Sunday, January 18, 2015

YaYa Here!

It's been a while since I've posted..I don't usually let things go by this long.  I guess I figured I really didn't have a ton to blog about.  So I had to get my thinking cap on and look back to see where I was and where I'm going.  I've spent much time with ice and the recliner which sits by the large slider in the living room.  I saw this big gal lurking up at the Creepy Woods looking for some snacks.
These are some of the things I'll see being home during the exciting...yawn.
Looks like she found a few goodies.  My days have been filled with exercises and trips to physical therapy.  I'm doing fine in that area.  I can walk without the cane most places but I still take it with me to the store or any outing...which hasn't been much more than the store! Today I did go to Church...and man I was exhausted the rest of the day.  I couldn't even put together a meal that was worth eating...I ended up throwing away a casserole that just didn't turn out right.  I decided it was time to give it up and retreat back to the recliner! However, I did do something I probably shouldn't have done. I know you won't tell...right? I drove my car on Saturday.  Just a little test run to see if I could....piece of cake!  I remember asking Dr. B how long I had to wait to drive. His answer was: "I have to tell you 4 weeks...(pause...looks me in the eye) but knowing you, 2 weeks...." Well, I held out for 3 so I guess I'm good to go!  I'm driving myself to PT tomorrow...wish me well! The other stuff going on has to do with flowers. I've received some real beauties.   Thanks to our friends Stacy and Kyle:
Lovely! Then on Saturday my son Jack arrived with his gang and they brought me these:
Cameron told them that's what YaYa would like! He's right on! Thanks so much! I also had received some beauties from Craig and Amy after coming home from the hospital but didn't get pics except with my kindle..and it wasn't the best pic...take my word for it, they were awesome. Every visiting nurse and PT person commented on their beauty and how nice they smelled.  So I'm here getting along just ducky and maybe I'll have something interesting to blog about after being let free! Ha!


Kay G. said...

You know if you can drive you are okay, hey, we Americans have to have our cars, right?
Hang in there, and keep getting better!
Love your flowers! xx

Kim said...

Good news on your progress. Keep it up. Oh, and I find it hard to believe you ruined a casserole.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! Your posts always interest me no matter what's in them. I wish I could bundle up and go for a hike in your Creepy Woods. Hiking with my dad in rural areas was one of my earliest and happiest memories and spotting deer was part of the fun. We used to drive through northern counties of Pennsylvania hoping to catch a glimpse of deer and my father took many great pictures of them over the years.

I'm glad you are experiencing more freedom at this stage of your recovery and that you are able to drive a car again. The flowers you received are lovely and their fragrance will help to keep your spirits up.

If you see Eddy any time soon I hope you will tell him I'm thinking about him. I will continue to think about you. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery from your operation, dear friend YaYa, and much happiness in the coming week. God bless!

betty said...

The deer was mighty fine looking! What a great thing to see as you are recuperating! Such pretty flowers! I'm sure they brought a smile to your face when you received them all! Hang in there! Things will be back to normal before you know it!


Sweet Tea said...

I've been a bit AWOL and just now read your blog (and several of your past posts). Both knees!! You are a trooper, for sure. I hope the worst is behind you now. So glad your family is there for you as you recuperate. You looked wonderful in your photo taken after surgery - still even had your makeup on. You gals in the healthcare business are TOUGH!!

PoetessWug said...

Yay, Yaya! :-)) I'm glad to hear the positive update...and see the pretty flowers...and see the munching deer! ♥ You be careful driving to your appointment now, ya hear!!...Sorry. My southern mama voice snuck in there! LOL

acorn hollow said...

So glad you are progressing along nicely with your knees. I still must be nice to be home during this part of the winter.

Rick Watson said...

It sounds like your improving a little each day.
I know from where you are coming with ideas for writing. Winter is the hardest time for me for some reason.
You'll be break dancing before you know it.

Julia said...

I'm so glad to read a post from you Yaya and I'm not judging you on that casserole. If it didn't measure up to your excellent standard it must have been the recipe's fault...

If I lived closer, I'd bake you a nice big pan of Spanokopita to cheer you up.

Your flowers are as lovely as the people who gave them to you. You are loved and I'm sure it pains everyone to see you homebound. For a sparky person like you, it's just not natural to immobile.
Glad you broke free for a test drive.

We're having a January thaw and i sure can appreciate warmer wether even though it's raining.

Hang in there.

Kerri said...

Pretty flowers! Just think....when spring gets here you will be good as new! I'd much rather be recovering on the couch in the winter than missing pretty days any other time of the year. (You can tell I'm not a fan of winter!)
Have a great week Yaya!

Linda said...

I'm also glad you are doing so well. Your flowers are lovely. It the first vase, it looks like you have some Tansy's there. Our #3 granddaughter is named Tansy! I'd never heard of those before, but now I know what they look like! Her mama planted some in her garden so she has her own flowers. All the girls have flower names. (There are 4 girls and 2 boys (prophet names) and #7 is due next month.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Well I could just sit and look at your snow pictures for an hour. It's gorgeous. Glad to hear you're doing so well. I won't tell a soul that you drove Saturday. Ha!

Munir said...

Nice to hear about your progress. Take it easy though.
Those flowers are lovely. You earned them. Enjoy.

CatieAn said...

The deer and flowers are beautiful.... aren't all of nurses cut from the same cloth...always pushing the rules when they come to our own healing huh? glad you are slowly improving....its okay to rest a few more minutes in that recliner.

karen said...

Wow, I had to look back through a bunch of posts to see what had happened to you! I'm so glad you're feeling better, and that you're able to drive, you feisty girl. It'll be good to get back into routine, yes? There's only so much leisure time we can stand! Don't forget to get your rest though - that's important in the big picture. Thanks for still reading my blog - I've lost just about everyone else because I'm such an erratic writer. I hope to do better this year.

Becky Jerdee said...

So glad to hear that recovery is going well!

Stacy Crawford said...

It's hard to rest and take it easy. I think that is almost harder than working. Hope you have better luck with your casserole, I burnt my tailgate food at the church and served it anyhow. He.he.

Amy Starkey said...

Glad you're making strides (pun intended) and also taking it easy.

Hilary said...

It sounds like you're doing well, YaYa. Your doc sure knows you... that made me laugh. Lovely flowers from your people.

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Kay-- are you snowed in up there? We're having lots of ice here-- ugh!

It must be so hard for you to be home bound-- I hope your recovery is progressing as you hoped. You are such an active person-- this must be so hard for you.

Your flowers are beautiful-- your friends are so thoughtful-- I'm sure they miss you at work!!

At least you don't have to get out on these freezing mornings right now!