday Addy! Party looked like so much fun! Glad the weather cooperative so everyone could have a delightful time!


gin said...

Happy Birthday Rae Rae ! Love the party theme!' Looked like a beautiful day for the birthday girl.

Munir said...

Happy Birthday to Addy . God bless her an may all her dreams come true . Thanks for sharing wonderful pictures .