Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Michele from the blog Pipi La La is having 30 days of grateful posts...hmmm, I know I won't commit to a whole 30 days but I could do a few grateful posts. It's not that I don't have that much to grateful for, because I do. It's just the commitment thing...anyway, today I'm grateful for my hairdresser. Are you grateful for yours? I met Christy a few years ago but didn't start having her cut my hair until last year. She always does what I ask, even if I say I'm going to grow it out. She doesn't laugh at me like all my friends do because they know I'll never grow it out. In the old days I could cut my hair short, then decide to grow it long and in 6 months all would be good. Not now. Now it would take 6yrs atleast. So she humors me. Well, the other day I couldn't take it any longer (no pun intended). I called her all humble like and said "Hey, I know I said I was going to grow it out..but could you get me in sometime sooooonnnnn?????" So today was the day. Thank Goodness. She just moved into this new salon. It's a 20min. drive through the country to a small town called Nova. The first time I went there I had to call her and tell her I couldn't find it's a small town. I mean really small. I could kick myself for not taking a pic of the town. It's a crossroads actually. No stop light. A general store, I kid you not. A restaurant that's closed and a post office and her salon. It's right next to the post office. Feeling sort of stupid, I did finally find it. When I walked in I was so surprised at the decor. I think it looks like a New York lofty kind of joint. Well it's what someone who lives in a small town would think a New York lofty kind of joint would look like. Truthfully, it's too suave for Nova. Don't you think it's cute? It has a tanning booth also and soon they will have a massage therapist. Actually the therapist was there but she was getting a tan in the booth and frankly I don't think I would want a massage from a naked tan massage therapist...Just kidding, she doesn't give the massages while tanning even though her massage table is in the same area. I couldn't resist asking Christy, since it's a farming community, do they specialize in "farmer tans"?...I think I'm so funny at times! Anyway, I'm thankful that, even though Jack calls me "Butchy", that my hair is now manageable. Short, but manageable.
The Salon called: Sharp Image

Christy, quit texting, I'm ready for the cut!


lakeviewer said...

You'll love short, sassy and easy to care hair. I know I do.

Donna said...

Well, geez! You forgot to post a picture of your new do!! BUT I'm equally sure that you have REALLY cute hair like you always do! Even taking the helmet off..or the ever present surgery hat all day...there I am with hair plastered to my head all quiggley and there you are with a cute spikey little do! Adorable as always!!
I was just thinking about doing the "thankful thing" for a while too. So that makes two of us the are thankful. I'm thankful for good friends. Sure hope you win the Pioneer Woman trip!!!!!

Sue said...

Wow. Pretty snazzy!

And I LOVE your farmer's tan remark.


Anonymous said... please!! That does look like a very cool place! So glad you are doing the grateful thing too!

Hope said...

lol! you're funny! that looks like a really nice salon. and yes, would love to see your new hair