Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter night fun!

At least once during the winter the youth from church come for some night time sledding at the Pines. Jack puts in a great fire in the pit that gives everyone a place to warm up between runs down the hill. Here are a few of the kids warming up and seeing who's going to hit the hill first. Some of the kids were too "cool" to be first, but after awhile most of them tried it atleast once. The best ride happened when one of the girls came flying down on a round plastic disk, hit another girl and took that girls legs right out from under her. That girl flew up in the air and landed with perfect form on top of the sled riding girl...awesome. Once I quit laughing (silently, to myself of course) I checked everyone out for one was hurt or bleeding so I gave them 10 pts.
Ok, this is a very shaky and weird shot of the runs from the bottom of the hill....I think I need a few lessons on night shots. I actually went up and down the runs yesterday a million times and also sprinkled water over them with a watering can...really, I did! Well, maybe it wasn't a million times, and Jordan took a few runs down too, but my legs and arms felt like I ran up and down that hill a million times!

Just label this "Snow beasts"! I need a cool hat like Jack has.

Then it's inside for my famous hot chocolate and some zuchinni bread I made this summer and froze. It was great to empty my freezer of this yummy bread so I wouldn't eat any and the kids enjoyed it. My hot chocolate really isn't "famous", I just made that up. But everyone said it was good. I figured they wouldn't lie or I would send them back out into the cold! So come sled riding if you dare and I promise not to laugh if you do a flip in the air or something...atleast not out loud.


Donna said...

If I rode a sled, I'd be a flippin' in the air alright!!! Looks like it was a fun plan the neatest things! The zuccini bread looks good but I just finished a piece of your DELICIOUS spanakopita,...mmmm! (a treat between my dad's carpal tunnel done, going to see Larry's dad in a little bit...)The other piece is for probably gave it to me for Larry, Huh? Too bad for him!

Donna said...

Funny...the time on this says 11: 05 but it is 2:05...where does this blogging thing come from, California???

Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig....looks cold, but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. When you and dad come to visit next week, we won't have any snow, but I think it will still be fun.