Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Grand Finale

October is quickly coming to a close and it's been a month that has just flown by.  I find myself saying that about every month this year!  The leaves have been slow to change and this past week was probably the big finale for them.   It was also our family gathering for Halloween that started on Thursday with trick or treat in Ashland.  The city always has it the Thursday before Halloween.  I really don't know why but it was at least nice weather for the kiddlets.
Addy and Lex (in a monkey suit) were dressed and ready for the big hour...the city allows only 1 hour but that's really plenty of time to gather treats.
Here's the real monkey inside the monkey! Nice costume Lexi Lou!
Off they went down the leaf lined sidewalks....a fun time for everyone.  On Saturday all the kids and parents came for a small party with big eats!
The menu had everything from skeleton legs to witch's toes!  Yum!
Careful what you might just be "blood" filled!
Witch hats were provided for the's our little witch Addy with PawPaw.
I spooked up our basement family room with some surprises that went bump in the night!
A cousin moment...I still can't get over how tall our Anthony has gotten...whew!
A favorite of mine to make...bat ice "scream" sandwiches were a hit.
It was time to head for home but Lex had already collapsed with her boots on!  It was a very cool...I might even say the word "cold" day.  We had snow in the morning! Yes, I wrote the "S" word!  Big fat flakes that did not stick to the ground but I think it could be considered the first snow this season.  All my flowers were frost bit except these that I cut on Thursday:
The last long till Summer!  So long's was a grand finale this weekend and today I stayed inside, read a book and had some hot cocoa....perfect ending to a fun weekend!


Julia said...

Your Halloween family party sounds like fun, especially those bat ice cream sandwiches. Halloween is very low key here at our house since we don't get kids coming to the doors in our neighbourhood anymore. It's an older neighbourhood.

Wow, you already got a taste of snow? I bet the kids were happy.
I'm not looking forward to snow at all.
Take care and stay happy.
Hugs, Julia

jmac said...

The lights in your tree are just me some ideas....hmmmmm!!
Great party!

Kay G. said...

Wait, I am moving to your town! You have Halloween the week before AND you only allow the kids to treat or treat for one hour? That's great! Last year, we had teenagers ringing our doorbell after 10PM and our lights were completely out! (They were so tall, I wondered if it was treat or treat or if we were being robbed. LOL!)
Anyway, love your post with happy kids! Stay warm! xx

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

What a spooktacular header you've got there! Yessum, another month has zipped by and soon we will be celebrating the grand finale of 2017. Seeing how Anthony has shot up reminds us how quickly the time passes, turning grandkiddos into young adults. That's quite a monkey suit Lexie had on. My dad always used to refer to a regular business suit as a "monkey suit." Your menu has my mouth watering. I'll have a couple of devil's eyes and some of that wormy mac & cheese, pleeze. It was a pleasure to see Addy and Lexie and Cam and Anthony again. It's sad to see the last hydrangeas of summer harvested and to know that the snowflakes are already starting to fall in Ohio, Ashland, but, before you know it, spring will have sprung and a new crop will be coming on strong.

Thank you for showing us your Halloween 2017 highlights, dear friend YaYa. Have a wonderful week!

gin said...

You are an awesome party planner! I love it all - the menu, bat scream sandwiches, the basement scary thing. And then you add snow flakes to bring on Christmas. You're good!

betty said...

It did sound like a fun weekend and a great party for you and your family! So true that October has sped by! Where does the time go?


acorn hollow said...

We are still pretty warm had a horrid wind storm so we are all without power. Trick or treat is Tuesday here we usually go with Sweet B but if we have no power we will head to a hotel for a shower and some warm food
Your kiddo's must love coming to your spooky house for their party.

John Edwards said...

Like you, I think every month is zipping ast so quickly. Your Halloween celebrations looked great, especially the bat sandwiches and, of course, the smiling faces.

Rick Watson said...

Note to self: Must try Skelton legs next year :)