Sunday, November 28, 2010


Whew, now I feel better! Except now I'm feeling lonely because everyone has flown the coop and the house is super quiet..too quiet..well, maybe a nap wouldn't hurt. After all the hustle and bustle of Turkey day, we woke up Friday and waited for my Mom, Midge (sister) and Phil (brother) to arrive. The kids headed off for a Santa visit just as the Chicago group hit the drive. It was great to have them and we enjoyed a low key Friday and Saturday. Jack gave his great Chiro care to them and had everyone walking straight and pain free. We shopped, walked around town, fixed Mom's car battery, ate, ate, ate,..talked, talked, talked..(something my family is really good at doing!)laughed and just were thankful to be together, be healthy, and hopefully be able to do this again real soon! Saturday Craig and his family headed out and today Mom, Midge, and Phil left. I have some food leftover, some good memories to last a lifetime and a grateful heart that I was blessed with the best family in the world. So here are the rest of the pics..soon my entries will be complete for 2010 and I'll have my blog book done. I blogged more this year and took many more photos, but it's my journal so I can look back and remember that I don't really have a boring life after all.

This is the turkey wall of fame...the kiddos colored turkey placemats before dinner, but then cut out the turkey and we decided they were so beautiful they needed displayed...anywhere can be an art gallery!
The cousins watched Toy Story 3 all snugged up like bugs in a rug...They had fun together and I'm sure they'll remember these days forever.
Now it was time for a Santa visit. Alexis was a bit shy I think, but the list was handed over and her mission was accomplished!
Taylor was very serious about his list for Santa..he took it with him, went over the items with Santa and left confident Santa and Mrs. Claus will get it right!
Looks like Sophie had Santa wrapped around her little finger and I think she'll get anything she wants this year!
Group shot!
Where did I learn to cook, bake and make sure no one ever leaves my home hungry? My sweet Mommo! I learned to make a mess of the kitchen doing it all by myself though. The kitchen took a hit this weekend, but hey, I always get it back to normal! Here she's giving us a lesson on how to make her breakfast casserole. Thanks Mom, it was delish!
All the boys came over Friday night to see Mom, Midge and Phil. It's always fun when these adult kiddos hit the Pines. They can be really silly too. This was actually a posed shot...they love to make fun of my "blog worthy" pics!
Since I have all you boys together, lets get a nice shot!
Saturday morning came too fast and soon the Michigan group was heading out. Hurry home Craig before any Buckeyes catch that Michigan license plate..Saturday was the big game!
Before the kiddos headed to the car they had to say goodbye to Eddy..he's going to miss everyone that took him running, walking in the creepy woods, scratching his tummy, and especially little Sophie for dropping food off the highchair!
After the kids left, the rest of us headed into town to get Jack to work on everyone's aches and pains...then we took a walk downtown, stopped at Home Hardware and looked around, the we stopped at this little cafe place on Main street called "Downtown Perk". It has this gift area when you walk in and then in the back is the food section that has wonderful smoothies, and the best hot chocolate ever! It was a cold, blustery day and that "Polar Express" hot cocoa hit the spot..
My Daughter-in-law Amanda works at the Downtown Perk on Saturdays. Isn't she just the cutest thing?
Having Mom, Midge and Phil for the last fun days of this weekend was a treat. As we sat watching a movie last night, Phil starting laughing. When I asked what he was laughing about he looked at Midge and Mom and I and said, "I don't think we've sat together like this watching TV since we were kids." A little bit later he was starting to doze off..Mom looked at him and said she thought he should go to bed. That made me laugh..."Philllll...Mommy said you have to go to bed!"..Some things never get old!


Crawford Family said...

Life is fun. Let's remember this the next time we are wrapped up in meeting details!

Catch the Kids said...

Love to hear about happy families. Yours is very uplifting. Enjoy your peace and quiet at the moment. I imagine that will change at Christmas!

lakeviewer said...

Oh my, with all these lovely pictures your blog book will be a treasure for sure.
What is the process you use to make this into a book?

Hope said...

LOL! love the title! I couldn't resist visiting you with that heading! love your creativity!

what great pictures! I feel like i'm part of your family!
thank you.

yaya said...

Lakeviewer...I used "" for my book last year. It was easy to do and affordable. There are other sites such as and I'm sure you could get online and find a bunch. Cost depends on how many pages and this year I've done more posts, so I'm anticipating paying more. Since I only do it once a year and just one copy, it's worth it to me as a journal tool. Thanks for the comment!

Donna said...

I'm so jealous of your still having your mother to enjoy all this family fun! How absolutely neat! What a bunch opf good looking boys you have! Fun pic of all the movie bunch in bed and the Santa pics!! Looks like they had a fabulous visit. Didn't know Amanda worked at Perks on Saturdays...what a cutie with a bright smile!! Looking forwardd to seeing your blog book...maybe it'll motivate me to do mine...

Sue said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time. We did, too.

Aren't families the best thing ever?


vicki said...

A true Thanksgiving with all of your family - how wonderful for you. I can tell from the photos that your day was indeed special. You are making memories for your family - believe me. These are days that they will remember forever~~


Christina said...

Holy cow! Craig and Phil look so much alike! And another Holy cow! You and your sister look so much alike!

Karen Whittal said...

What a great idea a blog book, you are so right who needs to do a journal when you blog, your whole live is there already