Sunday, January 25, 2009

We had a nice YaYaPawPaw weekend. We were able to take in one of Driana's basketball games and we also had Phil & Amanda's girls overnight for the first time. We were a little worried that Alexis would have a hard time, but she did great. Addy was soooo good too. For only 31/2mo. she went to bed at 9pm and got up at 6:30am...I think that's pretty nice! Here's Summer cheering on Driana or just haming it up for me! Cute glasses Summie...
This was not, I repeat, not a posed shot! I actually caught Cameron giving his older brother a hug. They are so cute together. I'm sure they will have plenty of time to pick on one another when Cam gets older!

Now this is a serious Addy moment. Trying to smack those hanging toys on her bouncy seat thingy. I should have got a nice smiley shot because she's such a happy camper almost all the time but we need variety here!

Alexis ate her blueberry pancake breakfast with her "crew" of princess dollies. Yummo!

These are some quick videos of Driana playing b-ball. She just loves it when she sees us coming and I'm armed with the camera! (not!) First one is her getting fouled (she's #12)...the second is Driana making a shot. Reminds me of her Daddy...except he didn't have a ponytail...and he was taller. Whew, it was a fun, but tiring weekend with kiddos...You'd think after having four of my own I would remember the work involved, but then again, that's why we had ours when we were young!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter night fun!

At least once during the winter the youth from church come for some night time sledding at the Pines. Jack puts in a great fire in the pit that gives everyone a place to warm up between runs down the hill. Here are a few of the kids warming up and seeing who's going to hit the hill first. Some of the kids were too "cool" to be first, but after awhile most of them tried it atleast once. The best ride happened when one of the girls came flying down on a round plastic disk, hit another girl and took that girls legs right out from under her. That girl flew up in the air and landed with perfect form on top of the sled riding girl...awesome. Once I quit laughing (silently, to myself of course) I checked everyone out for one was hurt or bleeding so I gave them 10 pts.
Ok, this is a very shaky and weird shot of the runs from the bottom of the hill....I think I need a few lessons on night shots. I actually went up and down the runs yesterday a million times and also sprinkled water over them with a watering can...really, I did! Well, maybe it wasn't a million times, and Jordan took a few runs down too, but my legs and arms felt like I ran up and down that hill a million times!

Just label this "Snow beasts"! I need a cool hat like Jack has.

Then it's inside for my famous hot chocolate and some zuchinni bread I made this summer and froze. It was great to empty my freezer of this yummy bread so I wouldn't eat any and the kids enjoyed it. My hot chocolate really isn't "famous", I just made that up. But everyone said it was good. I figured they wouldn't lie or I would send them back out into the cold! So come sled riding if you dare and I promise not to laugh if you do a flip in the air or something...atleast not out loud.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple weekend pleasures

With the bitter cold and snow we've been having, staying close to home has been the choice for activities...literally keeping the home fires burning!( We heat our whole house with wood) Jack actually spent all day Saturday at the Klondike derby with the Scout troops in our area. He forgot to take the camera so we didn't get any pics of the frozen scouts doing the things they do at that activity. He returned home just a little cold...he's pretty prepared for outdoor winter activities and wasn't too tired to go a birthday party for one of the surgeons I work with. Sunday Phil and Amanda came over with Addy for a few hours...She's getting so big and she's very laid back and smilely. She's getting some bottom teeth but it doesn't seem to be making her grumpy yet! So here's some pics of the weekend....Jack and his granddog...the top of the hill overlooking the house and Ashland (big sled party here on Wed. nite with the youth from Church!) Phil feeding Addy...Looks like she's praying the bottle never ends! Then it was time for them to head last little grin before being tucked in the car seat! Nothing extraordinary to write about, but a nice pleasant weekend inspite of the snow and cold.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It must be winter

It's wood cutting time at the Pines. Saturday was a lovely sunny, no wind kind of day and perfect for wood cutting, hauling, splitting, storing and firing up the furnace. I even helped haul wood down to the house, not with the tractor, but pushing a cart full! Hey, it's good exercise and I sure do need that. Here's Jack heading up to gather the larger logs. Jack, you'll need a little bigger tree to hide behind next time!

Even Eddy got into the act. He ran up and down from the creepy woods to the house a zillion times and I think it tuckered him out a little. Actually he was way more interested in seeking out his favorite snack...deer poop. Yew!!! Don't come near me with that poopy tongue of yours!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Bread of Life

Almost every year I make Greek New Years Bread. A coin is placed in the bread before it's baked, the person who cuts the slice with the coin in it will have good luck in the new year. My bread doesnt't always turn out. Usually I kill the yeast somehow. Well, this was a good year because it actually rose and I made two for us and I gave one to a friend (Donna!) to enjoy. Here's a pic of the lovely loaf...can you see the 2009 made with almonds?? Sorry Donna, your loaf's numbers fell off before I could get it to you, hope it tasted good, ours did! It's a sweet bread that has the flavors of orange, cinnamon, allspice and anise. Very good toasted. When we had the fun game of cutting the bread, Jordan almost had the coin. Instead he had a bit of the foil I wrapped the coin in. Anthony cut Cameron's slice for him since Cam's too little to handle the knife and sure enough he got it. Anthony decided Cam wouldn't know what to do with the coin or the luck so he kept it! I'm sure he'll share the luck...we decided Jordan got just a bit of the luck with the foil! Hey, a little luck is better than no luck! (as long as it's not bad luck!) I also made braided cheese bread...always a fav.
I threw this cherry braided number in, but I think I threw the glaze on while it was too hot...what do you think?

New Years Day wouldn't be complete without the required pork for luck...I don't like pork roast so I always make ribs. I also had saurkraut and black eyed peas. Can we please now have all the wonderful luck that those dishes are suppose to bring?

Here's Anthony with the hidden coin!

Cameron was just as happy to have the bread. Unforturnately we found out he's allergic to Eddy the boxer and after dinner they had to take him home...Poor little guy! We had a nice dinner, but Phil and Amanda couldn't be here because Phil has the creeping crud that we had last week. I was afraid of that. Get well soon Phil, we missed you guys. Have a happy new year everyone!

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