Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get A Life

I was talking with my sister yesterday and she said that she had just read my blog posts for this month....she said: "You need to get out more".  Yep,  I know the pickins has been slim.  I've resorted to photos of blurry deer and flowers.  I then had to confess that yesterday I also had just taken a bunch of pics of a bird eating seeds off the little pinecone feeder that Addy had made for me for Christmas.
Chubby little guy has stripped it clean.
Here his beak is covered with snow....maybe it's a she?  Of course I could show the pics of all the snow we were given from Mother Nature....or perhaps it was Old Man Winter who left it:
Back deck is loaded.
Haven't even bothered shoveling the front steps. Come through the garage if you're planning to stop over.  So if I'm not shooting the weather or fowls,  I have to resort to food...
Fruit pizza I made last week.  Atleast it has color!  There has been the opportunity to throw in a Grandkiddo shot:
Addy  had cheerleading for the little kids basketball games...she loves her outfit! Yes, Midge is right...I do need to get a life.  Until I'm out and about in a more active way I guess I'll have to keep posting from the Pines with pics from the computer room window:
Or some artsy shot through the front door wreath:
Hey, maybe by Valentines day I'll have found that life! Wish me luck!


Shady Del Knight said...

There's nothing wrong with your posts, dear friend YaYa. Your words and pictures are always of interest to me because I care about you. I'm sure all your other friends feel the same way about it.

Your picture of the little bird pecking away at the feeder reminds me of similar shots my shutterbug dad used to take. He built a deluxe house for Purple Martin swallows and rigged a camera outside the window so that he could take pictures of the birds. I also remember him getting fantastic closeups of a mother robin feeding her hungry chicks in a nest on a tree branch outside the house.

That fruit pizza looks delicious. I think I gained 5 pounds just from gazing at it! I don't think I ever tasted pizza with that combination of ingredients and I will bring it to Mrs. Shady's attention.

Addy should feel proud for making a feeder to help the birds through winter and she looks very cute in her cheering costume.

I hope you are doing well and that your knees are healing on schedule, dear friend YaYa. Be careful walking and driving on the snow. God bless!

Kim said...

You have a life!! You've been recovering and relaxing which you totally deserve. That pizza looks soooo good. You're a food artist :)

111 LaLa Lane said...

I love your little bird photos. There's nothing wrong with staying indoors for awhile. Baby....it's cold outside. And you're recuperating. And you have 324 inches of snow on your steps....and I wish I had some of it. Have a great week!

gin said...

It's just a sister thing, I'm sure! You'll be up and out and your normal energetic self real soon. Just do a post about your sister and let us see how interesting that can be. lol

rosaria williams said...

Soon, everyone will find it difficult to keep up with You! Taking virtual trips is easier nowadays, yet, nothing beats a real adventure, far away, at a place we dream about often.

Trouble is we have to return to our daily grind.

betty said...

You must be getting a big of cabin fever, but take heart, each day brings you closer to freedom and I'm sure more activity! I do like the pictures of snow. I think you are doing the best thing in snowy weather, staying put and enjoying it from the inside, rather than being on the outside looking in :)


Julia said...

What a nice gift, those seeded pinecones. I think that they are very thoughtful gift.

Your life is already rich, just look at that young cute little girl and that big smile. Such a cutie.

Don't care to look at your snow because it looks just like mine. hahaha.

That fruit pizza looks good but the strawberries would kill me. Don't get me wrong i LOVE strawberries, they don't like me anymore , but the rest of the berry pizza looks tempting. What is the white drizzle you have on top?

Stay inside and keep warm. I'll let you know when Spring arrives.

selvageedge said...

I love your bird pictures and expect to see them with ribbons at the fair this fall. You have some great views through your window. Be glad that you have an excuse to not plow through the snow. :)

Rick Watson said...

Dang, Yaya, that's exciting stuff in my book. If it's not, then I need to get a life too.

Cindy said...

Well I rather enjoyed all the things you have around you. The food pizza is sooo colorful, and I really do love that artsy pic of the wreath! We like all of your posts, indoor and out no matter what they're about! Before long, you won't have time for us!! ;). Keep healing!

karen said...

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm always up for a beautiful shot of a pizza!

Stacy Crawford said...

Sometimes that's why I don't post. Same old thing different day... That is a cute little bird. I signed up for a photo class in April at the Kroc. $40 for 6 sessions, maybe 5, want to come?

Willow said...

I always love your posts ,pics and wit !

Sweet Tea said...

This seems to be a tough season for many of my blogging friends, myself included. At least you're still posting, which is more than I've done lately. Time passes slowly when one is on the inside looking out, doesn't it? I'm thankful to be running at about 90% right now. You'll be there soon and very soon we'll both be back to 100%. Spring is gonna be a BIG deal to us. YAY!! Hope you're pain free.

Hilary said...

I think you're doing great with these photos through the windows. I love the wee junco munching away. And that pizza looks scrumptious. Grandkidlet... just adorable.

Vicki Boster said...

Hi girlfriend-- you really are snowbound--- even though it's beautiful in your photos! O hope you are continuing to get better and better--- your granddaughter is adorable:)