Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Closer of 2010

My previous post was all about the craziness that is the hospital world at the end of the year. I mentioned how everyone wanted to get their surgery done before the new year begins. Not to be outdone and because Jack just wanted to see if I was kidding, he decided to get a hernia that has been bothering him for a while fixed. So today was his day and he was so excited that I was going to post this...(NOT!) But hey, what better way to end my blogging journey this year than to document this momentous occasion? This is a journal for goodness sakes.... Hmmm...I wonder if I can be sued for breaking a hipa law of patient confidentiality? Worse yet, could I get fired??? Nahhhhhh...2011 is going to be a busy year in the OR and they need me! (atleast I hope so!)
Oh happy boy! He was glad to leave, even though he got to spend the day with me... kind of, I was in and out and did do some work while he was waking up and getting back to himself. So this is the last post I'll do for 2010..I'm ending at 114 posts for this year. I know 2011 will probably have more than that because I've become a real chatty kathy! So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End is Near

The last 2 weeks of the year are pretty busy in the surgery department. It's the end of the year and everyone has their deductible met and now wants (or needs) to get their surgeries done. We cram, fill in, move around, and do "creative scheduling" to make it work. We work over most days and the call teams work late. So we may get grumpy, and for sure are tired, but we still manage to smile, do a great job, help as many people as possible and try extra hard not to kill any surgeons, tempting as it may be. The following pic is one of our nurses catching a quick sip of energy before one of her cases. Nurse S also is the author of this weird mask get up...lovely. Between the masks and the helmets of the space suit above, we look ravishing when we go home...or to the store. Of course, if the store is Wal-Mart, then we look over dressed...what is it with people wearing their PJ's to the store? Well, I digress...As I said, the following pic is not a made-up shot, it's how she really looked...I don't drink coffee or tea (I'm high on life), and maybe that's why I don't find the need to wear a get up like this!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let's Make the day Merry and Bright!

Everything was ready for the family get together on Christmas day. Christmas day is always the day we celebrate with the kids and their families...just like Jack and I did when his parents were alive. We always went to the farm and opened gifts and had dinner with everyone. I remember how tiring it was after getting up at the crack of dawn with the boys, then getting everyone dressed and out the door. But we had a great time and now that Jack's parents are both gone, we miss them and wish it were still that tradition. Now, we're the place to gather and we enjoy having them all over. Usually we have everyone come over about 1pm and open gifts first because the little ones are so excited. Then we eat! Then we groan..This year the weather cooperated and we had some good sledding time too. A new memory is made each crazy year and so much can change in life in 12mos. so we try to make it a fun and happy time and hope next year will bring everyone back to the table happy and healthy. Here is a quick look before the paper goes flying! I was so busy handing out gifts this year, I never took a pic of anyone opening them! I need a photographer on hand!
Then the kids arrived...Addy and Alexis arrived in their pretty new Christmas dresses looking festive and ready for gift opening.
Whoa there Anthony, I like your haircut! He's been growing it out since his summer buzz and his parents made him get it cut finally!
Jordan and Eddy the boxer because Cameron is very allergic...we missed him!
Dinner was over, gifts had been opened and now it was a good time to get outside for some fresh air (or blow the stink off as my Grandpa used to say!)and see if the hill was ready for some sledding! Up we went!
Anthony was excited to get his new sled headed down the hill!
To help the sleds go down faster, Jack put silicone on the bottoms. Here he is bringing one of them up to the top for the kids to try out.
Going down is fun..the walk back up however is where the calories are burned!
The kids waited patiently for their turn. Hold on Cameron, your time is coming!
Alexis needed a little help to get started by her Daddy.
Oooppss! Not every sled ride was a success!
Even some of the Dads got into the fun! Go Jackie! (I'm the only one who calls him that BTW)
Before everyone went down for the last run, I needed a nice group shot! From left to right: Cameron, Jackie, Summer, Anthony, Phil, holding Addy, and Alexis.
After all that sledding down the hill and tromping up it, a snack was needed before everyone headed home. Cameron had fun outside and I think all the Grandkiddos went home happy, full of treats, and very tired. Hopefully all will have slept in this morning for Moms & Dads.
This was left in the snow from reminds me that I have sweet angels for family!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas everyone! As a firm believer that Santa does exist...whether in the hearts of our children or in the memory of our Christmases past, it's his spirit of giving, loving each child, and creating miracles on a Christmas morning that brings a smile to my face and I hope that we never lose that innocence that helps us hear the bells ringing and angels singing. However much I may love Santa however, it's the gift of a loving Heavenly Father to send his Son on earth to be our Savior...our true strength and the true giver of miracles. I hope each and everyone can find peace this day, carry it in our hearts through the new year and stop and enjoy our families, friends and all that is magic at this special time of year.

That being said, I must remind everyone that a few years ago I did actually sit on Santa's lap at the North Pole (Alaska) was an honor and a true "bucket list" event! Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Short and Long of It..'s here for real. The shortest day of the year. Even though we've already had snow storms that closed schools, brought bone chilling temps, slippery roads and slowed down the generosity to the Salvation Army bell ringers, it's the official time of the year to call it what it is....Winter. I grew up in this climate. Chicago isn't exactly the warmest city in the nation during this season. I've found out Ohio isn't either. But call it what you will, it's got it's beauty as all change of seasons do. The sparkles on the snow, the ice that coats the trees, the frozen lakes and creeks...the quiet of the woods and the white that covers the muddy driveway. The rosy cheeks and the squeals of happy children sledding down snow covered hills. The hot chocolate that awaits those sledding times! So I might complain here and there, but all in all this is a glorious that makes you look at the following pictures (from last year) and say: "How many days till spring?"...Of course the flip side of the shortest day is the longest night...make of that what you will!

And may all your Christmases be white!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dashing Through the Weekend

We have to say a big Happy Birthday to this sweetie...our Grandkiddo Sophie is 2 today! I wish we could have dashed up to Michigan to see her and everyone, share some cake and icecream and laughs too, but it just was not in the cards this year. But we thought of her all day, talked to Amy and Craig, and I hope she liked her present and had a good time with her family. Love you Sophie!
We spent this last weekend before Christmas dashing through the snow...but there's always time for a quick stop at the candy shop to get a candy cane! At least Lex and Addy think so!
There's also time for cookie baking..(and eating)! Many of the cookies I baked this weekend are going to Church tomorrow to be put on plates for some of our "shut in" members.Just a little something to let them know we're thinking of them.
This was the final weekend to do some dashing around town to mail boxes of goodies off, and get grocery shopping and gift buying done. When we came home we found this rascal waiting for us...Eddy!
He dashed around the yard in the snow and found some tastey snowballs to munch on.
Eddy dashed so much he dashed right in for a nap in the afternoon sun. It may have been a few weeks since he's been here, but he hasn't forgotten where the soft parts are for sleeping.
We dashed off to a Christmas get together at the Crawford's home. It's a cute old home. It's even (gulp) haunted! I always hope I'll see "Bob" when I visit, but so far no luck. The food was delish and the company fun. Thanks Stacey and Kyle, we had a good time.
The Crawfords have some new members of their family...namely these two cuties whose names I don't know. They looked so comfy and cozy and certainly not afraid of any ghosts of Christmas past, present or future! Now it's time to dash off to bed to settle down for a long winter's nap!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

G'Day Mate!

The other day I received this award from my friend Cheryl over at Kangaroos of the Scrubby on my sidebar and enjoy her adventures in Australia's bush. I'm always a little hesitant to talk about awards that are given to me because my blog is just so simple compared to the blogs that help the world ecology, super writers, great artists and amazing families. I mean, really, my little corner of the world is just that..little! But I've really enjoyed meeting people through their blogs and learn about their culture and what they do in their lives that make them happy. Thanks Cheryl! I love Australia..have I ever been there? Well, no..Will I ever go there? Well, who knows!? That probably involves riding in an airplane for a loooonnnngggg time and I get nervous just flying to Chicago and that's only a 50min. ride! I'm such a wimp! But I feel as if I've been there when I read the fun blogs from "down under". Another blogger who attends my Church mentioned the award at the women's meeting (Relief Society) on Sunday and we had a fun talk about the Scrubby Bush blog, kangaroos, joeys, and I even wore the earrings I won from a giveaway at Sue's New, Views, an' Muse. Maybe I will have inspired others to read about cultures all over this crazy world, meet new people, share ideas and just have fun. Being considered "fair dinkum" is quite an honor from an Aussie's point of view, and now my point of view also. Thanks again and Merry Christmas Cheryl! Now I think I'll go put some shrimp on the "barbie"...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday night the Church Christmas social came off without a hitch. The food was delish and the pageant was really good. The actors and singers and narrators were wonderful. It's a nice break from the commercialism of the season. This is a pair I'm sure you recognize. Mike made a very nice Joseph ( he delivers our mail too!) and little Amanda, one of the young ladies in our branch made a sweet Mary.
Remember I said in the previous post that Jack was going to be King Herod? Well, it's a dark shot, but here he is in all his Kingly glory!
Saturday we got lights put up outside. The temps were nice and warm..40de. Then we actually got the tree up too! It's a blurry pic, but now the decorating is complete and I'd better get the shopping done!
Today we have a winter storm on it's way..Church was let out early to make sure everyone got home safely as many members live far distances. I was having some families over for lunch...As I've said many times, the weather Gods aren't too good to me! The storm kept a few people away and we asked another family if they wanted to stop over. It was a lot of fun and it's nice to be able to sit around and talk and enjoy a meal. It was so nice I forgot to take pics! The snow stopped for a bit and after everyone left I decided to take a walk in a winter wonderland. Lucky for me I didn't have to go far. I headed up to the creepy woods. The sign was rendered blank and I guess that means it's not so creepy during the winter! It wasn't creepy until the winds kicked in. A woods is not a good place to be when it's windy. But before I left I was able to snap a few pics.
This area is were the scary ghost stories were told back in October...they too, don't look too scary, but I think your bum would feel that cold snow if you would decide to take a seat!
The snow was lovely as I walked up the back lane..
Around the bend..I saw a bunny running like crazy to get home before the winter storm gets here. Ooops..he was so fast I didn't get the pic!
I left pumpkins from Halloween and Thanksgiving out in the woods so any creature that needed a snack could enjoy them. I thought I spied some deer last week stopping by for taste and from the looks of it, they did enjoy the innards!
I made a beeline for home, enjoying the looks of the pines with some white frosting on them.
Well, another weekend is almost over. This drive will lead you home...come back again and bring a sled. I think we're going to get the snow to make a good sled run!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Gravy

This morning I woke up knowing it was going to be a busy day. The surgical schedule was full and I knew my room was going to be a challenge to get it done by closing time. I even went in a little early to make sure the first case of the day got started on time and hopefully keep it going that way all day. As I pulled out of the garage, big, juicy snowflakes were falling and the roads were slippery. Some schools were on a 2hr. delay. The air was crisp and cold and walking that distance from the hospital parking lot to the building with the snow blowing in my face was also a trick. But it builds character! As I left work this afternoon, I was happy to be heading home. The sun was now out, the air was warmer, the snow stopped and even melted almost all away. Ahhhh...this is good! I was happy to be heading home. When I arrived a little package was waiting for me from fellow blogger Sue!(Sue's News Views 'n Muse). The earrings I won had arrived! They are beautiful and I love them! It was a wonderful ending to a busy, crazy day. You never know what surprises lay in store for you. So even though it started out dark, cold, and ended with beautiful, bright and cheery! Aren't they pretty?
Here's a little "catch up" on my past weekend and week: With all the festivities of the season going full throttle, I needed to get the decorating on the outside of the house going. Last weekend I cut greenery from the million pines we have around the property. I put them in the window boxes and planters. I missed Eddy going with me and grabbing all the branches and running away with them! Well, maybe I just miss Eddy!
The berries on our holly bush we planted this past spring are nice and red and plump and looking very festive.
Wreath on door? Check!
The outside of the house is ready (unless I decide to put lights on the bushes) with greenery, bows and such. The inside is decorated too, only the tree isn't up yet. Hopefully that will get done tomorrow. Tonight we have a Church Christmas social that involves dinner with a padgent afterwards. Jack has to be King Herrod...But if you think he's a sucker for saying yes to that task get a load of what I agreed to do. A sign up sheet went around church for items to make for this dinner. I signed up for one thing...then of course everyone brings a dessert...then I was asked to make a turkey...then after I said yes, they asked if I would mind making 2 turkeys. Well, since I was doing one, how hard could 2 be to make? So I said "sure, no problem". Did I mention I work 5 days a week? All day? So that means cooking the birds at night...waiting for them to cool a bit...then carving..well, you get the picture. I'm sort of sick of the smell of turkey. Hopefully they will taste good.
Turkey #1..I put that in my roaster so I could have the oven for the other turkey. That way both were done around the same time and then I let them set for a bit before slicing and returning to the roaster to be warmed up tonight. It was like lovely ballet. Think "Nutcracker" music with a turkey baster and a pot holder. Brought tears to my eyes.
Turkey #2...I laughed when I looked at this pic. Oh my, the oven has taken a beating and needs that self cleaning setting STAT!
I signed up to bring cheesy potatoes (or funeral potatoes as my Mom calls them). That was before I said yes to making 2 turkeys. Repeat after me...SUCKER
Then I made these cuties...usually I make a fancy dessert for this shindig, but I ran out of steam! These are a twist on 7 layer cookies..the base is a fudge brownie mix that you put just butter in and press into the bottom of the pan instead of graham crackers. My Sis gave me that idea!
Well, Santa thinks I should untangle these lights and get the tree put up...But first I'm going to get my head examined so I can learn to say NO when asked to make 2 turkeys..atleast I'll be wearing cute earrings at the crazy house!