Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Eve

Tomorrow Winter says "Bye Bye" and we welcome Spring.  Mother Nature may not cooperate in the weather department but it's Spring none the less...and I say "Bring it on!"  I'm ready to dig in the dirt and get outside and Spring clean. But first I'm going to look back at the week and highlight a few of the activities around here.
I bought a bunch of strawberries from a co-worker who was selling them for a fund raiser.  I  got myself into a bit of a "jam" over it!
Squished them up..
Cooked them up..
Jammed them up! Yum!   As the week moved on we were lucky to dodge the storm on Tuesday. We did get a little snow but it melted by the next day.  However, we got a little surprise on Friday with another storm that dumped about 3 inches of the white fluff.
Pretty, but I'm pretty much over it by now and thankfully it went as quick as it came.  Saturday we went to visit my son Jack and bring some homemade soup because Evelyn had surgery and I hoped my soup would hit the spot.  Chubbs came too and visited his buddy, Happy.

Happy is Summer's  pup and he and Chubbs get along really well. Chubbs enjoyed the extra attention from our little Summer girl!  We took our Grandsons, Anthony and Cameron back to Ashland with us so their Mom could pick them up.  We had a little time to kill so when Anthony said he'd never been to the "Cheesebarn"...well, we decided to knock that off his bucket list! Ha!
Here's two silly cheese heads!  Grandpa's Cheesebarn is a crazy place that is always, and I mean always busy.  They also have tons of other things they sell in the food department and the boys loved all the free samples too!  Plus the milkshakes were awesome! Anthony said "Gee, I didn't think this would be so fun!"
Yep, a tourist attraction you have to experience!  Then it was across the parking lot to "Sweeties Homemade Candies".
Lots to choose from here but Anthony said he needed to watch his figure because summertime is he just devoured a chocolate covered strawberry milkshake!  Today I made a recipe I found on Facebook...Rigatoni Pie.

It was simple but it looks so cool! Plus it turned out exactly as the Facebook one did!
Yummy! Well, that's the week in a nutshell...or a pasta shell! Happy Spring tomorrow...finally!


gin said...

Busy you!!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

You heard it from me first. Well, actually, you heard it from the Yeti in the woods who saw his shadow and predicted a long, frustrating March to spring. At least the snow melts quickly at this time of year. I hope your flower blooms weren't damaged by the snow. As I write this there are only 5 more minutes left until winter 2017 is over and, all in all, you guys made out AOK this year.

Lots of good eats in this post! I never heard of Grandpa's Cheesebarn. It must be exclusive to your town. I could drink a strawberry milkshake or two... or three. It's great to see Chubbs again and know he had fun with Summer's dog Happy. It's also nice to see the talented Summer again, too.

Have a great week and happy spring to you, dear friend Yaya!

betty said...

That rigatoni pie looked delicious! May spring actually happen in your neck of the woods with no winter trying to underscore its beauty.


Julia said...

Hi Yaya, wishing Evelyn a quick recovery from her surgery. What a sweet mother in love you are to bring her some of your homemade soup.
You've skipped a season and you're head of the game with that strawberry jam.
We still have tons of snow but I noticed some brave tulips poking out of the cold ground near the chimney in the back of the house on the south side.

acorn hollow said...

cheese barn sounds fun. Love your recipe you should share it it looks yummy
our snow is melting slow but sure.