Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weird Week

Do you think it's weird if the temperature in February in Ohio is 74de?  Well, this has been a record breaking week for temps.  In the high 60's and then 74 yesterday.  My trees, lilacs, day lilies and many other plants are thinking it's April.  Weird!
 Yes, we love sunny, blue skies and many were thrilled with the warmth.  The Wal-Mart fashionestas were all decked out in shorts and flip flops foregoing the usual pajamas and slippers.  I however have to sit on the line here and say of course I love the warm temps but I worry about the plants thinking it's April because today it's cold and snowy.
The snow flying around the budding out crabapple and magnolia tree.  Weird!  To make this week even weirder was the fact my back has been giving me fits.  Ironic that the wife of a Chiropractor has a bad back but it's true. Usually Jack can get me on my feet fast.  Sunday night all went south and I called in sick on Monday.  I haven't called in sick in years.
I missed work 3 days this week. Chubbs and I bonded! It's better but not totally fixed. I can stand and walk forever, it's the sitting to standing that's killing me! Ever blog standing up? I made it through work Thursday and Friday.  Friday I was assigned to the pain clinic. I work with a bunch of comedians.  On a final note, I found some yummy, low calorie treats at Aldi.  They're called "Rice Rolls".  Much better than rice cakes but I have one suggestion.  Don't put them in the cupboard between the Girl Scout's a losing proposition for the rice rolls.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Gosh, I'm sorry to learn that you've had a bad back this week and missed work. That's quite unusual for a conscientious staffer like you. I can relate to your pain because I have had back problems myself. I hope between Jack and Chubbs (+ father time + those rice rolls + some chicken soup), you are feeling much better by now.

Yessum, it's nice to have an unusually mild winter if you live up north, but it will be murder on the flowers, plants and shrubs if you get a hard freeze after the buds are well developed. Down here the strawberry crop benefits from very cold weather that hovers just above the freezing mark. The berries are sweeter as a result. I don't think the temp in our vicinity has dipped anywhere near freezing yet this winter and time is running out.

I will need to ask Mrs. Shady if she ever heard of those rice rolls. They don't look very appetizing, but that usually means they are good for you. :)

Please stay well and enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

Ouch with the back! Glad to here it is feeling a bit better. Interesting weather your part of the country is having. So confusing for the plants!


acorn hollow said...

We have had record breaking warmth but now back into the cold but we still have 2-3 feet of snow on the ground.
feel better soon.

Julia said...

I'm sorry about your back problem. I hope it isn't serious. Maybe you're over doing it but between working with doctors and having a chiropractor for your back I think you have a good chance of getting some relief and good advice.
Take it easy... The snow has been melting here with the warmer temperatures but we still have plenty of snow left. I hope for an early spring with no flooding.

Speedy recovery,
Hugs, Julia

gin said...

Aww, sorry about your back. Hoping you get a spring back in your sitting to standing asap. On the weather but, I'm loving the spring in February.

joeh said...

Get rid of the cookies, they woll always win.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill. Our household has had it's fair share of cold and flu the past 2 months. Hopefully we are through it soon. Sending you my best, get better soon,