Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Go Girls!

Today is a day for women....I think.  I guess as women we were suppose to call off work and protest...I think.  Not sure what I'm suppose to be upset about though.  One protest sign said: "Resist!" Now, I'm not trying to make light of real issues.  I'm not trying to have a political statement.  I just don't get what everyone (women) are so upset about.  I'm all for strong women. I'm all for equal pay for women. I'm all for having the freedom to use your voice for whatever issues are troubling you or for issues that need brought to light. So go girls! Go do it!  But I personally am just trying to "Resist" the girl scout cookies in the cupboard....the peanut butter ones won today.  With that in mind I also will just feature our little Chubbs who got a haircut and wasn't real happy about it.  So he got the comfy spot on the chair tonight.  You look good Chubbie!  And you smell wonderful too!  And I found a use for my cookie jar that had it's lid accidentally broken.  It makes a lovely vase for some fresh flowers.  They are there to remind me that Spring is almost here! Time change this that's something I can get my protest brains around! So silly to mess up everyone's internal and women...."Resist time change!"  This political nonmessage was brought to you today..National day of YaYa who hopefully hasn't offended anyone.  Night all.


betty said...

I like your vase :) Great use of recycling :) Chubbs looks dapper after his hair cut! Honestly, I don't keep up with the news so I had no idea it was some type of women's day today. I permanently resisted daylight savings time when we moved to Arizona since they don't change the times here :)


joeh said...

I am in favor of equal rights for women.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

While I can appreciate your satirical remarks on a serious subject, I am sure that, deep down inside, you understand that International Women's Day is an event supported by women around the world and set aside to celebrate the achievements of women. It is also a call to action in the ongoing struggle for gender parity. Naturally the intention is to "resist" any and all efforts to impede the progress of women or strip from them the gains they have already made.

You're right. Chubbs doesn't look very happy about getting a haircut. (I never was either at his age.) He is probably even less happy about smelling "wonderful." :)

Happy Thursday to you, dear frind YaYa!

Julia said...

I think that you did well to post about Women's day even though you couldn't "Resist" that peanut butter cookie. Who can resist such a thing? lol. Chubb is looking a bit smaller and so clean. I'm sure he'll have forgiven you for getting rid of his dog smell, and extra hair. My little poodle always wanted to roll in the dirt after having his hair shampooed. She like the dirty smell better.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

acorn hollow said...

Oh I am with you I guess there hasn't been something I can get behind yet
love your chubbs oh girl scout cookies can't buy them anymore.

Susan Anderson said...

I can totally get behind the idea that women across the world have the right to better treatment; I just differ on how we need to get there. I like the idea of leading by example, and I don't like some of the extra "stuff" some who went on strike yesterday brought to the table. Let's just stick to advocating for women...left, right, and center. We all matter.

I think if we remember who and whose we are, the empowerment of example can spread not only across our own country but throughout the world. I see too much throwing the baby out with the bath water. We don't need to be coarse or vulgar or oppositional to be strong. In fact, in my opinion, we are weakened when we try to make ourselves mini-men in order to achieve equality. These are just some of my thoughts today.

Women are powerful by nature...their own, God-given nature. Now we just have to believe it, share it, and yes...fight oppression when and where it exists. But for me, let's keep political opinion out of it. Respect all women, not just those who agree with you on certain issues. Uniting as women should be inclusive of all, right? Othewise, what good is it?

Kay G. said...

Where can we go to protest the time change? Sign me up!!
They don't change it in Hawaii, let's move there! :-)

Stacy Crawford said...

Chubby looks lighter...
I like being a woman and different from men. I might be old-fashioned I suppose.

Kim said...

I like your approach on the issue. And I had forgotten about the time change. I'm going to be so tired and cranky Monday. Kind of like Chubbs....he doesn't look like he's too impressed. Lol. Abby's appointment is coming up soon. Don't tell her I said this but she getting a little stinky too so her appointment can't come soon enough.