Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday night the Church Christmas social came off without a hitch. The food was delish and the pageant was really good. The actors and singers and narrators were wonderful. It's a nice break from the commercialism of the season. This is a pair I'm sure you recognize. Mike made a very nice Joseph ( he delivers our mail too!) and little Amanda, one of the young ladies in our branch made a sweet Mary.
Remember I said in the previous post that Jack was going to be King Herod? Well, it's a dark shot, but here he is in all his Kingly glory!
Saturday we got lights put up outside. The temps were nice and warm..40de. Then we actually got the tree up too! It's a blurry pic, but now the decorating is complete and I'd better get the shopping done!
Today we have a winter storm on it's way..Church was let out early to make sure everyone got home safely as many members live far distances. I was having some families over for lunch...As I've said many times, the weather Gods aren't too good to me! The storm kept a few people away and we asked another family if they wanted to stop over. It was a lot of fun and it's nice to be able to sit around and talk and enjoy a meal. It was so nice I forgot to take pics! The snow stopped for a bit and after everyone left I decided to take a walk in a winter wonderland. Lucky for me I didn't have to go far. I headed up to the creepy woods. The sign was rendered blank and I guess that means it's not so creepy during the winter! It wasn't creepy until the winds kicked in. A woods is not a good place to be when it's windy. But before I left I was able to snap a few pics.
This area is were the scary ghost stories were told back in October...they too, don't look too scary, but I think your bum would feel that cold snow if you would decide to take a seat!
The snow was lovely as I walked up the back lane..
Around the bend..I saw a bunny running like crazy to get home before the winter storm gets here. Ooops..he was so fast I didn't get the pic!
I left pumpkins from Halloween and Thanksgiving out in the woods so any creature that needed a snack could enjoy them. I thought I spied some deer last week stopping by for taste and from the looks of it, they did enjoy the innards!
I made a beeline for home, enjoying the looks of the pines with some white frosting on them.
Well, another weekend is almost over. This drive will lead you home...come back again and bring a sled. I think we're going to get the snow to make a good sled run!


Hope said...

thank you for sharing yaya
I enjoyed being with you on your walk through the woods.
Looks like our home...snowy
love the photo's!
keep warm

Crawford Family said...

Thanks for the yummy lunch! We had a great time chatting. What a great place to do some thinking and soul searching. I know I would spend a lot of time in the creepy woods if it was that close to our house.

Sue said...

I really liked strolling along with you...And hearing about your program and the dinner guests.

In short, this was a very satisfying post!


CHERI said...

All the snow looks so lovely. That's a site we sure don't get here too often in south GA...and only maybe half an inch on the rare occasion we do get some snow. It's very cold and windy here today though. Your king looks very kingly! I always love Christmas pageants.

Donna said...

Looks like you had your own version of old man Winter too! We went over w Mike to see Grandpa Joe (and Irene)...he now has a new hearing aid! Poor Mike haivng to drive in all that stuff!!

Bernie said...

Hi there! We who have Jordan sons. I also have a Jordan grandson. My daughter liked the name so much they named their child after him.

Love hearing from you. You are very loyal and I ejoy your comments and look for them each time. I love when you tell about Chicago as I was born and lived there when I went to college and worked downtown for a year or so also. Which hospital do you work at? I was a secretary to the head of the nurses at the Swedish Covenant Hospital on Foster Avenue when I worked part time while at North Park University. Course you have to realize this was 100 years ago!!!

You must live in the suburbs somewhere to have a woods so close by.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow your snow is beautiful. How funny the last two site I have been on are showing their beautiful snow shots and it is close to 70 here right now.
One night it dips in the 20's the next night in the 60's who knows its Texas
Glad your musical at church turned out so well.
Merry Christmas YaYa

Karen Whittal said...

I just love your photo's I love this time of year love the feel that is in the air, must say have never been one for Christmas trees and decorations my eldest daughter loves that part of Christmas, have just finished with HOliday club again that takes two weeks out of my life, but ended with an awesome nativity play, but will be glad to chill for a few days. Must say we have had a week of rain, and the snow at least looks MUCH more beautiful than the water logged world we are living in at the moment, it has been a challenge getting out of town, because all the bridges have been under water