Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End is Near

The last 2 weeks of the year are pretty busy in the surgery department. It's the end of the year and everyone has their deductible met and now wants (or needs) to get their surgeries done. We cram, fill in, move around, and do "creative scheduling" to make it work. We work over most days and the call teams work late. So we may get grumpy, and for sure are tired, but we still manage to smile, do a great job, help as many people as possible and try extra hard not to kill any surgeons, tempting as it may be. The following pic is one of our nurses catching a quick sip of energy before one of her cases. Nurse S also is the author of this weird mask get up...lovely. Between the masks and the helmets of the space suit above, we look ravishing when we go home...or to the store. Of course, if the store is Wal-Mart, then we look over dressed...what is it with people wearing their PJ's to the store? Well, I digress...As I said, the following pic is not a made-up shot, it's how she really looked...I don't drink coffee or tea (I'm high on life), and maybe that's why I don't find the need to wear a get up like this!


rosaria said...

Oh my, working hard every minute of every day. Do rest, when you can.

Donna said...

That Nurse "S"...what an imagination!! I'll have to bug her tomorrow...lol
I felt guilty for not being there today knowing what that schedule looks like. (Trading days maybe didn't make it better?) You know you've been there too much when you start dreaming about it!
But just think how much fun it will be after the move to the new OR's....with windows!! I keep bugging "P" nurse and Dr."B" about making one for ophthalmology...no luck.

Stacy Crawford said...

What do you do the first week of January when everyone has to start over on the deductibles? Do you hear crickets in the OR? I hope you survive your crazy busy week. Long hours and a lot of cases are no fun! Maybe you should let your friendly RS people take care of you on Thursday to give you a break?

Hope said...

I wish all goes well with you at work.
hope you can find time to rest

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey honey I never thought of it like that until you wrote this post about how much work it puts on you guys for the ones that wait to get in everything possible at the end of the year. I can see my older brother doing that. lol
Whats funny or maybe I should not use the word funny is that you named this post The End is Near and you are showing an operation. lol
Leave it to me to notice that.
You are too funny and I have enjoyed having you as a friend this year. Looking forward to more YaYa stories next year.
Hope you get some rest
Happy New Year

Karen Whittal said...

I suppose that life must go on, and sad to think that there are people who are sick and need operations at this time of year, will say a special prayer for all people who have to work over this time, have an awesome 2011.

Sue said...


Like Maggie, I noticed your "The End is Near" title, and it cracked me up.

My niece's baby had his surgery yesterday because of their deductible already being satisfied, too. I'd never really thought before how busy that must be for the doctors and nurses.

What would we do without all of you?


Z said...

I had a new hip last January and was struck by the cheerfulness of the theatre team. I stayed conscious, so was able to listen to all the jokes! - but the professional spirit was certainly there too.

Thanks for visiting, Yaya