Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get A Life

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she said that she had just read my blog posts for this month....she said: "You need to get out more".  Yep,  I know the pickins has been slim.  I've resorted to photos of blurry deer and flowers.  I then had to confess that yesterday I also had just taken a bunch of pics of a bird eating seeds off the little pinecone feeder that Addy had made for me for Christmas.
Chubby little guy has stripped it clean.
Here his beak is covered with snow....maybe it's a she?  Of course I could show the pics of all the snow we were given from Mother Nature....or perhaps it was Old Man Winter who left it:
Back deck is loaded.
Haven't even bothered shoveling the front steps. Come through the garage if you're planning to stop over.  So if I'm not shooting the weather or fowls,  I have to resort to food...
Fruit pizza I made last week.  Atleast it has color!  There has been the opportunity to throw in a Grandkiddo shot:
Addy  had cheerleading for the little kids basketball games...she loves her outfit! Yes, Midge is right...I do need to get a life.  Until I'm out and about in a more active way I guess I'll have to keep posting from the Pines with pics from the computer room window:
Or some artsy shot through the front door wreath:
Hey, maybe by Valentines day I'll have found that life! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

YaYa Here!

It's been a while since I've posted..I don't usually let things go by this long.  I guess I figured I really didn't have a ton to blog about.  So I had to get my thinking cap on and look back to see where I was and where I'm going.  I've spent much time with ice and the recliner which sits by the large slider in the living room.  I saw this big gal lurking up at the Creepy Woods looking for some snacks.
These are some of the things I'll see being home during the day....so exciting...yawn.
Looks like she found a few goodies.  My days have been filled with exercises and trips to physical therapy.  I'm doing fine in that area.  I can walk without the cane most places but I still take it with me to the store or any outing...which hasn't been much more than the store! Today I did go to Church...and man I was exhausted the rest of the day.  I couldn't even put together a meal that was worth eating...I ended up throwing away a casserole that just didn't turn out right.  I decided it was time to give it up and retreat back to the recliner! However, I did do something I probably shouldn't have done. I know you won't tell...right? I drove my car on Saturday.  Just a little test run to see if I could....piece of cake!  I remember asking Dr. B how long I had to wait to drive. His answer was: "I have to tell you 4 weeks...(pause...looks me in the eye) but knowing you, 2 weeks...." Well, I held out for 3 so I guess I'm good to go!  I'm driving myself to PT tomorrow...wish me well! The other stuff going on has to do with flowers. I've received some real beauties.   Thanks to our friends Stacy and Kyle:
Lovely! Then on Saturday my son Jack arrived with his gang and they brought me these:
Cameron told them that's what YaYa would like! He's right on! Thanks so much! I also had received some beauties from Craig and Amy after coming home from the hospital but didn't get pics except with my kindle..and it wasn't the best pic...take my word for it, they were awesome. Every visiting nurse and PT person commented on their beauty and how nice they smelled.  So I'm here getting along just ducky and maybe I'll have something interesting to blog about after being let free! Ha!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Color Blue

I was tired of looking at the color purple from the last post...those lovely hamhocks called legs!  I'm posting the blue, blue skies and if I could I'm sure I would capture the blue, blue lips of anyone hanging out in this weather! It's dango cold out there! Schools were closed today and staying indoors is a good idea.  Of course today would be the day I had my post-op visit and got my staples out.  At 7:30am no less! Anyway, everything is going fine...he said I was a "rock star"...Ha! I feel more like just a "rock".  But in 2 weeks I can drive and then I'll feel truly on the road to being me.  Anyway, if you live where it's warm...enjoy! If you live where it's -27 like it was here today (wind chill)...you can fill in your own words!
Blue skies... and no matter what the temps are, sun is always welcome!
Squeeze in between those giant pines and come visit.  I'm appearing daily!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Color Purple

I don't want to gross anyone out...so feel free to pass this post by!  My blog is also a journal for me. With that in mind I wanted to grab a pic of my lovely bruising.  This is my worst leg and this actually looks better than the other day.  I've gotten into a routine. Jack and I get up together at the same time I always got ready for work.  I've been going up and down stairs since I got home last week, but never alone. Once I'm down stairs I'm here for the day. PT had me using just a cane today...slowly moving forward. I see the surgeon on Thursday so he can remove the 35 or more staples per leg. So I'm hoping to sleep through the night one day and walk unassisted...sort of like being reborn! Except for these ugly specimens! I hope purple is in this Winter.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zero To Ten

I haven't missed a January 1st post in many years and I didn't want today to be different. We celebrated the same way we've done in the past. We cooked ribs on the grill and threw in the sides that are supposed to bring good luck.Most might shudder at the menu, so let's just say it was good and move on!  I didn't take any pics of the food or of Jordan,  Phil, or Eddy who joined us. So what to post about was kicking around my cranium. I kept coming back to something that happened while in the hospital.  There was a question that I was asked as much as I was asked my name and birth date.  "How would you rate your pain on a scale of  zero to ten." Just in case you couldn't figure it out, a picture was shown of the zero with a big smiley face and ten with a big crying face. Funny, the only time I would have said ten...nobody asked! (Maybe it was my vocabulary). Having worked in healthcare for a few million years, I understand that the goal is pain management...or actually pain free. People do not want to feel pain...really, who does? But is that realistic?  If hospitals don't do the most they can to insure a comfortable stay, well there are enough government watch dogs to make sure we do!  This  thought had me wondering how we would rate our lives on a daily basis with that scale.  See, we want our patients pain free, but I'm not sure a pain free life is ideal. I've learned a lot of lessons between zero and ten.  Trust is built, faith developed , love is learned...as well as earned, and that can't happen on a constant zero. We all know the lesson of tasting the bitter to appreciate the sweet.  2015 will have it's share of tens...and it's blessings of zero. But I don't want to discount the two through nine...that's where the character of our souls is waiting.