Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Bread of Life

Almost every year I make Greek New Years Bread. A coin is placed in the bread before it's baked, the person who cuts the slice with the coin in it will have good luck in the new year. My bread doesnt't always turn out. Usually I kill the yeast somehow. Well, this was a good year because it actually rose and I made two for us and I gave one to a friend (Donna!) to enjoy. Here's a pic of the lovely loaf...can you see the 2009 made with almonds?? Sorry Donna, your loaf's numbers fell off before I could get it to you, hope it tasted good, ours did! It's a sweet bread that has the flavors of orange, cinnamon, allspice and anise. Very good toasted. When we had the fun game of cutting the bread, Jordan almost had the coin. Instead he had a bit of the foil I wrapped the coin in. Anthony cut Cameron's slice for him since Cam's too little to handle the knife and sure enough he got it. Anthony decided Cam wouldn't know what to do with the coin or the luck so he kept it! I'm sure he'll share the luck...we decided Jordan got just a bit of the luck with the foil! Hey, a little luck is better than no luck! (as long as it's not bad luck!) I also made braided cheese bread...always a fav.
I threw this cherry braided number in, but I think I threw the glaze on while it was too hot...what do you think?

New Years Day wouldn't be complete without the required pork for luck...I don't like pork roast so I always make ribs. I also had saurkraut and black eyed peas. Can we please now have all the wonderful luck that those dishes are suppose to bring?

Here's Anthony with the hidden coin!

Cameron was just as happy to have the bread. Unforturnately we found out he's allergic to Eddy the boxer and after dinner they had to take him home...Poor little guy! We had a nice dinner, but Phil and Amanda couldn't be here because Phil has the creeping crud that we had last week. I was afraid of that. Get well soon Phil, we missed you guys. Have a happy new year everyone!


Amy and Craig said...

This is Craig....Good looking bread Mom! Bring some down with you when you visit because we could use some good luck! Looks like everyone is doing well except Phil. We hope he gets better.

Midge said...

Good luck to all of you....I am proud of you and your bread...we haven't made ours yet...but good luck will be if it is eaten and gone before the ABL competition begins...Love ya...P.S. you don't need good luck, you have each other and what more could anyone ask for....

Donna said...

You are an awsome baker AND photographer! The bread looks delicious... am saving our bread till the kids come this weekend...will take pics of it as well..Fun!...but yah, we hope it brings the good luck too. It was a great gift, THANKYOU!!!