Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weird Week

Do you think it's weird if the temperature in February in Ohio is 74de?  Well, this has been a record breaking week for temps.  In the high 60's and then 74 yesterday.  My trees, lilacs, day lilies and many other plants are thinking it's April.  Weird!
 Yes, we love sunny, blue skies and many were thrilled with the warmth.  The Wal-Mart fashionestas were all decked out in shorts and flip flops foregoing the usual pajamas and slippers.  I however have to sit on the line here and say of course I love the warm temps but I worry about the plants thinking it's April because today it's cold and snowy.
The snow flying around the budding out crabapple and magnolia tree.  Weird!  To make this week even weirder was the fact my back has been giving me fits.  Ironic that the wife of a Chiropractor has a bad back but it's true. Usually Jack can get me on my feet fast.  Sunday night all went south and I called in sick on Monday.  I haven't called in sick in years.
I missed work 3 days this week. Chubbs and I bonded! It's better but not totally fixed. I can stand and walk forever, it's the sitting to standing that's killing me! Ever blog standing up? I made it through work Thursday and Friday.  Friday I was assigned to the pain clinic. I work with a bunch of comedians.  On a final note, I found some yummy, low calorie treats at Aldi.  They're called "Rice Rolls".  Much better than rice cakes but I have one suggestion.  Don't put them in the cupboard between the Girl Scout's a losing proposition for the rice rolls.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Gymnasticly, Fantasticly, Weekend

The weekend we had was nothing more than absolutely astounding.  Why? Well, the weather has turned to Spring awfully early. I'm betting we hit 65de on Saturday and about the same today. The sun was shining bright and I took my Sunday school class outside for our lesson.  We sat in the sun and had a fun time as well as getting the lesson done. Love those kiddos!   Yesterday we went to watch our Granddaughter, Lexi, in her first gymnastics competition.  She did great! 3 first place, and 2 second place ribbons. She was one happy girl!
She really enjoys this sport.
Floor work.
Balance beam....and other areas that I didn't get on camera.  Good job sweetie!  As I reflect on this weekend I have to remember my Dad's birthday.  He would have been 97 yesterday.  Holy smokes, I can't even imagine him at that age.  He would have rocked it though! Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!
Jack and I walked down the driveway to catch the sunset tonight.  It was a lovely ending to a nice weekend.   This is the last week of February. Hard to believe the year is already flying by.  Many have tomorrow off....not us, but if you do,  have a great day.   Happy President's Day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love, Part 2

Today we gathered to witness our oldest son, Jack, marry his sweetheart, Evelyn, in a small, simple, but lovely ceremony.  It's a second marriage for them and they are combining their families,  Jack's 4 kiddos (Driana, Summer, Anthony, Cameron) with Evelyn's 2 kiddos, (Samantha, Megan).  I wanted to sing the Brady Bunch song!  I got teary eyed as I tried to also take photos for them.  Hey, he's still my baby no matter the age, right?!  I know they will be very happy together and have much to look forward to in the future.  Congratulations Jack and Evelyn!
May the light of your love always shine bright.
Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy VD Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm posting late but wanted to get one in since this will be a 2 part post. It will make more sense after tomorrow, trust me!  Maybe Happy VD isn't a great header but I'm tired so forgive me!  I hope your day was full of hearts, love, maybe flowers and candy or gifts.  Here's how we did the day here at the Pines.  It started very romantic...we both went to work. Gotta love that! We did see a cat  hiding in the garage before we left.  Don't know where it came from but it had moved on by the time Jack came home for lunch.  Yes, excitement at every turn!  Jack works late on Tuesdays but I had a special dinner planned and knew he would be excited to get home ASAP.  Our son Phil and his girls stopped by to get some Valentine fun I had for them.  They didn't stay for dinner since Phil was planning one for them at their house.  So here's the menu we enjoyed...grilled burgers, fries, and I had made a special dark chocolate raspberry tart for dessert.   But hubby knows how to spice things up and had stopped and picked up some delish chocolate milkshakes! That made the meal perfect!  Not extremely healthy, but yummy!
Now we're talking our language of love!
Had to toss in the dessert!
I hope Cupid stopped by your place and shot his arrow of love in your heart.  Love all of you guys! Happy Valentine's Day Part 1!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don't Blink

In Ohio if you blink the weather will change immediately.  If you read my previous post you know we had a lovely, warm, springlike day on Monday.  Tuesday was also warm but raining.  I was on call and when I got called in around 4am on Wednesday it was still warm...about 46de.   When I got home from work 12hrs later the temps had dropped and the snow was flying.  I had only put on a light rain coat early in the morning not realizing we were in for a bit of a change. Blink, Blink!
It started out slow...just a dusting.  With the chilly temps and damp air I felt like making some homemade soup so I made some potato cheese soup for dinner. (Wednesday has always been soup and sandwich night here at the Pines!)
I looked out the window as I was cooking and could see the weather was getting crazier.

We ended up with about 3-4inches of the white stuff and driving into work this morning had it's challenges.  The streets hadn't been touched by the plows.  But we're used to this kind of weather this time of year.  Never the less, I might just do some blinking and see if a warm front will move in!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Out And About

To say we're having an usual Winter would be an understatement.  I know we have about 6 weeks to go until Spring is officially here, but when the temps are in the upper 50's  and the sun is shining it's hard to not think it's arrived.  Yesterday was the perfect day to get Chubbs out for a nice walk away from the Pines.  Usually we head to the cemetery because it's a good place to walk but we did a little change of scenery.  We went to a spot called "Freer Field".   It's located near the hospital. It's the spot for the annual Balloon Fest held every Summer at the end of June and ties in with our July 4th festivities.  I'm not sure how many acres are involved but a paved path was put in that goes around the field and into a nearby woods.  Lots of dog walkers, bicycle riders and families take advantage of it's easy walking paths.
It's a nice big area and outside the woods it's open with no shade trees so it's not the best if  it's hot outside.  Atleast not for Chubbs anyway.  He's not fond of hot weather.  Planting trees here wouldn't work because of the hot air balloons.
Chubbs spends most of the walk sniffing every blade of grass and rock!
Coming into the woods makes the walk more interesting. You never know what you'll find.
Like a decorated tree?
If you get tired or just want to cop a squat there's benches all along the paths. All donated by folks in the community or civic groups.
Chubbs likes to go off the paved path to the many side trails.
Little foot bridges over the small creeks makes it easier to hike.
Back on the paved path and almost halfway done.
No snow? No problem...somebody found a way to build a snowman!

Out of the woods and on the home stretch. Chubbs is ready to head to the car.
Such a lovely afternoon.  If you look close you can see the moon up in the blue sky!
Chubbs like to ride shotgun so he was looking forward to getting back to the Pines. He knows a treat awaits him when we get there.  Thanks for coming along on our "out and about" afternoon!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hello Shorty

Hello February, you short month.  This Winter is a bit of a replay of last year.  Mild temps off and on and not a ton of snow.  I know I might have just jinxed myself by writing this since yesterday we had the first sunny day in weeks just so the stupid groundhog would actually see a shadow and predict 6 more weeks of Winter.
Wow, blue skies.  All day when anyone would pass a window at work they would comment on how sunny it was.  Dr. M. even said "Hey, it looks like Summer outside".  Really? It was only about 25de and maybe he didn't notice the leafless trees.  But we'll take any excuse to pretend it's time for flip flops  It's been a busy, sort of, week.  I finally retrieved the antique highchair from the senior citizen's center where we had the seat recaned.
  It needs a bit of work, like getting the water stain off the tray.  This chair was at my in-law's and it ended up here after they passed away.  It's been sitting in the basement for the last 15yrs.  My kiddos sat on it when they were little.  The seat wasn't in the best of shape then but by the time we got it the whole thing was blown out.  I've known for a long time that the senior citizen's center did canning but we kept forgetting to take it over.  Then in December we finally did it and then I kept forgetting to go get it! Ahhh!  Well, it's back and they did a wonderful job of making it usable again.  Unfortunately, I believe my kids are done having babies and perhaps it's time to get rid of it.  That is if I can remember to sell it!  Today I had a low census day off...sort of.  I had a case at 6:45am and because I was on call I went in.  So no sleeping late but I did leave afterwards and spent most of my day cleaning the computer room.
It was amazing how much stuff can pile up in a tiny room! It's in much better shape and I found a few gems along the way.  Some DVD's I was missing and even an old Boy Scout Camp DVD with lots of old photos from about 8yrs ago.  Jack enjoyed looking at those.  Makes you feel good to get rid of old papers and "stuff" doesn't it?  I  have 2 items that I keep on top of my desk.  One is super tiny but it always makes me smile to look at it.  My Granddaughter, Sophia, gave it to me on our last trip to Portland.  It came from one of her Lego sets and she thought of me when she saw it.
A tiny surgical person!  It did have an x-ray in it's other hand but somewhere between Oregon and Ohio it went missing. Oh well, it still warms my heart to look at it every day!  The other thing I have sitting here makes me laugh more than smile.
CST stands for Certified Surgical Technologist....that's my official title and one of my co-workers gave this to me years ago.  Me an angel???  Well, it's a nice gesture!  I know this is a short month but for some reason it usually seems to take much longer to get through than January!  It will determine how we remember this Winter season as we await March to come in like a lamb..hopefully!  But no matter what happens weather wise, it's also the month of hearts, flowers, and love..with a little chocolate mixed in.  So come on shorty, show us some February love!