Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple weekend pleasures

With the bitter cold and snow we've been having, staying close to home has been the choice for activities...literally keeping the home fires burning!( We heat our whole house with wood) Jack actually spent all day Saturday at the Klondike derby with the Scout troops in our area. He forgot to take the camera so we didn't get any pics of the frozen scouts doing the things they do at that activity. He returned home just a little cold...he's pretty prepared for outdoor winter activities and wasn't too tired to go a birthday party for one of the surgeons I work with. Sunday Phil and Amanda came over with Addy for a few hours...She's getting so big and she's very laid back and smilely. She's getting some bottom teeth but it doesn't seem to be making her grumpy yet! So here's some pics of the weekend....Jack and his granddog...the top of the hill overlooking the house and Ashland (big sled party here on Wed. nite with the youth from Church!) Phil feeding Addy...Looks like she's praying the bottle never ends! Then it was time for them to head last little grin before being tucked in the car seat! Nothing extraordinary to write about, but a nice pleasant weekend inspite of the snow and cold.


Donna said...

The look on Jack's face is priceless, makes me laugh...!!! And Addy is getting so cute!! (-was already...just even cuter!)

Amy and Craig said...

super cute baby (the dog and Addy!)+