Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy VD Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm posting late but wanted to get one in since this will be a 2 part post. It will make more sense after tomorrow, trust me!  Maybe Happy VD isn't a great header but I'm tired so forgive me!  I hope your day was full of hearts, love, maybe flowers and candy or gifts.  Here's how we did the day here at the Pines.  It started very romantic...we both went to work. Gotta love that! We did see a cat  hiding in the garage before we left.  Don't know where it came from but it had moved on by the time Jack came home for lunch.  Yes, excitement at every turn!  Jack works late on Tuesdays but I had a special dinner planned and knew he would be excited to get home ASAP.  Our son Phil and his girls stopped by to get some Valentine fun I had for them.  They didn't stay for dinner since Phil was planning one for them at their house.  So here's the menu we enjoyed...grilled burgers, fries, and I had made a special dark chocolate raspberry tart for dessert.   But hubby knows how to spice things up and had stopped and picked up some delish chocolate milkshakes! That made the meal perfect!  Not extremely healthy, but yummy!
Now we're talking our language of love!
Had to toss in the dessert!
I hope Cupid stopped by your place and shot his arrow of love in your heart.  Love all of you guys! Happy Valentine's Day Part 1!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Bloggy lubbins to you, dear friend! I'm happy to know that you and Jack spent some quality time together for Valentine's Day even though you both had to work - bummer! It was sweet of him to come home bearing gifts in the form of chocolate milkshakes to go along with the burgers and fries - a hearty dinner on a cold (I assume) winter night in Ohio, Ashland.

Mrs. Shady and I ordered food to go from one of our favorite restaurants and feasted on chicken, veal, mussels, asparagus and zucchini at home. It was delicious.

I thought you were going to tell me a new kitty adopted you and set up housekeeping at the Pines. Maybe he'll be back, especially if he caught a whiff of your cooking. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

It sounds perfectly wonderful!

betty said...

Looked like a delicious Valentine's Day! Who can resist a chocolate shake and a hamburger? Looking forward to part 2, wondering if it involves something to do with the cat :)


Julia said...

It sounds like a perfect day to me. I'm looking forward to part 2 of thiis story.


gin said...

That's how we roll to VD, too. Simple, together, and still in love. Don't need all that fancy nancy.

Kay G. said...

Happy VD...you are so funny. I know tired too, and I totally understand! xx

Donna said...

Thè ďèssett looks fabulous!!!