Sunday, November 28, 2010


Whew, now I feel better! Except now I'm feeling lonely because everyone has flown the coop and the house is super quiet..too quiet..well, maybe a nap wouldn't hurt. After all the hustle and bustle of Turkey day, we woke up Friday and waited for my Mom, Midge (sister) and Phil (brother) to arrive. The kids headed off for a Santa visit just as the Chicago group hit the drive. It was great to have them and we enjoyed a low key Friday and Saturday. Jack gave his great Chiro care to them and had everyone walking straight and pain free. We shopped, walked around town, fixed Mom's car battery, ate, ate, ate,..talked, talked, talked..(something my family is really good at doing!)laughed and just were thankful to be together, be healthy, and hopefully be able to do this again real soon! Saturday Craig and his family headed out and today Mom, Midge, and Phil left. I have some food leftover, some good memories to last a lifetime and a grateful heart that I was blessed with the best family in the world. So here are the rest of the pics..soon my entries will be complete for 2010 and I'll have my blog book done. I blogged more this year and took many more photos, but it's my journal so I can look back and remember that I don't really have a boring life after all.

This is the turkey wall of fame...the kiddos colored turkey placemats before dinner, but then cut out the turkey and we decided they were so beautiful they needed displayed...anywhere can be an art gallery!
The cousins watched Toy Story 3 all snugged up like bugs in a rug...They had fun together and I'm sure they'll remember these days forever.
Now it was time for a Santa visit. Alexis was a bit shy I think, but the list was handed over and her mission was accomplished!
Taylor was very serious about his list for Santa..he took it with him, went over the items with Santa and left confident Santa and Mrs. Claus will get it right!
Looks like Sophie had Santa wrapped around her little finger and I think she'll get anything she wants this year!
Group shot!
Where did I learn to cook, bake and make sure no one ever leaves my home hungry? My sweet Mommo! I learned to make a mess of the kitchen doing it all by myself though. The kitchen took a hit this weekend, but hey, I always get it back to normal! Here she's giving us a lesson on how to make her breakfast casserole. Thanks Mom, it was delish!
All the boys came over Friday night to see Mom, Midge and Phil. It's always fun when these adult kiddos hit the Pines. They can be really silly too. This was actually a posed shot...they love to make fun of my "blog worthy" pics!
Since I have all you boys together, lets get a nice shot!
Saturday morning came too fast and soon the Michigan group was heading out. Hurry home Craig before any Buckeyes catch that Michigan license plate..Saturday was the big game!
Before the kiddos headed to the car they had to say goodbye to Eddy..he's going to miss everyone that took him running, walking in the creepy woods, scratching his tummy, and especially little Sophie for dropping food off the highchair!
After the kids left, the rest of us headed into town to get Jack to work on everyone's aches and pains...then we took a walk downtown, stopped at Home Hardware and looked around, the we stopped at this little cafe place on Main street called "Downtown Perk". It has this gift area when you walk in and then in the back is the food section that has wonderful smoothies, and the best hot chocolate ever! It was a cold, blustery day and that "Polar Express" hot cocoa hit the spot..
My Daughter-in-law Amanda works at the Downtown Perk on Saturdays. Isn't she just the cutest thing?
Having Mom, Midge and Phil for the last fun days of this weekend was a treat. As we sat watching a movie last night, Phil starting laughing. When I asked what he was laughing about he looked at Midge and Mom and I and said, "I don't think we've sat together like this watching TV since we were kids." A little bit later he was starting to doze off..Mom looked at him and said she thought he should go to bed. That made me laugh..."Philllll...Mommy said you have to go to bed!"..Some things never get old!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Come Ye Thankful People Come

What's not to love about a holiday that asks us to think of all our blessings, celebrate a bountiful harvest, invite family and friends to celebrate with us...cook all the best and most yummy foods football and then get ready to head out at an unholy hour to get the best shopping buys before Christmas? You don't have to answer that, but I hope everyone had a great day no matter how you celebrated. We had a slew of family over today and it was a slew of fun. Thanks to all for bringing food, laughter, our sweet Grandkiddos, and love to our home. Also for all the calories that I will now have to find a way to burn off...

Amy loves to bake pies...and she's dang good at too! She has the first place honors to prove it. But we found out the best way to prove her skills is to have her bake a few pies for us...and she did! They were all delish, beautiful and we even have a secret about this years pie fest that we're keeping to ourselves...right Ames?
Ta Da!!!! This is the star of the day...come to Momma.
As soon as the delish smell of that turkey hit the air, the weary travelers arrived...if you think I'm exaggerating by saying we had a ton of fun family for dinner, just look at the shoes left at the back door..a pic is worth a thousand words my friends.
These two sisters are tooooooo cute for words..ok, I can think of a few words...but hey, just quit growing up for crying out loud. When did Summer,12, (left) get as tall (or taller) than her 15yr. old sis???
Awwww..Uncle Jack puts the big smack on Sophie..there was a lot of that going on today!
I hate making gravy. I'm not good at it and I admit it...I'm not ashamed. Lucky for my family, we had a master gravy maker with us...thanks Kent for making the best gravy I've had in a long family thanks you too! In fact, they want to marry you...sorry Leisy.
Dessert plays a big part in the holiday and we had a slew to choose from. We had a texas sheet cake, apple pie, choc. pecan pie, pecan pie, 2 pumpkin chiffon pies, a banana cream pie, a triple berry pie, an eclair dessert, and top it off we had icecream and also much whip cream...I kid you not. I swear, I thought our pancreases were going to explode.
Since we had such a large group we put all the food on the island and surrounding counters and went to town buffet style. Everyone can find a place to eat in either the dining room, living room , or a spot in the kitchen. No one went hungry, that's for sure...Yummmm!
We also celebrated my oldest son's birthday today. It seems like only yesterday that he was a tiny 2lb. squirt! Happy Birthday Jackie! He's 35..and as his brother was quick to point out, he's half way to 70...bunch of comedians we have here.
Usually on Thanksgiving we put out all the pumpkins left over from Halloween and get out bows and arrows and have a shoot out. Since it was raining today, Amy got out fun little game called "pin the pilgrim hat on the turkey". No matter how you slice it that game never gets old. So we blind folded the little kiddos and they went to town trying to get a hat on his head...they really enjoyed it, thanks Amy!
Even with Amy's help, this is definitely way off base!
No one put the hat in the right spot, but this turkey was thrilled to be here and not on a dinner plate!
When dinner and dessert was over, a few of us needed to get our bods out and get some exercise and fresh air. It was drizzly today, but warm in the 50's so it was heavenly to get moving. The pic is blurry because I was running to keep up on that steep hill...hey guys, slow it down! I'm old...remember?
I can't believe these little tummies could ingest one more tidbit, but here they are having a quick popcorn snack before bed. Lexi asked if she could "stay the night" with her cousins so it was a impromptu sleep over!
Tons of visitors...running around the Pines with little kiddos and big kiddos too...all the excitement of smelling that delish turkey...well, it's just too much for some people/dogs...he's on the cat's bed and hopefully squeak isn't!
I think this is a scene that was played out in many homes today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful for White

This must be the week to receive white boxes..can anything bad be connected to a white box? Well, I guess if it comes with 6 guys carrying it, it most likely won't make you smile. However, I received this white box from Jack on Friday and contained 12 things that made me smile. So on this lovely Sunday, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'll say how thankful I am for white boxes that come from friends on the internet, and a loving husband who knows how to make my day!
These are so pretty! I love the energy of fresh flowers and hope they last for awhile. Thanks Babe!
I love Lori Mitchell dolls. I don't know why, I just do. I love the skinny legs and the cute faces. There's a little shop near Jack's office that carries them. I always have to check in and see what's new. I found these little cuties. I was going to get the Christmas tree one last year but I had arrived too early and she hadn't priced them yet so I came back later..too later I guess because he was gone. So when I saw she had him again this year I grabbed him. His name is Bruce Spruce. Since I live at Whispering Pines, I thought he was needed here...and my hubby's middle name is Bruce. What can I say? It's kismet...(whatever that is). The Thanksgiving ones were so cute and they were the only ones she had, so I was suckered into buying them. I had no choice, no will power to say no...The shopkeeper knows me so well, she threw them at me and made me get them...That's my story and I'm sticking to it. This is a P.S. to my post. After posting this today, my Sister wrote on her blog. She doesn't post too often, but when she does she just makes me teary eyed and in awe of her writing ability. If you have the time go to my sidebar and hit on's worth the read.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

From Gray to Yeah!!!

I bet you thought this was going to be another post about my's starting to be what I lovingly call gray season in Ohio. The sky is gray with thick clouds or thin clouds or just the sky itself is a gray depressing color. It's cold out and damp but not raining, or snowing..just word folks. Everything is damp but not humid. Every once in a while you will get a peek at brilliant sunshine. You're blinded, feeling like a mole who never sees light. This will go on until May. You learn to live with it. It makes you want to hibernate, eat chocolate, sit in front of a fire reading a great book. But I do enjoy the outdoors so I will venture around Whispering Pines and into the woods with the dog and breathe in the fresh air...all the while seeing the gray over the house.
Gray over the pines...I need to get inside for some hot cocoa or something to cheer me up.
But, what could this be? After viewing all the gray I happened to see this..a package outside my garage...and it has my name on it! Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail?...a big box with a surprise inside...I look to see who it could be from and see it's from a giveaway from Poetesswug that I who never wins anything.. except when I won that wonderful giveaway from Maggie at Grandmayellowhair! I can never say "I never win anything" anymore..and I won't...I promise.
Ohhhhh....pretty wrapping...for me??? Slowly,(not really, I whipped it open!) I unwrapped it..
See what I won from my friend...Oh my! It's soooo pretty..and soft..and just adorable! Thanks so much Debbie! I wish everyone could see it in person because my bad photography does not do it justice. Thanks again for turning my gray day into a yeah day! To see more of her creations go to, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Every month we have a meeting with the women of our church. (the Relief Society). We had planned a breakfast dinner and then various projects to get ready for Christmas. Before the projects we had to get our energy up with... Pancakes! We also had sausage, pumpkin muffins and other goodies. About 22 women showed up and we ate, laughed, did our projects, and generally had a fun time. These meetings are one of my main responsibilities, but I couldn't pull any of it off without the help of some pretty super people..fitting in the theme of being grateful, I'll say a big thanks to Stacy, Gayle, and Ginger for doing the projects... Joanne and Estelle for showing up early and flipping the flapjacks..and Jack for showing up to help where ever I asked him to! We even had our own little miracle that involved a 24 days of Christmas book that was to be handed out to those who had ordered one. We had some girls show up that wanted one, but hadn't ordered any. Stacy had put together just enough to give out to the pre-ordered people..only when it was all said and done, we had 6 left over to hand out to the ones who thought they were out of luck. Hmmm...
I tried my hand at making some bread pudding. I had a ton of hotdog buns left over from the Halloween party and I had them in my freezer. So I thawed them out and put them to good use. Turned out pretty good and I made a lemon sauce to top it off. One of the ladies made the comment that I must have stayed home from work today to get it all done..nope, I got home from work at 4:00. I'm just incredibly organized..what's that sound I hear?? Oh, it's just anyone who knows me laughing their head off at that comment!
If you're like me you have decorations that are not being used anymore. So I got the brilliant idea to have everyone bring in items they don't want and we put them out for anyone to take home. One man's junk is another man's treasure after all. Anything left was taken to Associated Charities. Many items were given a new home!
Even this "Charlie Brown" tree got snatched up for a child's bedroom so they could have their very own tree. Fluff up those limbs and put ornaments on it and it will dazzle..all for free!
One of our projects tonight was making a Christmas card. When I saw this idea back in the summer I told Stacy, our Pres., that it looked to complicated for me. Thankfully another member of our group (Ginger) took on the challenge and really did a great job of putting it all together. So even though this huge mess on the table looks overwhelming, it went from this to....
This: Sorry it's so blurred, but the cards were very pretty and could be used as cards or framed for a cute 5X7 Christmas picture. Everyone loved the results and I loved not having to teach this! This card is only partially done, I should have waited and taken a pic of the finished project.. Darn!
We've been collecting dish towels and dish rags for a project one of the women at church wanted to do for Associated Charities for Christmas. I wasn't sure what it was until I finally saw them being put together and then I got it. The dish towel "britches" are whip stitched to look like pants with another towel tucked inside..then they can be taken apart and used.Just a cute way to give a practical gift. We put together 70 of them.
After our dish towel "britches" were made we put them into Christmas bags and got them all ready to take to Associated Charities to be given to anyone they feel would like them.
A big thank you goes out to my hubby Jack...thanks babe for coming to our meeting, putting up with being the only male, helping serve the food, helping to clean up afterward,and, most important, making sure no bad guys break into the church to kidnap any of us (Ok, so I'm exaggerating just a bit)You're my hero!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hair raising day

A few crazies thought I needed to publish a pic of my haircut. It's really the same style I get every time I go, but I waited too long between cuts and to get the real effect I should have taken a BEFORE shot. But I didn't, so this pic of squeak is pretty darn close.


Whew, I'm glad that's over..I'm not fond of pics of myself. I did want to mention something I thought was funny.(besides my picture) Yesterday around 10:30am an announcement was made over the hospital overhead page. The phone operator said: "Please do not flush any toilets. We are having a water problem in(...drum roll) the kitchen. We will announce when you can resume flushing." A problem that means no toilet use is bad enough, especially in a hospital, but realizing that somehow the hospital toilets are connected to any kitchen water is really disturbing. Of course as soon as they said that my bladder screamed "I gotta go!" Why is it when water is not available, I'm immediately thirsty. Or when you can't flush it's time to go. Anyway, I left work yesterday around 3:40 and no announcement had been made to go and use toilets. Did that stop us from using them? Heck no! My apologies to the poor dude in the kitchen fixing whatever was wrong...also I'm bringing my lunch from home from now on.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Michele from the blog Pipi La La is having 30 days of grateful posts...hmmm, I know I won't commit to a whole 30 days but I could do a few grateful posts. It's not that I don't have that much to grateful for, because I do. It's just the commitment thing...anyway, today I'm grateful for my hairdresser. Are you grateful for yours? I met Christy a few years ago but didn't start having her cut my hair until last year. She always does what I ask, even if I say I'm going to grow it out. She doesn't laugh at me like all my friends do because they know I'll never grow it out. In the old days I could cut my hair short, then decide to grow it long and in 6 months all would be good. Not now. Now it would take 6yrs atleast. So she humors me. Well, the other day I couldn't take it any longer (no pun intended). I called her all humble like and said "Hey, I know I said I was going to grow it out..but could you get me in sometime sooooonnnnn?????" So today was the day. Thank Goodness. She just moved into this new salon. It's a 20min. drive through the country to a small town called Nova. The first time I went there I had to call her and tell her I couldn't find it's a small town. I mean really small. I could kick myself for not taking a pic of the town. It's a crossroads actually. No stop light. A general store, I kid you not. A restaurant that's closed and a post office and her salon. It's right next to the post office. Feeling sort of stupid, I did finally find it. When I walked in I was so surprised at the decor. I think it looks like a New York lofty kind of joint. Well it's what someone who lives in a small town would think a New York lofty kind of joint would look like. Truthfully, it's too suave for Nova. Don't you think it's cute? It has a tanning booth also and soon they will have a massage therapist. Actually the therapist was there but she was getting a tan in the booth and frankly I don't think I would want a massage from a naked tan massage therapist...Just kidding, she doesn't give the massages while tanning even though her massage table is in the same area. I couldn't resist asking Christy, since it's a farming community, do they specialize in "farmer tans"?...I think I'm so funny at times! Anyway, I'm thankful that, even though Jack calls me "Butchy", that my hair is now manageable. Short, but manageable.
The Salon called: Sharp Image

Christy, quit texting, I'm ready for the cut!