Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Gymnasticly, Fantasticly, Weekend

The weekend we had was nothing more than absolutely astounding.  Why? Well, the weather has turned to Spring awfully early. I'm betting we hit 65de on Saturday and about the same today. The sun was shining bright and I took my Sunday school class outside for our lesson.  We sat in the sun and had a fun time as well as getting the lesson done. Love those kiddos!   Yesterday we went to watch our Granddaughter, Lexi, in her first gymnastics competition.  She did great! 3 first place, and 2 second place ribbons. She was one happy girl!
She really enjoys this sport.
Floor work.
Balance beam....and other areas that I didn't get on camera.  Good job sweetie!  As I reflect on this weekend I have to remember my Dad's birthday.  He would have been 97 yesterday.  Holy smokes, I can't even imagine him at that age.  He would have rocked it though! Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad!
Jack and I walked down the driveway to catch the sunset tonight.  It was a lovely ending to a nice weekend.   This is the last week of February. Hard to believe the year is already flying by.  Many have tomorrow off....not us, but if you do,  have a great day.   Happy President's Day!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

The weather really seems to be cooperating with you this winter, turning sunny and mild on weekends, enabling you to get outdoors and enjoy family and community activities. I am very happy to know it, but still predicting a long March toward spring.

Hooray for the budding gymnastics star - grandkiddo Lexi! You can indeed be proud of her. I remember dreading gymnastics in high school P-E class. I could never get the hang of the balance beam or the pommel horse, and you can forget about the flying rings, too!

My heart aches as I realize you observed another of your father's birthdays without him. 97 does seem like an astronomical figure but, God willing, we are all approaching numbers in that range and will get there sooner than we think given how fast the months and years are racing by.

I envy you and Jack for sharing a simple, peaceful moment gazing at the sunset. You are very lucky to have each other. Happy Presidents Day to you and your family, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

Working tomorrow too :)

Congrats to Lexi! A job well done!

Such a beautiful sunset!

I think you guys were warmer this weekend with temps than we were here. We barely got into the low 60's and had lots of rain!


Julia said...

Wow, your granddaughter Lexi is a talented gymnast. Congratulations to her on all the ribbons. I can see why she makes her grandma proud and happy.

Good for you for teaching Sunday School. You are always busy... I used to teach Sunday School when my kids were small.
Happy Birthday to your daddy in heaven.
Love that sunset.

Munir said...

Good for Lexi. She does look like a pro there. Great jobs with the Ribbons. Congrats to her.

Yes the temps are very nice lately. I would not want this to change. That sunset is beautiful. Enjoy many more like this. It is indeed nice to spend time with your hubby.

Your Dad is an angel and among angels who are there for him on his big day, I think of my dad a lot too, on his big day as well. Take care of yourself. You are always taking care of others.

gin said...

Congrats Lexi on all the ribbons!! Yes I think spring is here.

Donna said...

WTG Lexi!!! She takes after Bailey. Must be those good Starkey genes!! Wish we could get them together.