Thursday, November 25, 2010

Come Ye Thankful People Come

What's not to love about a holiday that asks us to think of all our blessings, celebrate a bountiful harvest, invite family and friends to celebrate with us...cook all the best and most yummy foods football and then get ready to head out at an unholy hour to get the best shopping buys before Christmas? You don't have to answer that, but I hope everyone had a great day no matter how you celebrated. We had a slew of family over today and it was a slew of fun. Thanks to all for bringing food, laughter, our sweet Grandkiddos, and love to our home. Also for all the calories that I will now have to find a way to burn off...

Amy loves to bake pies...and she's dang good at too! She has the first place honors to prove it. But we found out the best way to prove her skills is to have her bake a few pies for us...and she did! They were all delish, beautiful and we even have a secret about this years pie fest that we're keeping to ourselves...right Ames?
Ta Da!!!! This is the star of the day...come to Momma.
As soon as the delish smell of that turkey hit the air, the weary travelers arrived...if you think I'm exaggerating by saying we had a ton of fun family for dinner, just look at the shoes left at the back door..a pic is worth a thousand words my friends.
These two sisters are tooooooo cute for words..ok, I can think of a few words...but hey, just quit growing up for crying out loud. When did Summer,12, (left) get as tall (or taller) than her 15yr. old sis???
Awwww..Uncle Jack puts the big smack on Sophie..there was a lot of that going on today!
I hate making gravy. I'm not good at it and I admit it...I'm not ashamed. Lucky for my family, we had a master gravy maker with us...thanks Kent for making the best gravy I've had in a long family thanks you too! In fact, they want to marry you...sorry Leisy.
Dessert plays a big part in the holiday and we had a slew to choose from. We had a texas sheet cake, apple pie, choc. pecan pie, pecan pie, 2 pumpkin chiffon pies, a banana cream pie, a triple berry pie, an eclair dessert, and top it off we had icecream and also much whip cream...I kid you not. I swear, I thought our pancreases were going to explode.
Since we had such a large group we put all the food on the island and surrounding counters and went to town buffet style. Everyone can find a place to eat in either the dining room, living room , or a spot in the kitchen. No one went hungry, that's for sure...Yummmm!
We also celebrated my oldest son's birthday today. It seems like only yesterday that he was a tiny 2lb. squirt! Happy Birthday Jackie! He's 35..and as his brother was quick to point out, he's half way to 70...bunch of comedians we have here.
Usually on Thanksgiving we put out all the pumpkins left over from Halloween and get out bows and arrows and have a shoot out. Since it was raining today, Amy got out fun little game called "pin the pilgrim hat on the turkey". No matter how you slice it that game never gets old. So we blind folded the little kiddos and they went to town trying to get a hat on his head...they really enjoyed it, thanks Amy!
Even with Amy's help, this is definitely way off base!
No one put the hat in the right spot, but this turkey was thrilled to be here and not on a dinner plate!
When dinner and dessert was over, a few of us needed to get our bods out and get some exercise and fresh air. It was drizzly today, but warm in the 50's so it was heavenly to get moving. The pic is blurry because I was running to keep up on that steep hill...hey guys, slow it down! I'm old...remember?
I can't believe these little tummies could ingest one more tidbit, but here they are having a quick popcorn snack before bed. Lexi asked if she could "stay the night" with her cousins so it was a impromptu sleep over!
Tons of visitors...running around the Pines with little kiddos and big kiddos too...all the excitement of smelling that delish turkey...well, it's just too much for some people/dogs...he's on the cat's bed and hopefully squeak isn't!
I think this is a scene that was played out in many homes today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Catch the Kids said...

What a lovely family you have. And such a great celebration. America's Thanksgiving has always appealed to me.

Your turkey looked delish. Can you believe I cooked my first turkey last year at Christmas? The recipe was superb. Couscous and pistachio stuffing!

Donna said...

MAn, you ARE amazing...worked, made that FABULOUS dinner, had a TON of company AND blogged??!!?? I made dinner in TWO days had the dinner and went to bed by 8, did not blog and am tired today...ha! You are my hero!!!

lakeviewer said...

The last two pics, priceless!

Crawford Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. I hope my house looks that full of kids and grandkids in the next 10-15 years....

Hope said...

lol! this is awesome! i so enjoy reading your post. it looks so much like my house on these special occasions, from all the shoes in the entry, the smiling faces and the food! my goodness the last photo was a screamer. that is our home exactly.

thank for a lovely post. it's lunch time here and now I'm really hungry. somehow soup isn't going to do me after looking at your photo's. oh, well...can't wait for Christmas.

take care.

Donna said...

PS...that AMY...first pic... is TOO CUTE!!!

Sue said...

Looks like some serious family fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. I enjoyed them.


CHERI said...

That last picture says it all:) I think I gained 5 lbs. just looking at all your wonderful food. I think I want to be adopted into your family! So glad you and yours had a lovely day together.

Christina said...

That post made me laugh...especially the picture of Jack sleeping. I'm so jealous that you guys had Amy, Craig, and the kids with you this year! We sure missed them this Thanksgiving.

Christina said...

P.S. Casey got a chuckle out of the pictures, too.

Amy and Craig said...

Thanks for having us Mommo! One of my favorite traditions of the year is making tons of food with you Wednesday night before Thanksgiving!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Yaya I love this post. What a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family and friends.
I too can not make gravy especially gravy for Turkey and dressing.
So wish I could show my pictures like you have here because these are wonderful. My son and DL do not let me show pictures anymore of my grandbabies on the internet.
Oh well
Loved my visit tonight

Karen Whittal said...

I just love being surrounded by family and friends, I have a game with myself to see if I can remember the names of your family, one day when I visit your way, I will be able to recognise quite a few people.