Wednesday, March 1, 2017

When I Get Older..Many Years From Now

When I was a kiddo I loved the Beatles.  I was around 10 or 11 when they hit the charts and I, along with my friends, bought the albums, saved Teen and Tiger Beat magazines with their pics and stories, saw them in person at White Sox stadium and screamed my head off.  I went to the movies and saw "A Hard Days Night" and "Help" over and over again.   Yep, I was a Beatlemaniac.  (I must confess I just watched "A Hard Days Night" last week! No, I didn't scream during any part of it). When the song "When I'm 64" came out I sang along and tapped my foot with the best of them.  Never in my imagination did I think I (or them) would actually ever be 64.  Well, some of the Beatles didn't make 64, but yesterday I did.   Maybe it's the song and maybe it's just me, but for some reason I'm a little taken back by the whole thing.  I look in the mirror and can believe the 64 thing but my head still thinks I'm back somewhere before "When I'm 64".   Oh well, it was a lovely birthday anyway.  I took the day off so I could renew my driver's license and just hang out.  I received many wonderful wishes, gifts, flowers, cards, and phone and Facebook greetings.  Thanks for that my dear friends and family!  


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Oh, that's right - your birthday falls on the 28th of February, the same date as Mrs. Shady's daughter's birthday. Happy happy birthday to you, dear friend! Please remember what Shady sez: "64 is the new 14 if you continue to think and act young." He also sez: "Never grow up... never grow old." I choose to believe what he tells us because he is a very wise man. :) I'm thrilled to know that you had the day off and that you were showered with greetings, cards and presents. I know you must have had a wonderful chat with your dear mother and sister.

God bless you, dear friend YaYa. Happy birthday once again and may you enjoy many more happy and healthy years of life!

joeh said...

Happy Birthday!

betty said...

Happy belated birthday! You look great for 64! Honestly, isn't it amazing how fast the years go? Hubby just said the other day that the last 10 years were a blur and he's right, they were. You get up and do your routine, whether it be a workday or a weekend and keep repeating it day after day (kind of like washing your hair, wash, rinse, repeat) and then suddenly we are "old" and wonder where the years went. Not to be too maudlin, LOL :)

I hope the year ahead is a great one!!!!


acorn hollow said...

Happy birthday! I loved the beatles too!

Shady Del Knight said...

I forgot to tell you how lucky I think you were to have gone to see a live Beatles show during the height of Beatlemania. How exciting! Have a great day, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Yaya, 64 is still young, but boy oh boy, 71 is coming mighty fast for me. Why is time speeding up when we get older???
I bet you wished that you didn't set the house on fire when you blew out those candles... just kidding... You still look so young and pretty and full of fun.
Hugs, Julia

Kerri said...

So cool that you got to see the Beatles when you were younger! It's funny how songs can take us right back to a place in time....even more so true I think from our younger years. Happy Belated birthday Yaya!!!

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Birthday Yaya, we love you.

Kay G. said...

Happy Birthday! (A little late but happy times to you, celebrate it for a while, I say!)
And hey, you shouldn't think anything about being 64, you KNOW you look good!!
I LOVE the Beatles too but YOU got to SEE them, you lucky thing!
Take care, my friend and remember, it isn't how many years you have, it is how much LOVE you have! xx

gin said...

Happy Birthday to you!! My bday was Monday and I made 63. I'm thankful God gave me another year and I'm sure you are thankful too.

Haddock said...

The key word to this is - but my head still thinks I'm back somewhere before.
As long as you think that way you will remain young for ever.
Belated Bday wishes............... and yes I too was a Beatles fan.

selvageedge said...

We still need you, and we'll still feed you. :)